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Title: Rev. J. Orr, Portaferry, to J.M. Orr, Chicago.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileOrr, Revd John/96
SenderRev. John Orr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationclergyman
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginPortaferry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationChicago, Illinois, USA
RecipientOrr, John M
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by John McCleery, 80 Circular Road, Belfast,BT4 2GD.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
Doc. No.9702056
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Word Count496
TranscriptPortaferry 28 Oct 1847

Dear John
I recd [received?] two letters from you by the
same mail on the 18th Oct one dated [8?] Sept the other
20th Sept and in compliance with the request contained in
the former and repeated in the latter I now send you the
accompanying order of the Northern Bank 954 Dollars on
the House of Brown Brothers & Co. of New York. I wanted them
to advise the house in New York but they said they [needed?]
to and the order will be paid on sight. I thought it
better to take it in this way than exch [exchange?] a Bill
on London, as failures now so common that you know not
where to tread. I borrowed œ100 from your Uncle William at
the [Baxters?], for which I gave him my promissory note,
[---?] with Int [interest?] at 5 per cent, I got also œ20
for a short term from Mrs Welch.
Your uncle James McCleery has only paid œ50, and I will
have to [review?] his [ac-p---?] on the other œ50
for three months longer.
We certainly have felt gratified at your getting into
business of which you say money cannot be lost. We hope
so but I must caution you agst [against?] too great
expectations. You might, like too many in this country
embark all in some rash venture, and become a beggar.
As you will see from the Derry Standard which I send now
each mail, how matters are going forward or [rather?]
backwards in the commercial world.
[There?] [was?] a letter from Thos. [Thomas?] Warnock from
Cincinatti this week. At the date of his writing he had
not heard either of or from you, and had not recd
[received?] a single syllable of [intelligence?] from
home. He writes in grand spirits and says his health is
greatly improved. [--ties?] & Margt [Margaret?] is home
[something?] [better?], and all the rest are well.
Your Mother & I were in Ballybeen and Belfast last week
She seems rather unwell and much fatigued with the
journey but is now considerably better - your grandmother
is in her usual health - busy superintending her
cheese making. She seems [rejoiced?] to hear from you.
Your letter to Wm. [William?] McCleery arrived here the day he
sailed from Belfast as mate of the Huron, for New Orleans.
His father [received?] it and I saw the contents.
He forwards it this mail. Jane Ellen wrote you by him.
You will likely receive it from New Orleans. We wish to
know what countryman your partner Wm. [William?] Bentley
is. Wm. [William?] Blow advises you to keep a sharp look
out on the Yankees - [Wm?] [Edwin?] Blair is now pretty well
recovered. I saw him on Monday last. In the letter I
posted at Comber on the [29?]th Sept. was your Mother's
Catechism - Mind and answer what you have not already
done. John Maxwell returned from New York and arrived on
Sat. Evening last.