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Title: M Murphy, U.S.A., to Hugh Donnan, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMurphy, M/16
SenderMurphy, M
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAllegheny, Penn., USA
DestinationSaintfield, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientDonnan, Hugh
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2795/5/2/9: Presented by Mrs Chas. Donnan, Cahard, Co.Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9501249
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count658
TranscriptAllegheny August 15th 1874
Mr Hugh Donnan

Dear Sir
We received your kind letter
and are glad to hear that you are
all well I supose [suppose?] you have had A
good chat with old Mr Smith
before this time I would have been
over to see him leave but we
had A great fire that evening
but I heard he did not go away
to the next day I had to stay
about home fore we did not know
the how soon the wind might turn
and was in redynes [readiness?] for A good drive
with the team to the country and
leave all to yoo [you?] as it pleased
you canot [cannot?] imagin [imagine?] what it looked
like every thing was well planed [planned?]
for A good fire thier [there?] had been
no rain for a long time and the
burning sun had the frame houses
and woden [wooden?] rofs [roofs?]
redy [ready?] to take fire themsel [themselves?]
and there was A great storm and
water very scarce there was nearly
too [two?] hundred Houses burned to the ground
the next we had was a great storm
which don [done?] much damage blowing
sown houses & so but all was nothing
to the thunder storm and flood
which came on sundy [sunday?] night I canot [cannot?]
describe it to you but I sent you
A paper which will let you know
some little about it but you Cannot
think what it was like unless you had
seen it A part of it was as near us
as from your house to where [thompson?]
lives the part called butchrs [butchers?] run
it was a hard sight to see houses
and horses & cows and human beinens [beings?]
and every thing the next day
all mixed in Death I want to give
you A little information about the runs
the [they?] are roads from pittsburgh and A [-----?]
with A street of houses some miles long
Supose [Suppose?] ther [there?] is a street of houses built
up the river sides betwen [between?] your hills
and John grahams and the river is
the [barrel?] sewer and A great flood
comes at night and the sewer gets
chocked [choked?] up above Hugh Scots and
the flood sweps [swept?] farms and every
thing it meets until it comes betwen [between?]
your hill and John Grahams and
every floating stuff catches the houses
then it gets damed [dammed?] and the houses
holds it back until the water gets
nearly as high as the houses then
the first gives way the nex [next?] holds
for a little until the water gets heavy
thin [then?] away goes a lot more and you
may guess what sort of a place
it will be at the stony park
when it gets that lenth [length?] which
it is not long in doing that is
as near a description as I can give
you of the runs from the town
My Brother is landed here a week ago
and is engaged with Joseph [Alen?]
the man he came out with the man
that murdred [murdered?] the hamet family is
tried and found guilty but his [cousins?]
have aplied [applied?] for a new trial which he
is likely to get We fell [felt?] lonley [lonely?] without
Samuel he keps [keeps?] fresh in our minds
every day we have taken a larger
house and are keeping two boarders
one of them is Hugh Geddis's son
from the [Cerrick?] Eliza is better
engaged at somthing [something?] to kepp [keep?] her from
thinking long and she gets ten dollars
a week for thier [their?] board the loos [loss?] of
Samuel was A great cruish [crush?] on her
we have had a very warm dry sumer [summer?]
we are all in good health at present
hoping thies [these?] few lines will find you
all in the same times are dull here
at present but thier [there?] is no [--hang?] with me
yet write as usual
yours truely [truly?]
M. Murphy