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Title: W. Montgomery, Portadown, to J. Seawright, Philadelphia, USA.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMontgomery, William/51
SenderMontgomery, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbookkeeper at family business (bakery)
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginPortadown, Co. Armagh, USA
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSearight, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2794/1/2/57: Presented by H. H. Montgomery, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9408093
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TranscriptPortadown November 6th 1850

My dear Joseph,
Enclosed you have a/c [account?] current
wish my Father of the trust held by him for you & [and?] Anne
Jane in Robts [Roberts?] name. You will see it is made up to
1st [first?] inst [instant?] and you may also see that there
is now another years rent due Mr. Hareden out of the Balance
to Cr [Credit?] of Trust £12.5.2. The small house was
untenanted from Febry [February?] last to Aug [August?] and
Father has not yet received the last qu [quarter?] rent. The
tenant who left was owing some rent but had paid £1 to my
Father when he was about leaving for America otherwise there
would be [-ent?] of small house wanting. Mr McConnell costs
were £40 out of which he got [stained?] you some 20/- and
Robt [Robert?] paid the difference between the Bal [Balance?]
and the amount of the 3 mon [months?] Bill which you see
[?] [named?]. He thinks he ought to be refunded this amount
out of the Or [Original?] bal [balance?] you to get you &
[and?] the remainder to be divided. I think this would be
fair for both. I have not made out any interest statement
but if you think I should do so let me know. Since making
out the a/c [account?] in the Ledger I find an entry of
£9.16/- to your Cr [Credit?] to pay Mr McConnell I cannot
get any satisfactory explanation as regards this but it
seems in someway mixed up with a list of chattels which you
left here. Father cannot tell whether or not he paid you the
amount of that list which including the Boiler Head, yarn
stool, etc etc is £12.12.0 the Boiler being £3. Will you be
so kind as to give me all the information you can on the
subject and also any arrangements made between you [and?]
Father when leaving. I know your regularity & [and?] believe
you can remember everything about the transaction. Without
it I cannot make out your personal account. The Lease of the
property has not yet been got through Father keeps talking
to P. McC [McConnell?] on the subject and to Mr Hareden when
he pays him any rent Mr H [Hareden?] is willing to sign it
but Pat says he cannot fill it without [F--s?] lease, at the
same time suggests that it should be taken out in Fathers
name as [Investor?] for you & [and?] Robt [Robert?]. Let me
know what you think of this and give me your thoughts as to
the future management of the property, disposal of the [?]
etc As to your personal effects left here 3 chairs birch
have been sold at the 7/- Deal Table @ 4/- Clothes Press
valued by John Johnston @ 25/- Mahogany Table sold @ 23/-
wash cover & [and?] Basin stand & [and?] Dressing Table
[Ma--aper?] & [and?] chair still are sold @ 7/6- Doubtless you
have a copy of the list and can see what they are put down
I have before me your letter of 10th June to Father
[in?] it you refer to other accounts which John could
readily make out I cannot find out what they are. Tell me
& [and?] I will make them out and send them as soon as
possible. I am trying to get the Books put to rights and
hope before long to have them in some kind of order. It is
now past 10 pm and I am not in the humour of letter writing
but when I next write will give you something longer. All
here & [and?] all friends at [Ballina------?] are well -
Alicia is in England. You must have been surprised [with?]
David Thompson. Anne Jane seems very happy.
With love from all Your affectionate Cousin
Wm. [William?] Montgomery.

Lurgan 29 Nov [November?] 1850
Dr Mr Joseph M Seawright in a/c [account?] with John
a[?] C[?] C[?]
Mar. 9 To Balance as [?]d 10 May 73. 8. 7
Jany.1 To Interest or Balance of Interest 4.10. 4}
[as then made leasing ] }
[Balance account 47.18.11] }
Nov.29 To Interest Balance of } 2. 4. 5} 6.14. 9
to 1 January 1851 }
£80. 3. 4
Jany.1 To Balance Nett £18.18.4

Apl.27 By Bill 26 June 30.00.00
1850 1850
Apl.18 By Bill 23 June 20.00.00

Jun.24 By Order as J Montgomery 1. 5.00

Nov.29 By Bill 30 Nov 10.00.00

Nov.29 By Balance nett 1 Jany 1851 18.18. 4

£80. 3. 4

Interest over 5/5 cover


Watchman Officer, London.

Mr. Jos. [Joseph?] M. Seawright, Philadelphia.
To the proprietors of the Watchman.

Newspapers from Jan.5, 1848 to Dec.31, 1849 -- 2. 4.00
2d.weekly Postage from Jan.5, 1848 to May.23, 1849 -- 0.11.10
1d.weekly Postage from May.30,1848 to Dec.31, 1849 -- 0. 2. 7
2.18. 5
1849, January 6 By Cash 1.00.00
£1.18. 5
Emor [sic] 20/- [shillings?]