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Title: James and Peggy Black Racavan Co.Antrim to Brice Black Indiana Co.P.A
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlack, James Sr/139
SenderBlack, James Sr.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstockbreeder?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientBlack, Brice
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3633/1/4: Presented by Mrs.J. Comparelli.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Belfast
Doc. No.9409235
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 09:09:1994.
Word Count709
Transcript26th May 1824 Ranecavin [Racavan?]
Dear son this comes to inform you that we are in a tolerable state of
health at present and we hope this will find you in the same state of health
and I lift my pen in order to gratify my mind a little though the seas
has parted you and me asunder yet as a father my affections are the
same as if you were with me and I hope this will find you possessed
with the same mind that a child ought to have the same God is with
you that is here and I trust you are not forgetful of your Duty to
him and mindful that love to him and his commandments can never be
lost we have been busied in preparing to come to you but your mother
lost her health and causes to rather think that we cannot encounter
the voyage we were always expectory to have not the happiness of ever
seeing you here but we have almost lost hopes of it seeing you have
changed your life which we are doubtful will hinder you to come to
Ireland though it would have given us the greatest pleasure
(particularly your mother) to have seen you here. Dear Brice I
cannot get over reminding you of your promise to me in Belfast at
parting which was if ever you had it in your power by situation
you would come over and see us but altho you forgot all these things
and it is a grief to me but I hope when you write which I hope will
be immediately you will give me some satisfaction upon the same
subject. We are informed you are married we congratulate you and your
bedfellow in the kindest manner though at a distance we heartily and
sincerely wish you blessed by god and increased in store and may you
receive His Blessing both in soul and body is the sincere wish of your
dear parents --
We are sorry you do not write to us more than you do but your uncles and
aunts is much perplexed you have forgot them as they say all together
but I hope you will not fail in writing to them as well as us at the
first opportunity ------
We join together mutually in our Adrisses [Addresses?] to your Uncle
and aunt it is not a stranger to us their kind reception of you into
America we are under the greatest obligation to them that may they ever
have the blessing of God Attending them and their property and for their
kindness we return them our sincere thanks
Having nothing more to write nothing strance [strange?] here and the
country being much the same as before you left we need not tire your
reading -- your sister and family is well and sends their kind love
with [Annie?] joining --------
Brother William is in a better state of health and able to do some
aunt Jane is in a very poor state of health and sends her kind love
to you with your [----?]
William Oins [Owens?] and family is well his son william went to south
Robert White and family are well only your aunt White is in a very bad
state of health at present
Give your uncle to know that James Burns and family and likewise James
Jameson and family are well -----
Nancy Dick is in a tolerable state of health
wishes to be remembered to you
We send you [----?] Two shirts an made and another unmade with Mr.
Samuel McClurken son to Hugh McClurken Ballymullough --
thinking he was a safe and honest man I doubt not but you will
receive the same
I hope when you receive this you will not fail in writing
immediately as we have not received a letter from you near Two
years though we wrote you three times -
We add no more at present but remains your affectionate parents
to Death
James and Peggy Black -
David McGranaghan and family know that their sister Helen McCarteny
is well and remains in {-------?] as is much surprised they never
write as it would give her great satisfaction to have a letter from them

This letter was written by Margaret Black Peases Grandfather &
Grandmother to her Father Brice Black
Mr Brice Black
Armagh and Indiana County
and State of Pennsylvania
care of Mr John Dick America