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Title: Mrs Wm. Parke, Ballinalong to Wm. [Wiliam?] Parke, Virginia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileParke, Mary/49
SenderParke, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallinalong, Ireland
DestinationVirginia, USA
RecipientParke, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1648/18: Copied by Permission of Miss M. Parke, 9 Bridge St., Banbridge, Co Down. #TYPE Let Mrs Wm [William?] Parke, Ballinalong to Wm. [William?] Parke, [Petersburg, Virginia] 15th Oct. [October?] 1860.
ArchivePublic Record Office N.Ireland.
Doc. No.8810072
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Doc. TypeLET
Log18:10:1988 LT created 05:09:1989 ET input 07:09:19
Word Count416
Monday 15th Oct.[October?]
My own Dear Husband I got your
most welcome letter 21 sept. [september?] on Sat.
and yesterday your scrap Sept 27th
Thank God you were quite well
And all the news good - All here
pretty well too poor Tilly complaining
and she begins to look so sade [sad?]
about my leaving. I can't think
love how I ever will part her and
Dada will not hear of her going
with me, I feel far more sade [sad?]
at the prospect of leaving than
I did two years since and were
you not in that country nothing
ever could tempt me to it again
I can only trust and hope
my own love the time is not
far away when we will
be able to make our home
in this old land and where
we may see the faces of
those we hold dear occasionaly [occasionally?]
I do hope you will succeed
in getting some place where
we can keep a cow. As I
realy [really?] don't know what this
little one would do without
milk, and steralised [steralized?]
I almost wish now when the
parting draws near I had
never [come?], much as I have
been benefited by it I fear they
will all miss me more than
ever I know poor Tilly will be
inconsolable, and little one
too is another to part - I am
not going to answer your long
letter till I hear from the
Agent in Liverpool dada has
written him - Mrs [McNiece?] goes
to Galway 23 in the ["Prince Abarte"?]
so I gave up the idea of going
with her, had she chosen any
other vessel I might have tried
to go with her, but as it is I gave up
the idea, so I think I will
go by the Cork probably the Thursday
last day of this month - as I dont [don't?]
think I will have heard from
you in time to go sooner - I wrote
just three weeks ago to-morrow
and I suppose it will be a fortnight
yet before I hear from you
moma insists on paying
my passage out - I am trying
to get a little orphan girl out
of the poor house to go with
me and expect to know
to-morrow if I can succeed
so love I will write you
D V after that - I heard from Mary
yesterday all well there - Goodby [Goodbye?]
my own husband ever -
believe [me?] the [sincere?] [devotion?]
of wife