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Title: H.B. Moody, Ducks Ponds, Australia, To Abraham Moody Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoody, H. B/15
SenderMoody, H. B.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDucks Pond, Australia
RecipientMoody, Abraham
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2901/3/9: Copied by Permission of Mrs M. Mayne Reid, 30 Ballymullan Road Crawfordsburn, County Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9504119
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 25:04:1995.
Word Count636
TranscriptDucks ponds September 14th 1862

My Dear Abraham
By Mrs David Moody we are
informed of your having had a very serious illness
recently before she left I have been talking to
all our brothers about it and then repeated
attacks made all of us feel gloomy and as this
months mail is to hand without any letters or
papers from you to me things are not made to look
better I may however find in a day or two that some
of my brothers have intelligence from you of a
better nature From this it is pleasant to turn to
the intelligence from the same source of the good
health and good looks of all the members of your
When I am on this matter I may tell you that I
have been thinking how I may get out a photograph
likness of you and your family I will ask you now
to get one executed and perhaps Doctor Watson
would bring it to us next year as we hope to have
him here again
He did not get an opertunity [opportunity?] of
visiting us this time as no vessel called for our
post while he remained in Western Australia which
was about seven weeks consequently he had to go
home to India He is however desirous of getting
out here again and then he is altogether likely to
call with us So this will be one opertunity
[opportunity?] of sending it and at present I do
not know of anything that I could ask you for
would please me as much I was about as much
surprised as you had previously been when you
informed me of Davids affair as this was the first
intimation of it that I had received nor did I even
hear of his arrival until we got an invitation to
the wedding which of course we attended yes too and
enjoyed ourselves prodigiously The lady herself
looks the very picture of health and I believe got
on beautifully throughout the whole voyage and I
think we may hope that the "turnout" will be "all
right" At least I am bound to say that her sister
is a good woman and possessed of considerable
smartness and refinement
I have read the numerous contents of the book
which you with your usual thoughtfulness sent us
and I have heard a high character of the
author from this I think I will like it very much
We are all in good health with the exception
of Joseph's wife who is a little poorly from
getting cold a little after confinement The little
boy Howard by name is getting on finely It is a
pity after all my old aunts care and industry that
she has not a companion in her old age and her
[B-----ness?], I had intended to have sent a
little by Doctor Watson had he come this way but
if you will advance five ponds on my account I will
send it by him on his next trip as it is likely
that before that time we may have the post office
money order system established with England I will
send it this way
Within two months I have paid œ650 for land
and I am at present "hard up" for money but if you
will keep me in mind of my aunts requirements I
will endeavour to do the best I can I may here
tell you that within the last few months the pain
in my leg is much abated and perhaps it may yet go
altogether away What is old Miss Moody about I
think you were a little remiss when you were
sending out Miss Wilson that you did not bundle
her also with a few more on the hooter and let
them have a taste of home
Yours H. B Moody