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Title: John Mortan [Morton?], Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania?], [U.S.A.?], to Thomas
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMorton, Samuel and John/20
SenderMorton, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen trader
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipcousins, business
SourceD 1044/212 Deposited by the Late Captain U. Mc G. Greer.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.709051
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument Added by JM, 19/09/07
Word Count511
TranscriptTo Thomas Greer
Merchant in

From Philada [Philadelphia?] 11 mo[nth?] 30th 1769

Loving Cousin
Thomas Greer

In sundry of thy Letters since
we parted thou did not forget to remind me of a
State which I Long wishd to Enjoy, believing it to
be the most Elligable [Eligible?] (viz a married one) I ashure [assure?]
thee my D[ea?]r Friend it was not without its due
Weight in my mind tho[ugh?] I was determind not
to be my Own Carver in this Weighty Undertaking
Our City furnishes many Valueable [Valuable?] Females several
of which I was very Intimately Acquainted with tho[ugh?]
by keeping Company with them I did not Experience
any thing of that Indeared [Endeared?] Affection that I believd
real[l?]y Necessary to make the Conjugal State happy
& for this reason (which I think a good one) was willing
to Wate [Wait?] till such times as the right person presented
at Length this wishd for time came & the person
who is now my Wife presented to my View as
the most Suitable I desired help of him who is
the great director of Human affairs & found my
Heart Still more United to Her on this Acctt. [Account?]
I then took the advice of my best Friendsd who
all approvd of my choice & after a 6 or 7 month
Courtship we Brought the Matter to an Ishue [Issue?] &
was married the begin[n?]ing of this month, it would
be vanity in me to say so much in her fav[ou?]r as I
think she deserves but this I will venture to add
that she is possesd [possessed?] with all the Qualifications
I Expected to find in a Female & much more than
I deservd & I doubt not but when thou Sees her
Shall have thy app[r?] obation with the Rest of my
Friends; Thou may think this strange talk
but believe me I can never divest myself at times
of Strongly Believing I shall yet See thee
face to face in this Wooden Country I have often
Dreamd so & it is my Serious opinion it will
yet come to pass I know the Sea is terrible
to thee & a Seperation [Separation?] from thy family for such
a Length of time seems almost too hard to give up
to but thou much Esteemd & I may add dearly
Beloved Friend knows that hard things are
made Easy & Bitter things Sweet to them that
are made Willing to Obey his Commands the
Back will be made Suitable to any burden that he Lays
on his Servants I Shall not add on this subject but
wait with patience too See the Event as to matter relative
to Business shall say Little only we rec[eive ?]d thy Letter
per Capt[ain?] Smith from Newry our friends here are
well & with D[ea?]r Love to Self & Cousin Sally in
which my wife joyns [joins?] I remain thy affectionate
Cousin John Morton

Rob. [Robert?] Trimble 95 3 1/2
Jno [John [Jonathan?] Scott 138 3 1/2
Wm [William?]Wilson 80 3 3/4
Wm [William?] Anderson 58 4

Ter [Terrence?] McCrory 60 4