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Title: R. Moore, Portadown, to J. Searight, PA, U.S.A
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoore, Robert/34
SenderMoore, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPortadown, Co. Armagh
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSearight, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD 2794/1/2/67: Presented by H.H. Montgomery, 4 Kensington Gdns., Belfast 5.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.1200320
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count1036
TranscriptPortadown, 23d February 1852

Dear Joseph

I find on looking over your last [form?]
of 13th Oct, that I have been very amiss in not
writing long Since the Causes have been numerous
I have been hurried beyond [All?] [------?] and
Could not get turning my attention to the Subject
with any Satisfaction and I though [thought?] to
be able before now to report Something formaly
[formally?] on the Sandia-o [San diago?] matter
but I am Sorry to Say that I Cannot as there is
no prospect of any satisfactory arrangement
[arrangement?] being made in reference to it
Davis is still in it and pays regularly but is
now wanting us to slate the Back Kitcheon
[kitchen?] which I have positively refused to
Do We want him to buy us out and perhaps he may
if Feris [Ferris?] will sell his Interest The
Small House is doing little good it is hard to
keep up and is often unoccupied we have Done
all we Could to get the Lease that was promised
and which P Mconell [McConnell?] was to have
done Immediately the last time I Saw him he
Said we would not get it at all that we had no
right to get one and under all the Sircumstances
[circumstances?] I think better to have nothing
to do with it as I Have not got into [Pats?]
hands, [-----?] has no money to buy any thing
with and if Davis will buy it perhaps we would
do well to Let it go your Uncle think [thinks?]
we ought to take ÷100 for it if He will give
that Sum for it and for my part I am quite
willing to Let it go and Get rid of it all
together As to the Settlement of the Ballance
[balance?] of your Ac [account?] with me I am
sorry that it has given you any trouble or
anxiety you may make your mind easy about it
while you can settle it without particular
inconvenience to your self if times had Continued
and you left them it would be an Important
Matter and if there had been any arrangement
about the [-----?] Property it Could have been
Done in that Way but as things stand I would be
sorry to press you for it. If you think proper
to order Montgomery to [hand?] me your portion
of the Rent I will receive it and apply it in
that way
but I would not Speak to him about it with out an
order from you as I Am not particularly anxious
about it as I May repeat my last remarks on the
Subject of My bussiness [business?] as I am still
doing a great deal [----?] 100 to 150 ps Weekly
only that my Stock is very Large say 1400 Durible
[durable?] ps [------?] + Drill unsold and not a
Single acceptance on account of yarns or any thing
else you will Say my acct [account?] in the Bank
is low and [-------?] so it is but I hope Sales
will soon Improve
I have Mentioned you to [w-ak?] on the Subject
of [Concession?] to Some of your friends here
and I May Say that it has been very favourably
heard by All they promise to send you goods to a
Considerable amount John Elliot bids me say that
James Elliott his Brother would be inchanted
[enchanted?] to join you in that Business and this
I Know he would be very Steady and is a working
fellow and would be a good partner when he gets as
much Knowledg [knowledge?] of Americe [America?]
as you must have by this time, but you must not
think that I Am advising you to Change I would be
Sorry to do So as I am not in a possition
[position?] to judge just now, but this I Say if
you do I will do what I Can fairly to Influence
Consignments to you John Elliot Could keep you
nearly going himself and J [Ma-----?] J Moffet
J [D-----?] William [Mcro---?] all offer to Send
you goods, I have refered [referred?] to the above
subject so particularly as I am sorry to hear you
say in a place like America that you are working
yourself to Death for others, and not making money
this is Certainly [---?] Bad.
I have prepared some goods which I will ship
this [-- --- -?] work as samples of several
things that I could [do?] in if they sail and
will pay and I will act in future according to
the [------?] you make as to time and profit
Indeed I could send you a great deal of other
things such as [Drapers?] [4/4?] [----- ---?]
+ 7/8 [--- --- --?]

I am not certain what will suit you and must wait
while I hear from you again what I now send is
20 Doublle [Double?] ps of [--- ----?] Colour
[----- ------?] at full Breadth in « ps and 20
Doubl [Double?] ps of [4/4?] [---- -----?] in
[D----- -----?] in [-/-?] ps and 19 [3/4?] Brown
[Ha------ ------?] in half ps flat I will send you
6 ps 45 Incl [including?] [-------?] in half ps I
enclose samples of what I can and hope you will do
the Best you can for me as profit is my object and
let me know immediately what you think on the
I have sold a great deal of my common [-------?]
lately to a Belfast party and I have just now
learned that they have been dyed Blue & yellow
for your market Could you procure samples of them
and get me a good order [stating?] price &c
[Anne?] Jane and the Childer [Children?] are all
quite well so are the Montgomery folks I hear of
no change there in a [M------?] way not even John who is
nearly lost for somebody to take care of him
there is nothing particular to note lately in town
and nothing in a political way so much as a war
with France which has checked bussiness [business?]
a little Hoping soon to hear from you
I am yrs [yours?] Respectfully,
Robt [Robert?] Moore