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Title: Wilson Moore, Kansas, U.S.A., to Robert Moore, Carndonagh, Co.Derry
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMoore, Wilson/58
SenderMoore, Wilson
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginKansas, USA
DestinationCardonagh, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientMoore, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT27799/1/21: Presented by Mrs R. Moore
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9502095
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1896
TranscriptTo: Mr Robert Moore Senr [senior?]
Clerk of the Union Carndonagh

Postmarks: Sept. 29. 90
Londonderry 90

Ellsworth Kansas
Sept 29th 1890

My Dear Robert
Tillie has gone to the house
to see Mona, She was anxious to see [---ggers?]
[leave?] and the children, and before she
left She had a letter from John saying
She was unreasonable in objecting
to O.Doherty and it might be a long
time now until it would be settled and
she would be to blame of course this
was a pull to make us come to his
terms I had a letter from her on the 27th
saying when she showed Johns
letter to Mona William they thought
it would be better to let the Arbitration
go on it was John's proposal that if
you [luro?] could not agree you two were
to Call in a third man now if He is
a good man that will satisfy you I
suppose O.D. [O'Doherty?] cant have it all his
own way. They are all so glad to have you
on the case that is what makes them
give in at all for they have lost faith
in John at last that they think about the
same of John that I do that is He dont
want to fulfill the Trust he accepted
and that his Dear Father Expected he
would do it will be all the worse for himself
if he Barters his soul for Lagg
he will sell it cheap enough. John
says O.D. [O'Doherty?] has been doing buisness [business?]
for him for the last 13 years and he has been so
moderate and so fair. I expect he has too
always keeping the final settlement
in lieu it is always when you go to wind
up with O.D. [O'Doherty?] that you find out what he
is, at least was My Experience of him
now I think whatever we get it should
have it clear of costs except what is
fair for Arbitrators to get that is all
we Incurred and that is all we should
have to pay, in My Opinion. I dont think
O.D. [O'Doherty?] should get a cent more in this case
than you or the third man you can just do
this busness [business?] as well as he can perhaps
a little better and John should pay him when
he persists in bringing him into it in fact
he is putting on all the trouble and Expense
by not doing his duty. Tillie asked me to
write to you for her and say she wants the arbitration
to go on and I think all parties concerned
thinks it is the best they can do
Now John never hinted what he was going
put before you in the Arbitration or what
Courses he would take only he said in one
letter he would give you his fathers will
and the other papers what ever they
are I suppose that will be the paper we
signed in Lagg and his own expenses
Now if there were any trick or fraud in that paper
that disagrees or clashes with the fathers will
it was alltogether [altogether?] unknown to us and it was
signed in ignorance at that time no one
suspected John could do anything but what
was right. I never suspected anything
myself until the time of Rebecca's
death. I know often that he wasn't going
to do what was just or right because he
didnt want us to have lagg or he would
let us have it at £120 yearly rent, we will
see now if he accounts for more than that if
he does then I'm satisfied if he does not
then he is acting unjustly to take less from
any other than I offered him. I know he
rented to a man that couldn't make it pay
for he couldnt be of one mind for two weeks
at a time he was always trying Experiments
you know Thomas thought he should be
the right owner of Lagg only for the injustice
of the Harveys he used to stop with the old
man Boggs and Thomas was his favorite
at least Thomas used to say so.
Now Robert I want to give an idea of
what John has done and of what we
claim he should do I suppose that will
be our side of the case if we have any
But if the Arbitrators keep to the will I
suppose we have nothing to say except take
what we get. I think Mona wasn't named
in the will at all, but would like she
would be considered, well we dont affect
to Mona being considered according to
circumstances I think Mona got something
like œ150 but that she made herself teaching
but the others were working in Lagg when that was
a making, she has no one but herself no family
I mean And I think the father intended her
to teach on and save her money and that was
why he didnt name her in the will and what
right John has to add to or take from.
I cant understand, unless that by bringing her
in it makes a kind of a show to bring in himself
Now there is none of the real legates
leaving but Tillies Charlie but
