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Title: John Orr, Allegheny, PA. to Rebecca Orr, Co. Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileOrr, John M/32
SenderOrr, John Malcolm
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAllegheny, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientOrr, Rebecca
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2027: Copied by Permission of Miss Elizabeth Orr, Woodhouse Gardens, Rostrevor, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.8809065
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NoteN.B. John Malcolm died in 1851 (Did various jobs and decided to go west where he expected to do some kind of business)

Mrs Rebecca Orr Glencordial
Care of Mr Thomas Hamilton Omagh

Allegheny City Ohio St. April 25 / 48 [1848?]

Der [Dear?] Sister

I have long neglected to answer your
letter which I received by Brother James and altho [although?],
the news in it is distressing yet I hope it will be a lesson
to us to make our salvation work Sure and a life and
conversation Evidencencing [Evidencing?] its truth, we are all well at
present and in comfortable circumstances and every thing
in this country is in a properous condition at present but there
are fearful foreboding of evil times coming as soon as the
war with mexico is terminated but the best laid schemes
deceives us and we are often disappointed in those
things we hoped most from there is only one hope
that will not make (sic) ashamed, let us fix our anchor there
Brother James and family arived [arrived?] here in the fall
and Staid [Stayed?] with us about two weeks and then rented
a house and are now living in a house of their own
on a rented lot for 8 years they have had a great
deal of trouble in procuring work and especially James,
Maria is the only one of them does stay any time in
one place and yet there is no more religion in that
family than if they had never heard the Gospel not
considering that god directs and manages all the [concerns?]
of all his people ruling and overuling [overruling?] all things to
his own Glory I am sorry for James but it is out of
my power to help him and if it was I do not
know how I would advice is no use to him he
must run his course I have had some Expectation
you would have come out here this Spring and was
stil [still?] Expecting a letter to that amount but my patience
is Exhausted and (sic) have taken up my pen in order to
draw a Scratch from some of my friends and I
expect a ful [full?] and particular acct. [account?] of all my friends
from whom I expect at least one letter Every year
for I thought you had all forgotten me but James
assures me you have not

Rebecca if you come out here I cannot and if I could I
would not invite you here to make a lady of you but
I think that you and your family could do better and

be more Independant [Independent?] than Ever you can be there and
if Brother Samuel is Satisfyd [Satisfied?] with robbing me and
will only do right to the rest of the family and Especially
Mother & Jane who are helpless I shal [shall?] be in some mesure
[measure?] reconciled to him but if he remains impenitent to keep
from you your just right to retain from your Mother
what She ought to have and curtail in Every thing that
is her just right, not only the necesaries [necessaries?] but also
those things that would render her Comfortable and
happy in her declinning years tell him that God
will follow him & punish him.

My oldest boy is 20 years of age and has Served his time to
learn painting and is now working [?] work and
the rest are all at School Except the youngest I have
put Samuel to the lattin [latin?] this quarter, we have enjoy'd
pretty good health for a long season for which I am
sure we are not thankful as we ought.
Our provisions here have been pretty high the last
season, but the [they?] are coming down in consequence of
England not buying from our people dried hog is very
cheap here Now meat that last year would cost you
ten cents is now worth 5 or 5 1/2 cents and is Expected cheaper
and almost all provisions is Expected cheaper, I though
that before this Brother Thomas Hamilton would have
written to me that he was coming out here,
tel [tell?] him I am obliged to him for the Tyrone Constitution
and other papers he Sent me I would like to know
how J Buchannans Sister's trial may terminate
I have been unable to conjecture what End
the [they?] had in view in that business

My son John Sent to Grandmother four pounds
some time since and wrote a Letter to her but has not
yet received any aswer [answer?] whether She has received it or not
if you find out any thing about it please let us know
I have been long Expecting a letter from some of my
friends I Expect James Kyle Out this Season from what
he wrote to me last year I have a notion that the people
about Omagh thinks this a poor place tell them the [they?]
are mistaken this is a large place and there is more
manufactories here than any other City in the union
and it is the 3rd in Size and population there is coal in almost every
hill and between 50 & 100 Steam boats ply between here and New Orleans conveying
Sugar Molasses and Cotton til [till?] us and our manufactures
to them this Country is going a head [ahead?] with
Rail roads, canals are too slow a mode of conveyance
for the people of this place.

Dear Rebecca there are a great many kinds of work that women
engage in here Some go into factories Some hire out to sow [sew?]
or do housework some Sow [Sew?] for Tailors some milliners & [mantua?] makers
and some wash clean and dress bonnets, Fanny makes
all the clothes that we wear Except a dress coat and
never Served any time to learn it. I would like
you were here and when I look at the Situation of Mother
and Jane and Samuels Cruelty to [too?] towards them I am
almost afraid to say it I know you and your children
would be better here but what will poor mother do
but I think that Mary will not see her destitute if
you leave her the promises of God are the only security we
have he will never leave any that trust in him.

Fanny joins me in love to you & family & Mother
& Sisters & Brothers and I remain your affectionate Brother
John Orr

N.B. I live on Ohio Street a few doors below
the Market house in Alligheny [Allegheny?] City