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Title: Lytle Black, Chicago, to Thomas Hall, Co Armagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlack, Lytle/62
SenderBlack, Lytle
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginChicago, Illinois, USA
DestinationLoughgall, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientHall, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipson-in-law - father-in-law
SourceD 2041/13 : Purchased From J.A. Gamble Esq. 44 Taunton Avenue, Belfast 15
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309001
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument Added by LT 31:08:1993
Word Count600
Transcript602 W [West?] Adams St [Street?]
16 Decr [December?] 89 [1889?]

My Dear Sir
Your very welcome letter to hand in due corse [course?]
and would have replyed [replied?] by last post but was
expecting a letter from John which arived [arrived?] all right
and enclose same to you which speaks for itself I think he is
making an effort to improve his position and is likely trying
to get some clothes before he coms [comes?] here which is all
right and dont [don't?] think I should press him to time, but
when he dus [does?] come I will see that he is made all right
so as he can fill a respectable position before he goes out to
look for one besides when he is making any money it is better to
keep at it as he might not fall into work here for some time
However when he reaches here he will want for nothing till he
gets work I will be a friend and Brother to him in every way.
Indeed Sir I feel very thankfull [thankful?] for my
position in this City I have been on the hole [whole?] very
fortunate I have a comfortable situation that is gowing
[going?] to pay me pretty well and will be able to spair
[spare?] Maggie 4 to 6 pounds per month till the time comes
round for her to lieve [leave?] the old countery [country?]
and come out here I onley [only?] wish it was tomorrow but it
cannot be so soon all the time she is in Dgannon [Dungannon?]
she is gowing [going?] to the bad at least the rent and no
prospect of making it up so that there is no endusement
[inducement?] for her to remain longer than she can help. what
keeps me here would go a long way in keeping us all sertonley
[certainly?] if John was here our combined bard [board?] and
lodging would keep us all nicely
I made last month 55 Dollars and hope in a few months
to be able to make at least 100 Dollars. I am paid by
Commission and am every day getting new customers which of
corse [course?] will soon tell on my turn over
when Maggie arives [arrives?] here we will want
furniture and other little things to commence House Keeping
and of corse [course?] we will be very close run for some time
but with Gods [God's?] help I have no fear of the future if we
were once settled had I got my preasant [present?] situation
when I came I would be in a different shape now but have a
right to be very thankfull [thankful?] for what I have as few
men have done better in the time than I have
I would be glad to here [hear?] from you occasionaly
[occasionally?] with love to Mrs Hall and all the family

I am Dear Sir
Yours Sincearly [sincerely?]
Lytle Black
I should have said that we have briliant [brilliant?]
weather in this countery [country?] we have no frost or snow
yet the weather is just like spring in the old Country most
people say business would be much better if we had frost
ther [there?] is nothing I have been so agreeably
disappointed in as the weather its realey [really?] beautiful
we have a fine high breasing [bracing?] atmosphere which must be
very healthey [healthy?]. I hope your stock and farming has
done well prices are very low here in fact farming in this
Countery [Country?] is dowing [doing?] no good as people dont
[don't?] get as much for their farm produce as would pay for
L [Lytle?] B [Black?]