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Title: Wilson Moore, Kansas to Robert Moore, Cardonagh, Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoore, Wilson/41
SenderMoore, Wilson
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginKansas, USA
DestinationCardonagh, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientMoore, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2799/1/20: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mrs R. Moore, 5 August 1890.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9501363
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1470
TranscriptMr Robert Moore
Clerk of the Union

August 5 1890

My dear Robert
I see by a letter
from John that you
are going to have some
more trouble with our
family arrangements. I'm
sure you needn't be
sorry when its all finished
up you have had so
much trouble with our
affairs already. Still
I'm very glad (and I
know Mona will be) that
you are to have a hand
in the final settlement
as I suppose this is to be
There is no one I know
we would rather have
than you.
But I don't like
Attorney O' Doherty and
I wrote to John today
and told him. I thought
O'Doherty was neither honest,
or reliable, and that I
didn't want to have anything
to do with him. You
know I have heard his opinion
already on this buisness [business?]
and I don't like it a bit.
I don't believe Mona would
care to have him either.
I told John at the same
time that whoever else
he liked to choose, I
for my part wouldn't object
so as he wasn't "a Limb of the
law" That is if we can
object. But I suppose
we can. John said
you would like me to give
you an idea of
what I would like
to be done. Now Robert,
I know so little about
buisness [business?] matters, that I
have hardly an idea on
the subject. So I'll
be satisfied with what
ever you consider just
and right. That's all
I want.
You will have heard
before now of dear Lizzie's
death. It was a great
shock to all of us. Mona
has taken the baby and
its doing well.
I intended to have
written you a longer letter
but I find I must
finish up. I had promised
to go out to the country
for a couple of weeks
to stay with Mrs Jennings
Mr J. said he would
call for me some day
so he has just called
and is in a hurry to
get off. Dear Robert Tillie
asked me to finish this Epistle
and say anything I wished now I
want to say that all connected in
this buisness [business?] objects to Doherty
having anything to do with to whatever
and won't have him under any
circumstances Now if John wants to be
honest let him appoint another
man that will satisfy himself &
you then you two call in a third
party if necessary. John wrote
sometime ago that he was going
to give it to O' Doherty and how
the thing finally settled and Tillie
and Lizzie wrote back to him not
to put it into Doherty's hands Liz
sent a copy of her letter to Tillie
and it was a Peeler [?] she said he
was going to do what was not honest
and it was to avoid Law that he was
made Trustee and that it was from
the way he was acting caused Charlie's [?]
silence she supposed he became disgusted
now we can produce that letter
if necessary to show that she was
not satisfied with O' Doherty - and
I think she called him a Scoundrel
or something to that Effect - Alice
searched for the letter but can't find
it till I would see the exact word
but I know her Mother has it left
past [over?]. John wrote back another such
hideous letter to her and said he did
not know what Evil Spirit was
at her Ear when she wrote that
letter Liz wrote another sharper
and said there was no Evil Spirit
at her Ear it was her Candid opinion
after long meditation Liz thought he
accused William of putting her to it
Just Shortly before her death Tillie
wrote to her and asked if John had
sent anything Since she said no only
a paper but she would rather he
had sent something more substantial
Now that was the terms they were on
at the time She died, I think it has
brought John to think at least it Shows
he has Cheated her all her life out
of her own Even [?] why John insists
on having O'Doherty when he knows
he is so obnoxious to the other [party?]
is more than I can comprehend
unless it is to do his dirty work that
he is ashamed to do himself
Now I counted Lagg [?] worth œ1200 I
heard John say he would not take a
penny less for it I offered him œ120
a year for it and he refused it then
he said if would rent the house and
grass he would give me the half of
the Rabbits for my trouble and I was to
give him the other half, well I paid him
about œ200 for his half that year
I was to trap with one man from 1st Oct
till 17th March but I said to him would
he allow me [to?] put on two men for half
time and if I was going at the end of one
year I would get away sooner he said
all right when the time was up I told
him so and I thought the Warren was
trapped enough he said he thought
I might trap it two weeks longer he
was just as anxious to take all he could
off it as I was He had the Cultivated
land rented at from œ6 to œ2 per acre
Not talking of the time Rebecca & Charlie
held it John & his Uncle has held it
Since 1881 That was the year I had it for
Nine years what have they done with
profit Rent Since
He talks about himself & Mona Now
neither of the two is mentioned in the will
at all but he talks about Mona for a
Cloak to bring in himself I believe
now he sold about œ400 work Houses
and Cattle & Crop & Implements
at the auction the time of Rebecca's
death I kept a rough account of it
I think to ran a little over œ400
What came of that - what has he done but
the rent of the land & the Warren for the
last 9 years No wonder he wants
O Doherty to pull him through he can't
do it. Now one of the conditions
of the Bargain between Him & Thomas
Maguinness [Magennis?] that none of us was to know
what their agreement was I have the
best of authority for that - that is Mrs
Maguinness [Magennis?] she wrote it to this Country
she wants to get out of Lagg she says
John is the most exacting Landlord
Ever she knew But Thomas has been
helping to Cheat all the time
for self Interest.
Whatever is John's motive he don't [doesn't?]
want to carry out his Father's
will of he did he could do that
Easily I believe he wants to hold
Lagg for himself, and pay off the
rightful owners with the smallest
pittance he can get off with. If he don't [doesn't?]
do something near fair I wish Robert
you would tell Attorney Todd or some
other one and see what he could do
to if he could make him settle the
affair. John has it in hands fo [for?] upwards
of 20 years and all ever he paid
them would not pay them Interest
on their share. I want to thank Robert
very much for all the papers he has been
sending me. Any money or Notes coming
from the Arbitration take your Charge of them
All here would like to get the
thing settled if John would
put it into the hands of another
honest Man if not let him
keep it and he will hear
it Sounding in his Ears through
the Cyclones of Eternity - He knew
his duty but did it not - I intend
to write to John after this bit of a fuss
is over and I don't intend to give many
hints I intend to speak plainly
so that he won't misunderstand me
I wish you to remember me to
Mr Morrison & Minnie in the kindest
manner to Mrs Binns. A. F. & Bob,
Alick & Jeannie Henderson
With Kind Love
to Mama and all the Children
and Yourself
I Remain Your Ever Aff [Affectionate?]
Brother Wilson
Susan has been waiting for a letter
from Amy for a long time
Alice says she is expecting one
from Mina [?] & James
Remember me to R. Mc Laughlin

When you go
to Arbitrate
be sure and
name the Will
he promised to
give it to you
if there is any
thing in that
more than a
receipt for our money
paid it is what
we did not know
he has fooled us
and taken advantage
of our [?] simplicity
which would
be fraud of
the worst kind