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Title: Samual Morton, U.S.A. to Thomas Greer, Dungannon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMorton, Samuel and John/16
SenderMorton, Samuel and John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen traders
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipcousins, business
SourceD1044/179: Deposited by the late Captain V. McG. Greer.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office N. Ireland
Doc. No.201115
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count445
TranscriptTo: Thomas Greer

{per Cap----[Captain?] Falconer
via London}

From: Philada [Philadelphia?] 4 Mo [Month?] 4 1769

Affectionate Cousin
Thomas Greer
Our last was (via Belfast) dated
2 Mo--- [Month?] 25th inclosing [enclosing?] Acco---
[Account?] Sales of the last parcel of Linens we
had from thee, since which have none of thy Favo-rs
[Favours?]; we now inclose [enclose?] thee James Cooper's
Draft on John Strettle Merch--t [Merchant?] London for 87.
St-----g [Sterling?] Exchange at 60 percent is Currency
139.4- which note accordingly.
The Merchants & Traders of this city have mutally
covenanted & agreed with each other not to import any
Goods from Great Britain till the British Parliament
repeals some late unconstitional Revenue Acts except
such as were shipped before the first of this Month,
so that what Linens thou sends us must come
immediatly from Ireland & and by no Means go to
England to recover the Bounty, except thou shou-d [should?]
learn that the Parliment had repeal'd the Acts for
laying a Duty on Paints, Glass &c. It is our own
Opinion they'll not be suddenly repealed, therefore
wou-d [would?] submitt [submit?] to thy Judgment [Judgement?],
whether it wou-d [would?] be better to stop sending any more
Linens for some time, or send them immediatly from Ireland,
which wou-d [would?] deprive us of the Bounty, consequently
lessen our Profits very considerably -
What is become of the Parcel of Linens, thou wrote us
was sent to L.pool [Liverpool?] long since, it is a Mystery
to us what can detain them -
(turn over)
We are very hearty in the good cause of Liberty & hope it
will have the desired Effect of for ever deter-ing [deterring?]
a Corrupt Ministry from encoaching on the Rights and Priviledges
[Privileges?] of a free born People
We are &c
S & J M [Samuel & John [Jonathan?] Morton?]
Original per Cap---- [Captain?] Hood via Bristol

Philada [Philadelphia?] 4 Mo--- [Month?] 13 1769

Respected Friend
Above is a copy of our last via Bristol,
to which we refer, this chiefly serves to cover James Cooper's
2d of Exchange on John Strettle Merch--t [Merchant?] London, for
87 St------g [Sterling?]; we have taken such Precaution, in Case
it shou-d [should?] be protested by the Person on whom it is
as by applying to Hartford & Powell, it will be paid on our
Acco--t [Account?]. We wou-d [would?] have thee pay all
Attention to ours of the 4th Instant respecting the Linens,
add no futher, but that we are sincerly thy affectionate Cousins
Saml [Samuel?] & Jno [John?] [Jonathan?] Morton

P.S. Brother Saml [Samuel?] is returned
from his long journey of nearly 2800
miles he is well as also Rachel Willson
[Wilson?] who is now near this City.

(Transcribed by Peter Best)