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Title: John Parks, Ireland to John Caldwell, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileParks, John/35
SenderParks, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDublin, Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientCaldwell, John Sr
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceT 3541/1/12: Photocopied by courtesy of Mrs R. V. T. Edie.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9103138
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TranscriptTo: John Caldwell Senr [Senior?]
[New York?]

From: John Parks,
[County Antrim?]
10th September 1799.

My Dr [Dear?] Sir
Long before this, I hope and trust you are safely arrived in
a country worthy of you, and in the arms of your family, in a
week we will begin to look for the welcome tidings of your
safety. Since you left us, we have been unremitting employed
in the discharge of our trust, and you will be able to Judge
when the long looked for moment of our meeting arrives,
whether we have been successful, we have met with much
success, and something of Adversity, in the management but I
have the strongest hope that on the whole face of the
business, matters will wind up full better than could
reasonably be expected at some periods of your Latter
difficultys [difficulties?] After advertising the green, and
distributing the Printed rental, and feeling the pulse of
every man in any way inclined to purchase, Messrs.
Allen, Boyd, Calderwood, and I met in Ballymoney 5th September
Inst. being big market day, & Messrs Allen & Boyd,
(Mr. Calderwood & I deferring to them) closed with Mr. Josiah
Bryan of Coleraine & Mr. Wm [William?] Caldwell of McCleary for
the whole quarter Land as offered for Sale at 3850. payable as
follows one half down in guineas on perfection of the deeds,
the other half to be paid in guineas, in eight, sixteen &
twenty four months, in three equal payments, with Interest at
six per cent, to be paid in guineas in half yearly payments,
& to be secured by Mortgage of the Concerns, and their three
Joint & several Bonds & Warrts [Warrants?]., No 1.
payle. [payable?] in 8 months, No2, in 16 months & No 3 in 24
months , the Young men owe no bond debt whatever, the lands
must go to them clear, consequently you will percieve the
Security is the very best possible, as it blends both real
& personal, In case it is an object to you, I think the money
may be had on apt. of the Securitys [securities?] with respect
to the mode of taking out the property you will advise, also
whether a small premium offered on the disct. [discount?] of
the Securitys [securities?], incase it c'd [could?] not be got
done without it, w'd [would?] meet yr [your?] approbation. A
[Case?] on the [sitter?] & indeed on the power of the Common
Pleas to order the amendment, as it was an Unusal Case, But of
the result I have little fear, however, I would not have you
draw for any money until you hear from me [--?] Packet, as I
will write by that conveyance if no other offers, as soon as
matters are completely arranged, Mrs. Bailey must be paid her
£300, Aunt Ball hers, & perhaps Calderwood & Henry w'd [would?]
let theirs lie until one of the bonds became due, if you
w'd [would?], write to that effect; whether Aunt Ball will go
to America or not I cannot even guess according to yr. [your?]
particular orders. After the water had fallen low enough to
admit a beginning the Carry was begun, and three or four days
had work on it, previous to which a Sufficiency of Sods were
cut & drawn to the spot, but a most dreadful flood, which
Indeed surpassed I am told anything of the kind in the memory
of man, totally Swept away the beginning, and from that hour,
so extremely unfavourable has been the weather, that John
Ross would not undertake another beginning, thus
circumstanced yr [your?] Trustees thought it the most prudent
plan to allow Messrs Bryan & Caldwell £15 on to make the
Carry themselves, and they have contracted with Harrick the
Engineer at £30 _ & they propose making it, with a very gentle
Slope, both front & tail, glacis [?] like, & in Luck a manner to
be entirely out of the power of future floods _ Caldwell is son
to your old Bleacher Caldwell, I wrote John Joseph for
yr [your?] Information that I had procured a
Reconvey'ce [reconveyance?] of Hyde & Harrison's Mortgage, at
an expense of two guineas, I am sorry I cannot speak so
favourably of Ker's business. Mr Robt [Robert?] Allen Boyd of
London has returned me the paper. Mr Ker refusing to execute
until he comes to Ireland & consults his Attorney. He is
expected every hour, & if once arrived, I make no doubt of
getting the needful done. This business is of the more
consequence as you know, Forrester will not give a [-----?]
