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Title: Henry Neill, Kentucky to James Neill, Co. Down
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNeill, Henry/6
SenderNeill, Henry
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationworks in the mercantile business
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginLouisville, Kentucky, USA
DestinationBanbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientNeill, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Hilary Murphy, 45 Ava Avenue, Belfast BT7 3BP
ArchiveCentre for Migration Studies
Doc. No.0611004
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Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count817
TranscriptEnvelope addressed to:-

Mr James Neill
Care of Mr Robert [Shaw?]
Co. Down, Ireland

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Louisville Ky [Kentucky] April 9th 1841

Dear Brother You will no doubt be surprised on receiving these lines
from me at this time. But I must acknowledge a certain evil foreboding
influences one to write, as I am anxious to know something of Brother
Matthew as according to his letter which I recd [received?] on the 14th
of February. He should have been here ere now, And having heard of
several shipwrecks I feel anxious for his safety fearing that He might
have been on board the illfated ship Gov. Jenner if so I wish to hear
from you as soon as possible. But if otherwise, and you have heard
of no disaster befall him I request you to keep this letter to yourself
and let the family know nothing of it and as soon as He arrives here
I shall write to Father.

I would not have been the least uneasy nor should I have
written to you at this time but Matthew expressly said in His letter
that He would leave in Jan and expected to be here in March and I
think He would have written to me if He had met with any
disappointment whereby e might have veebeen beeHe might have been detained at home. he might he He might have been detained at home.
But I shall hope for the best and if I find it so I shall write to Father

The last time I heard from Brother John He and Lucinday were
both in good health and doing well. John appears to be extremely
well –

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pleased with that section of the country in which He is located.
All kind of buisness [business?] here is at present very dull. It is very hard for those who are strangers or out of employment, to get a
situation of any kind. Those I think who feel the pressure of the times least are Farmers or men who can raise a little money and go to the newer countries and purchase a tract of land, where they can have
a home and in a short time raise most all the necessaries of life within themselves. Most of the mechanical branches are always in demand in the new countries tis [it is?] true wages are not so high – Not so with regard to your buisness [business?] which I think is
better in the older settlements in this country (I speak of a young
man going to Journey work). But a person able to commence
buisness [business?] for Himself might have a very good prospect in
many of the towns in the new settlements, as far as I can learn, the
buisness [business?] of watch-making and silversmith is very good
but the [clock?] making is broken down by an article in market, called
Yankee Clocks the works almost entirely of wood which come much
cheaper than the kind in use in your country. Watches and Jewelry
[Jewellery?] are the principal branches you could make out well at

I have made an agreement to stop another year in my present
situation at a salary of Five Hundred dollars board and washing with
the privilege of an absence of six or eight weeks which I intend to
spend in a visit to Brother John in Iowa. This bargain I made in
anticipation of Father and Family being there that I

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might have an
opportunity of seeing them soon after their arrival in this country –
had it not been for that and the extreme pressure in the Mercantile
buisness [business?] at present existing I would have held out for
Six Hundred dollars Salary which I doubt not but I could have

This visit I intend to make about the month of August or
September so that I shall have ample time to hear from you before I
leave this City, if you write to me on receiving this letter.

About two weeks ago a man who lived with
Mr J Adams for the last few years passed here
on his way to Iowa intending to purchase lands.
From Him I learn that Robt. [Robert] Adams is
living near Pittsburgh and James is gone back to
Baltimore. Mr Adams Died last fall and there appears to be a general
displeasure and complaining amongst all partners of His relatives as
regards the disposition He made of his riches from the accounts of
many people He was an avaricious discontented man in his life and
unhappy at his death- Some time ago I had a letter from friend John
Arnold they were all well- Nancy had an increase to the family
(a young son) some time before the letter was written. I can add no
more at present but hoping this may find you and all friends in good
health as it now leaves me I remain
Your Affte [affectionate?] Brother Henry

[Written on left side of Page 3]

N.B. As soon as Matthew arrives I shall write to Father.
H.N. [Henry Neill?]