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Title: Wilson Moore, Oaklands, Kansas, to Robert Moore, Co. Donegal
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoore, Wilson/3
SenderMoore, Wilson
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginKansas, USA
DestinationCo. Donegal, Ireland
RecipientMoore, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT2799/1/9: Presented by Mrs R. Moore, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503086
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Feby [February?] 5 1889

My Dear Robert
I had intended
writing you long ago but I was
about purchasing some property and
I was waiting to be able to give you
the particulars Mr Houston of
Newton Cunningham and I bought a very
nice block in the corner of Douglas
Avenue and first street it consists of
a very large basement which lets at
15 dollars a month as an undertakers
shop and furniture store. there is a
splendid drapers shop opening on
Douglas Avenue which lets at 60 Dollars
a month. There is a fine saddlers
shop let at 15 Dollars a month a Cigar
shop let at 12 1/2 dollars a month and an
Attorney's office let at 12 1/2 dollars a month
all paid in advance and all good
tenants it cost us 8500 Dollars
I should think it pays us good interest
it pays us 115 dollars a month it is a fine
Brick building the basement being built
with stone and plastered with cement
we had some little trouble about getting
it in this way the property here is nearly
all sold by Brokers or Real Estate
Agents and after we bought and paid
a deposit the owner wanted to draw
out I believe he could have done better
but the agent wanted us to hold on
or he would loose [lose?] his Commission
the Wife must sign the Deed as well
as the husband and she would not do
it but we held on and last she gave in
and we are all good friends now and
we have got the first rent. I sent some
papers that the sale was in I didn't send
any to you as I intended writing when all
was complete. Land and property of all kinds
is getting value very fast Mr Houston
that came out with me bought his land
at 22 1/2 Dollars an acre with a good deal
of wheat ont [on?] it he has sold about a month
ago at 55 dollars an acre you see he has
made a good thing out of it Mr Houston
is married to a sister of Solomon Chambers
and I take him to be a very decent man
he is acting very decent here he was
appointed Treasurer of our Congregation
about a week ago and I was appointed
one of the Trustees but I was not present at
the time or perhaps I might not have
accepted the compliment as there is plenty
in the know better qualified then I am
They were voting in Elden about three months
ago they wanted threw [through?] the vote by Ballot
no body is proposed Mr Garrett the Sabbath
School Superintendent had 31 votes Dr
Corke had 26 and to my great astonishment
I had 25 without me ever knowing a thing
about it the Irish gave a strong vote
I thanked them all for the compliment the [they?]
paid me but me being nearly a stranger
to them they would do better to appoint some
one who knew the people and the country
I don't know that I was acting right by
backing out, they allowed me off with enough
to do but has appointed me one since.
Well Robert if I won't tell you how Ellsworth
is going you would not predict it it is
as large again as when I came over and is selling
because they are making plenty
of profit others are trying to make plenty
more the [they?] are getting two new railroads
this summer one comes from New Orleans
it is made as far as Witchata [Wichita?] it is
coming through Ellsworth runs onto Red-Cloud
in Nebraska it is surveyed through
my pastures within a gunshot of the
Houses that will enhance the value of
land around here a good deal
I think I am to hear the town to get a
Depot on my land but it wont be far with
of me they are up buying land already
in Speculation I think I told you before
about Mr Emmerson that keeps a Hotel in Ells
called the American House he is from
Clones He is a fine young man he went
home last summer and bought back
a fine young wife a Miss Wilson
His mother and three sisters and He
came to Ellsworth about a year before
me they bought the Hotel at 9000 dollars
And he made some improvements on it since
and sold last week at 18000 dollars
it was Mrs Emmerson taught Alace [Alice?] to
play it is her that plays in our
congregation but she has got married
lately to a Mr Clarke a young Attorney
it was he I got to write to Robert Moore
& Andrew There is a great difference
between the Hotels here and the old
Country they sell no drink of any
description nothing but cook meals and supply
beds I was told by a man stopping
at Emmersons that on an average they dine
every day 150 they pay 25 cents a meal
and 25 cents for a bed I think they were
doing well but the big profit induced
them to sell there is two other Hotels in
town fully as large as it and plenty of
Restaurants but not a whiskey shop in
town the [they?] have a very nice winter
pretty frosty My milk cows I put in at night
but all the dry ones lie out that is what
I have at home I sent 31 out to winter
mostly steers then we can manage
all the rest at home Ourselves I sold four
the other day and bought two
So you see I'm doing some trading still
I like trading well in Summer because
I have only to turn them into the pasture
until I sell again. It is a great comfort
to be able to do without servants.
I prefer getting my work done by piece
work although labour is dear I can
get pices [pieces?] work done for cash nearly as
cheap as in Ireland I can get a good man
and team for 2 1/2 dollars a day sometimes
for 2 dol. I can get ploughing done for
1 1/4 dol. per acre Well Edgar cut all the
Hay & Raked it but I have a very easily
worked machine 6 Horses Rake I work
the people with two Houses it is for the best
I first rake in rows then rakes across
and bunches it then you can bring it in
to the stack with the rack if you wish
if you dont make your stack too large
We begin to husk corn in October and if
it is done by the first of April it is all
right [alright?] it gets no hurt by being out all
winter. Now to business well I wrote to
James Kirkpatrick to send the money by
first May at least you would if he gave
it you, I wish you would try to spur him up
a bit and the others too I require all the money
I can command when you write tell me
what would be best to do we have to first
May to pay out the last enstalment [instalment?]
I feel I'm giving you plenty of trouble hunting
the money but it will soon be all here now.
Oh Robert if you were here with what
money you could command I dont
know what you couldn't do are the
Irish here going to be at peace I see [saw?]
some papers from the South of Ireland
and they give an account of the times
We have a very nice young man from the
South of Ireland living with us he has his
wife and child about one year old he
has land beside me he has built his farm
but didn't get his house built yet
He pays me 20 Dollars per month -
and gives a hand with anything
[-----?] as he is a very handy father
he has two brothers in law one being on the
next quater section and one being about
14 miles from here his name is Jennings
the brothers in law they call Pratt very
respectable people they farm to have
money Mr Pratt is going to Chicago
to buy a stud Now he is going to keep
mares he has bought three I sold him
one for 150 dollars I bought at 100 dollars
but she is with foal now. I like the country
and people there. If I can scrape up feed
that is all the farming I want. Tell Robert
I'm shamed [ashamed?] not writing but I'll write
a long letter to him tell me is he home or in
We are all quite well thank God never was
Hoping this will find you just as well
Matilda and all the children join in kindness
Jemima Robert Anne and everyone of
them not forgetting myself old boy
Your affectionate loving Brother
No matter when I'm writing
Charlie has always a Christmas card
to send but I think he has got me
to get yours from Miss Jennings