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Title: James Black, Co. Antrim To Brice Black Indiana County. P.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlack, James Jr/161
SenderBlack, James Jr & William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientBlack, Brice
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3633/1/8: Presented by Mrs J. Comparelli.
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland
Doc. No.9409202
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 09:09:1994.
Word Count710
TranscriptRacavan February 9th 1830
Dear Brother
I embrace this opportunity of writing to you to
let you know that those of us who are in the Land of the living are
in good health at present thanks be to god for his unspeakable Mercies
to us, and the most earnest wish of us all is that these lines may find
you and your family enjoying the blessings of health peace and
Your mother is no more she departed this life on the first
of February 1825 Your Father likewise departed this life in February
1829. Brother Andrew Watt is no more he died in 1828 and a little girl
of his aged 12 years named Mary Ann died about a year after him. Aunt
Jane is more (sic) she departed this live in 1827 and your Aunt Ann in
1826 So you see death has made a great carnage among us since you heard
from us, your Uncle John has sold out his farm to Patrick Gordan ( a son
of Nath'l [Nathaniel?] Gordan ) who is married to sister Peggy about
november last, and he has purchased a most elegant place in Carncastle
containing 34 Acres Irish plantation measure all arable land for 200£
Brother John lives with your Uncle and Aunt in Carncastle and has got
married to a young woman named Mary Ann Brown a Daughter to James Brown
of the Thorn he has by her a young daughter named Eliza Jane )
Your Father settled his affairs in the following Manner he left the farm
in four equal shares To William Adam Patrick and me, William Adam and
Patrick lives together in the Mansion house. I live in the house which
was formerly John Dickeys and am married to Ann Kennedy Daughter to
Alexander Kennedy in upper Ballygally we were married about two years
Dear brother we are all much surprised that we receive no letters
from you, for this is the seventh letter we have written to you since
we got one from you, it is now six years since we received your last
letter, and we consider that the distance between us, and the length
of time since we parted has entirely bloted [blotted?] us out of your
Rememberance, but neither large or rolling seas between us or years
a number could make me forget you, If you thought it would suit me I
would sell my portion of land for times are quite bad here trading of
all kinds quite low cloth yarn and victualling is low and in
fact nothing high except land so as soon as you receive this letter I
will be much obliged to you if you write to me immediately and give me
as full an account as possible of the rates that land is selling at
America let us know if you [---ays?] hold the land you purchased from
Uncle John Dick and give us a full account how you are coming on Sister
Jane not withstanding the trouble she met with and her family are
getting on well her children are dutiful and obedient she and the family
send their best respects to you. Your Aunt Eliza has been in bad health
this good while past Uncle John Black is well. Uncle William Owns [Owens?]
and family are well, all your Relations and old aquaintance are well
I remain Dear
Brother your Affectionate
James Black
Dear Brother
When you write me an account
of the rates of markets in America, Rates
at which cleared and uncleared land generally sells
at her [here?] 100 Acres and wether you think it most profitable
to purchase cleared or uncleared land, and you think
it would be answerable it is most likely brother
James and I will with Patick and Adam sell our land together
and come to America Thank God I have my health very well
now, be so kind as write to us as soon as this comes
to hand for I often thought you dead because you were so dilatory
in writing Brother Adam Patrick and I sends our kind love to
you and the Misses and to Uncle John Dick and Aunt and
remember us to them all. I am your affectionate Brother
W'm [William?] Black
Brice Black
Care of Mr John Dick
Indiana County, Armagh
Post Office State of Pennsylvania
Northern [R----?]
Brice Black, Father of Margaret Jane Black Pearse
This letter was written to (Margaret Jane Black Pearse's)
Stroked out
Father (Brice Black) from his brother
James Black. Racavan Ireland.