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Title: Samuel Neale, Philadelphia, USA to T.Greer, Dungannon, Co,Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeale, Samuel/1
SenderNeale, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1044/290: Deposited by the late Captain U. Mc G Greer.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9612191
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1771 [5 May 1771?] Philadelphia the 7th of the 5 mo 1771
[7 May 1771?]
Dr [dear?] friend
Thy acceptable favour of the 9 mo 16
[16 September?] last I received this last month, which was a
pleasing Testimony of thy simpathy [sympathy?] & Brotly
[brotherly?] regard to [arbour?] pilgrim who endeavours
to do the Work alloted in this Day of Tryal [trial?],
according to strength proportiond [proportioned?] wh [which?]
yields reward equal to what I expected, & I think far beyond
my [desart?]: my sphere of Action in the Body I have always
looked at as in a narrow circumscribed small degree which
sight I trust will be granted to me as well as sense
remain whilst in the Earthly house & Tabernacle of Clay
that I am comparitively [comparatively?] speaking but as Worms
& no Man; Elevation & Exaltation belongs not to poor dependants
who every day rely upon the Bounty & Blessings
of an invisible power, and who if they live in the Fellowship
of the Lord's family the church; must be by the supplys
[supplies?] of his Life & Spirit and whether it be in a greater
or lesser degree may be kept so humble as to be thankful
remembering that we are unworthy of the best of his mercys
[mercies?] conferred upon us; & that we are running towards
the Day of dust, and the Eternal Day of rewards: my View Dr
[dear?] frd [friend?] is to get within the courts & to an
Entrance into the King's house where soft raiment is the Livery
of the lowest order that composes the family; their spirits
being coverd [covered?] with the covering of their Lords Spirit
which is the Righteousness of Spirits; & the Raiment of the
redeemed: I find in order for this Entrance we must be Molded
[moulded?] into different forms have different services to
perform; & be as in jopardy [jeopardy?] in our own apprehensions
of our lives in an outward & inward Sense, and yet when the
conflict is over we behold we have been sustained by a secret
hand that was near on which may we ever lean to the latest
period of our lives, & then live to adore and Magnifie [magnify?]
its salvation for Ever; my Companion J [O?] & I am returned from
the Southern parts having Visited Virginia North & South
Carolina the western parts of Maryland & some parts of this province, in
which journey we got along as well as I could expect; and for
my own part have been preserved from Murmuring at the Baptisms
I have met with; having in the Effects beheld their Benefits: &
tho' [although?] we travelled in some difficulty as to the
Outward much more Delicate & refined Spirits passed through
much harder & more Difficult places in years that are passed,
as the country is open'd [opened?] and peopled considerably
since then ; there is every open door in many places amongst
other people, the [they?] seem Hungary [hungry?] & Thirsty
& comes great distances to Meeting, especially in Virginia
& we have felt the stream to hum as sweetly & strongly to
those as to them of our own society: for their [there?] are
a people here that has been highly favoured, and have not
brought forth fruits adequate to the Labour & pains bestowed,
the one thing willed & too much in the Deadness of profession,
representing an image, without Life and yet would Rule because
of this Likeness which greatly retards the Host & obscures &
glooms the brightness of Zion: I wont say much on this head as
I doubt not but thy Vessel may be on the Stocks in order for
refitting or forming, & seasoning for this very journey I am
now upon: I am desirous to be preserved from sowing any bad
seeds to save the trouble of weeding em [them?] out when thou
comes; the simpathy [sympathy?] of Dr [dear?] J. Churchman Will
Brown: G. Mason & J. Lightfoot whose places I have passed
through has been very strengthening their hands is full of Labour; I
shall have a higher Opinion of our own country law as things are
then [than?] I had before, as we have more of subordination to
the transacting of the Discipline, & less obstruction to the
administering Judgmt [judgement?]: however Zion travels here &
these are [obscure?] [living?] [Remnants?] who sometimes Weeps
for the slain, & sometimes has to sing the Songs of salvation &
praise: thy remark with respect to the Draft of the People &
their being gone too much after Words is too true: but there are
that know how to distinguish between the sensible living
breathing of the Holy Spirit: and this [Cautious?] Spirit,
that glooms instead of brightens, and wastes & weathers instead
of strengthening & building up in the Faith that overcomes
fear and the World: we were at one Dreadful meetg [meeting?]
which held two Days exceeding large & were entirely shut up &
sealed as to ministry and don't expect to be there again; &
indeed in several other places: and sparks of our own kindling
only leads to the habitation of sorrow & distress from which
may every Child & Member of the family be preserved, for it
is a strange apparel is worn is punishable by the great
Judge; I have been here now 2 weeks mostly confined by the
Rheumatism & it is in pain I now write this letter wh.
[which?] makes it not very intelligible I have rode about
2500 Miles & has been at more than 150 meetings My
companion is gone toward New England intending for the
yearly meeting at Flushing on Long Island.
I could not set that course but propose to be at West
River yearly meeting and so take the Eastern shore of
Maryland, which will finish that colony, having been on the
Western shore before we paid our different Prospects before
some friends, who were capable to judge of such Matters,
who approved our Minding our own particular openings and the
exemplary laying it before the Elders: and its a fine thing
to have the concurrance [concurrence?] of Faithful Judicious
friends, May I never be perceived to Value the Unity of the
Brethren next to Divine favour, which is as a Girdle of strength
in seasons of conflict & distress : farewell Dr [dear?] Fd [friend?]
& when thou art helpt [helped?] remember thy tryed [tried?] frd
[friend?] : remember me to thy Dr [dear?] Wife thy daughter
Eliza [Elizabeth?] & the rest of the children & thy family and
enquiring frds [friends?] in thy freedom wh [which?] concludes
me thy friend in true affection & nearness of Spirit
Samuel Neale