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Title: Bernard O'Hanlon, Ireland to Patrick Hanlon, Pennsylvania,U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileO'Hanlon, Bernard/1
SenderO'Hanlon, Bernard
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionCatholic
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientHanlon, Patrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 885/28: Presented by Mrs M.Leatham, Ballymote, Downpatrick, CoDown.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.303024
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Word Count870
TranscriptMy Dear Patrick
I received your Kind
And anxious [anxiously?] looked for letter on Friday
night last. I was not the least surprised to find you
left such a hole of iniquity as a whiskey Bar on Sunday
in Pitts [Pittsburg?] I expected Kate would have been
kind & good but I am sorry she is so Selfish. You will
be better with Edwd [Edward?] I am glad [--m?] William
& his wife was (sic) so kind with you If you cannot see
your way you know where to come to. We are thank God
much in the same way as you left us, as myself I have
some days but very Poorly others better but I have
never been able to get to mass yet we had a mission
but |Father Headley would not let me go. Father
McGloughlin he formed a temperance society and upward
of 600 has joined & is keeping it well not one drop
taken on the 15th excursion to Newcastle John & Mick
has joined for a year. Your mother & I was greaving
[grieving?] greatly about you when you left Pitts
[Pittsburg?] and we were very uneasy to [until?] Berd
[Bernard?] got your letter. He was up on yesterday
week and he had not answered it then. I wrote him
on saturday to not write to Pitts [Pittsburg?] least
Kate would open it. I suppose Kate & Patt was offended
about you going to see May well no matter do the best
you can. Willie Keenan is in Chicago now I suppose you
have seen them all. I am so glad Edwd [Edward?] is so
comfortable that he will do his best to put you in a
position to earn your bread independently. I believe
Berd [Bernard?] will be on in Robbs his time is only
in now but [Robbs?]is getting all the property & stock
and the [they?] commenced a clerance [clearance?] sale on
Friday. He is very buisy [busy?] now Berd [Bernard?]
McAulfield is just alive he stood an operation [operation?]
in the side & has a tube in it from an ulser [ulcer?] on
the liver but its only a question of time. Bob G made
his will & he willed all the McMullans Property over to
his own son & appointed himself Guardian over all & Berd
[Bernard?] come to know of it & he went mad & told our Mick
and to get another will as he was not content but he would
not let any one there to make it. Father O'Kane was down
but of no use the [they?] said he was astray in the head
so now there is no word of it he is to [too?] ill. his
daughter is there still and she gets a trifle her & Mary
Sheals [Shiels?]. Mrs Boyce had twin sons & they are dead
T.G. did not see Berd [Bernard?] McA [McAulfield?] the last
4 months, and RG & family is a [at?] Rathmullan at the watter
[water?] since [June?] has the eldest Boy there [he?] is on
crutches with the foot poor child he will always [Re?]
Your friends at the Bridge is all well. Patrick is at home he is

going Edinborough [Edinburgh?] to be a veterany [veterinary?]
surgeon. Berd [Bernard?] is going to Kildare this week & john is
taking up house in a fortnight one of our houses at stream
(sic). His wife is at Dromara yet the [they?] are all in good
terms Mick has taken the house in Market St at Bob Dervis s
and he will commence [Commence?] to [rent?] in October rent £22
& Miss Bohill I think will be housekeeper. Blythe is Broke &
Started to share again all your old acquat [acquaintances?] is
just as you left them everything very quiet. Wm [William?]
McCoubrey does not come here now. John got the Hatchet
concealed under the bed and I told her never to come back again
to the house. We have Bella engaged to November. I am not
going to to take Bmote [Ballymote?] again its to be let for 4
years. I think [Fate?] will have it. Wm [William?] Napier
could not sell only at £1050, Jno [John?] Kelly is surprised
about Willie let me know in your next if you know what he is
working at or what he is like or do you think he has money, Mick
was in Killybegs on saturday & saw Mrs Skillen she is well &
children & she will be up soon this is the day of Regatta. I
wrote to Mrs Hanlon about the time she left Pitts [Pittsburg?]
and I was expecting an answer from her long since. I hope she
got it. give her my kind Love also Mrs Hanlons & to our Dear
little grandchildren also to Edwd [Edward?] [J?]. 2 days will
cut our Harvest there is several has done it has been a very dry
summer here little water and [eat?] Grass & hay oats short but
very early Potatoes offering to be good.
One of our sows had 11 pigs and had not one drop of milk and the
[they?] all died the other sow comes in 3 weeks.

Transcribed by Jim Buchanan