of course Lizzies children Comes in for her
share. I will now give you what I
think you should account for I
dont know what to put Lagg at I got 30
years rent and a little over for Riversdale
and I know Lagg was cheaper at the rent
it was at when I left the Riversdale
although it might not sell for so many years
rent just because the people dont know what
it is. I know it will be good value for œ1200
and a little more too.
Well John sold at the auction at Rebeccas
death between Houses, Cattle, sheep Crop
implements and furniture in the neighbourhood
of œ400 worth I believe he got a little more
He got œ31 for a horse that Hugh Stevenson got
Thomas Ma guinness [McGuinness?] paid œ21 - 22 for a
mare then there was a mare and foal & colt besides
I dont remember how much they sold for
he rented the Cultivated land at from
œ6. to œ2 a acre I think I counted there was
about 50 acres of cultivated land in all
perhaps there is not so much in it Im
only guessing about that well that same year
I paid over œ200 for his share of the [pastils?]
and the pasture
Now if Im Right and that is near as I can
go to it all should amount to about œ800
counting the cultivated land at œ4 a acre
there was only a very little of it rented at œ2
a acre but I suppose he has kept a record
of it. Now in 1881 I was in Lagg and about
œ80 paid rent & taxes which left him œ4 &
of benefit rent according to my offer
Now I think he should account for that
for the last nine years which would be
œ360. He has never paid Tillie a cent
of the profit rent of Lagg or a cent of interest
or a cent in any way but the œ100 which the paper
will show he sent from Lizzer Street
5 or 6 years ago I dont know how much
He sent about 40 Dollars to Mona
Now I was speaking to Todd in Derrylorin [Derryloran?]
I left and he told me the Trustee should
pay the legatees the profit rent every year
now he has held it 9 years nearly 10 and he
never paid a cent to us and he had whole control
of it I am not speaking of the time
Rebecca & Charlie held it at all, only for
the last 9 years. I tell you all the money
ever he paid off it would not pay the
Legatees interest in what they should get
and rightly he knows it! Oh for the crowd
he preaches of the Gospel! Oh for the wolves
in sheeps Clothing get into their claus [claws?]
and he will devour you everytime
I had a letter about half written to John when
I got Tillie's to let the arbitration go on
So I did not post it. I'll give him some more rope
it will [kus?]
I know John Paid Doctor Gilmore out œ800
he got that year the sisters blame him for
keeping Charlie away, I do not For I think
if he hadn't sent Charlie away there would
be no Lagg for any of them, that was about the
only good thing he done. I would like you to write
me as soon as you get this and give me your opinion
about what I should do in the matter if this doesn't
succeed write any way it is a good while since
I got a scratch from you now. I hasn't [haven't?] sold
the farm yet you cant sell a farm here now
but you could rent any amount of farms
I have mine rented for a third of the crop
that is generally the way they all rent I got
192 dollars for my third of the wheat that grew
on one of my quarter section the corn is nearly
a failure this season in Kansas
I will sell this spring if I can possibly at all
Now Robert if that settlement is made [director?]
money is coming to me hold it you until you &
I settle. We are well here thank God and
I hope so are you all in Churchtown & al [all?]
the Manse Remember me to W. [William?] Maureen
& Minnie when ever you see them
I believe Florence is a very good Milliner
and she intended to start in Wilson a town about
16 or 18 miles west of us with a Miss Paterson [Patterson?]
the Presbyterian Ministers Daugter [daughter?] they
came & went that way James said from what he saw
he thought it would not do we never heard
from them since it is only about three weeks ago
since. Hoping you & Jemima & all the
children are well I remain your affect [affectionate?]
Brother Wilson Moore

Remember me to Mr & Mrs Binns. A. Mrs Bob
Tell Mrs Binns we had James Mrs Binns
& Florence stopping here for two nights tell
her that Florence her Namesake is about
the nicest & most sensible Girl I have
seen since I came to Kansas I'm in earnest
I dont think I saw the like of her Since I left
Ireland perhaps I'm a little partial to the
Irish James looks well and seems to be getting
on very well I Can't say much Mrs Binn
for I did not know much of her before but she
seems to be a very nice quiet woman

Remember me to Mick & Jeannie
not forgetting me old friend Robert McLaughlin
and James
See particular
is he going to let
that œ100 go in
interest or is he not
going to alter any
interest or Proper
rent come at all
I have very little
faith in the boy
you will be sure
we get all the
paid out
be sure &
get him to
account for
what he will in
have it all
out from begining
to End
God bless & direct for
to do what is
just & right