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Title: David Moody, Light Brook, Australia, to His Sister Margaret.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoody, David/7
SenderMoody, David
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLight Brook, Australia
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT2901/3/12: Copied by Permission of Mrs M Mayne-Reid, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503132
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count621
TranscriptLight Brook February
19th 1866

My dear Sister
There are many things necessary
and right to be done and it surely is only rights for
me to write to you acknowledge it to be me duty
but it is a duty [&?] often neglect, a privilege Seldom
embraced,- I have very little matter to communication
and that little is not so pleasant so usual
w ehave had a verry [very?], hot summer trying in the
[expence?] intensly hot schorching [Scorching?] is accordingly
rain has fallen this year than in any other year
since 1839 "so this past year than any other year
por crops and ill health that does [yentifully?] prevail
the accounts from the [--------?] me north, has been
verry [very?] [calamtains?] thousands of sheep horses and
cattle has perished the drought having prevailed
there for nearly two years but there has been plently of rain
there un he north lately and is now raining Here
All your brothers and their families are to
well the expections are Mrs Sml [sic] and Mrs D. Sml [sic]
wife has never fairly recovered since her premature
confinement She is lately a little improved Charles
has been complaining for some considering time and
still looks and feels poorly Mrs Joseph was verry [very?]
poorly but is now quit well John as usual and
that is poorly but he had not expect to be otherwise
he was always inclined to be reckless and a wreck
he is. - My dear Sister it is not pleasant to here
to write about Schorching [Scorching?] heat poor crops and
all health but it perhaps would not do to be always
riding triumphantly over smooth and plain
places there are "ups and downs" in the lives
of all at least we meet wih few but has
it to say that they have seen Sunshine and
closed but we are told of a place where all is quiet
a cloudly place of peace of hope and loveliness
even Eden in all its pristine harmony and beauty
is not comparable with that incomparable abode
the serenity of Heaven
in all [reverance?] let me say as Milton has
said "The walk with God high in Salvation and
the chines of bliss" the same poet some other place
said Love without end and without measure, grace"
when we are inclined to blood over things such
thought lend to elevate over minutes above and beyond
the present.
I wrote Abm [Abraham?] a short hasty letter some
time ago and enclosed a portrait of myself and eldest
boy the are not good Charlotte also said hers same
time but did not send it because badly taken
I would like that you would send me yours and
let me hear how you are getting on it would I think
be more profitable for you to let some of the land to
neighbours to plant potatoes in it would save you labourer
and put the land in good condition for a fowinnling [following?]
crop Charlotte is often saying to me what do I mean
by keeping your kind obligement "My answer to her
is I consider it safe with me and Margret does the
same" I have lately purchase 79 acres of More [Moor?] land
at a high price this is sinc I las [last?] wrote Abm [Abraham?]
I was sorry to hear that Elizabeth was poorly but I hope
that she long [---?] this has reocered remember me
to Abm [Abraham?] and Her and Ruth and all let me hear
her Uncle is and all other friends
Sam Dear Sister
ever your Brother
D. [David?] Moody
Charlotte and
Mrs. Wm [william?] wishes to be
affectionately remembered to you
do you ever see Robert Adames
or here him of sister
D.M. [David Moody?]