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Title: Samuel Ninck [Nimicks?], U.S.A., to Anderson Family, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileNimicks, Samuel and Ann/13
SenderNimicks, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginColville, Washington? USA
RecipientAnderson, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.1859/24: Presented by Dr. J.T. Anderson, Banbridge, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9407015
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptColville May 20th 79 [1879?]

Dier [Dear?] friend and Brother you will think
strange that I have been so long a writting [writing?]
to you the reason was that James
and Elisa are allway [always?] writting [writing?]to Ballinree
[Ballinrees?] therefore I thought it unnesassary [unnecessary?] for me
this leaves me in a state of tolerabl [tolerable?] good
heath [health?] hopping [hoping?] that this will find your
friends all enjoying the same I may say
that I have neither ake [ache?] nor pain except
that when I do some kinds of work
that my back gets a little stiff or sore
I may say that I had no want of health
or debility since I came to America with
the exception of last summer and during
the time of the hot weather I was fit for
nothing on the afterpart of the day which
made me wish that I was in oald [old?] Ireland
at that time I wrote a letter to Benahinah [sic]
and one to the Glebe hinting that I would
like to spend my last days in Some of
my nieces that lived by farming as I
can still be of a good dale [deal?] of use about
a farmers house and with what
little monney [money?] I have I thought that I would
not be much in the road as an incumberance [encumbrance?]
But I got no answer I suppose the
did not know what to say or write well
I do not want any of my friends to be
uneasy about that for I do not intend to
be a burthen to anny [any?] friend and my prayer
is that god may bless all my friends with
abundance of timeral [sic] blessing and give
them grace to use them and improve the
same for their own good to the glory of
God the family is all in good health at
present we have two little Boys that
keeps us all in company josey is a very
smart boy of his age and little Willy is
a very endearing child and as far as
friendship is concerned we have a very
happy home but except something turns
up I think that about two months will
put in our time here we intend going
to Kansas he has an uncle there
that have rented a farm for James
and we in tend relying on divine
assistance to try our fortune about
5 or 6 hundred miles farther west and I
believe that I will go allong [along?] so you
will see that I intend to see about me
in the 82 years of my age it is very
hard to make a living here on a rented
farm the land is so far run down and the
price of every kind of produce is so low
the rest of my friends is all well I was
down in Sparta a few weeks ago and I
saw my Grandson and Father James is farming
the [they?] have a fine farm and in good
repair the [they?] have an oald [old?] colered [coloured?] woman
that keeps huse [house?] to them and she is a
exselent [excellent?] cook and washwoman [washerwoman?] and the
[they?] get along well James is a great reader
I think that he reads too much for his health but
like he gets like I believe that his father
never intends marring [marrying?] again now Sin [since?]
this is a very dry Spring the wheat
oats and hay will be very light
and for the corn we cannot tell
yet what it may be I would not advise
any of my friends to come out here
Mecanicks [mechanics?] is far too plenty and farms is
hard to purchase there is a great emigration
from every part to Missuria [Missouri?] and
Kansas and Newbraska [Nebraska?] & from what I
read and hear I prefer Kansas
Rise County that is where we intend to
locate at first. Now [Sir?] I need not
write about politicks [politics?] for you get the
news there as well as we do the [they?] will be
exciting times at the next election bemixt [betwixt?]
the North and the South and now my
dear friend and friends I let me address
you all to read and study well the hard
life of the wise and foolish virgins
and endeavour to have your lamps trimed
and the oil of grase [grease?] burning that
you may be ready to meet the bridegroom
please write and let us know how you
are all and espesialy [especially?] jane
yours respectably Saml [Samuel?] Nimik [Nimicks?]
We all send there love to all I am [lizzy?]