in full for the rent, until the Judg'ts [Judgments?] vested in
Ker be satisified I beg you will both to James Henry, & John
Calderwood, to join me in any Guaranty [Guarantee?] against
James Hamilton's old Judg'ts [Judgments?] which may be
necessary. We have been endeavouring to get off the
Ballymoney mill concern, & had almost closed with two people
at £250, for the whole, but owing to the State it is in, they
were off, we are thinking of taking the whole into our own
hands, as at present the rent is running on without her
making anything, she has not even a cog wheel We sold the
whole crop safe [save?] about ten Cockes of hay, made up by
ourselves, at Auction for Notes, two joined, payable 1st
January, it was sold tolerably well We cut grass seeds
meadows, ourselves threshed it. & have I think 12 bobs of
right good well saved hayseed. On these various points I think
matters have been as well brought forward as if you yourself
were present
Fletcher Shaw & Darlington have found Acct [account?] Current,
bal'ce [balance?] yr [your?] favor £ [33n6n6?] Brit.
[British?]. they sold yr. [your?] Linens 1/6 per yard, below
invoice, Beggs & Co have not even yet [----?] Sales tho'
repeatedly wrote to - thus far tolerably well, but a matter
has taken place which has given me more vexation & and
concern than the whole of yr [your?] other affairs: whilst you
and I were in Dublin Soliciting your extension of time, a pack
of Brown Cloth was washed & bettled [beetled?] at the green
under Andrew's Superintendance for Mr James Moore of
Ballymoney. These linens on their arrival via the St. Patrick
into the hands of Fletcher Shaw & Darlington London, were
found to be entirely rotted, the cause being "in their
opinion" that they were made up too damp. Mr Moore made an
application to yr [your?] Trustees for remuneration, previous
to his recieving an Ans'r [Answer?] Mr. Birnie wrote to a
wholesale Linen Draper in London, his friend, to view the
goods in the hands of Fletcher & Co. [Company?], as if he
intended buying, & to report his opinion. I wrote the letter
to Robert Jameson, both gentlemen agreed that the damage arose
from their being made up too damp, & supposed the average loss
w'd [would?] be 75Pcts [Packets?]. We wrote to Belfast
requiring Information whether the St. Patrick, had got bad
weather, & made any water that voyage & are Informed she had a
prosperous trip, and delivered all her Cargo in the best order,
thus Circumstanced, Mr Allen, the rest of your trustees
deferring, offered a rifference [reference?], this the young
man refused, Insisting that the Linens being taken off his
hands, or that he w'd [would?] apply to the Board for relief
against the Securitys [securities?] passed on yr [your?] Seal
this yr [your?] Trustees c'd [could?] by no means Submit to,
consequently he is left to his remedy. I most feared his
proceeding by attachment, & making his claim a Lien on the
works. Nevertheless if the loss took place by improper
treatment at the green the Young man is entitled in honor to
recompence, but this must arise necessarily from a full &
formal Investigation for yr [your?] Satisfaction I have not
entered very minutely into this transaction, nor into every
circumstance of Management, about the produce of the concern,
as Andy will no doubt inform you as to these matters I need
not tell you how much he is chagrined at the loss arising
from Moore's Cloth. It appears to me a very great pity he has
taken such a dislike to a Learned profession, he has
excellent, nay noble talents, but not such as are Just fitted
for the bustle of minute circumstances in busy life his mind
is too enlarged, & his Ideas too considerable, easily to
adapt themselves in a moment, to the little nothings, which
are of so much consequence in trade - but anything is better
than forcing a young person to adopt a Line of Life, which is
contrary to his Inclination
Poor James Parkes has got up to the Ears with yr [your?]
old Enemies. McNaughton got the Grand Jury at the last
Assizes to petition the Chambr, [Chamber?] to remove him from
his office of Coroner, & the Lord Lieutt. [Lieutenant?] to
discharge him from the Yeomanry, stating that "he is a
disaffected person, James published the enclosed defense &
challenged McNaughton, Henry Wray carrying it, but the wretch
w'd [would?] not fight - but took the Law, Lodged Exam[-?]n
[examination?] agt [against?] him & his second, both were taken
into custody by the Civil power, Wray gave Bail himself £800, &
two Securities 400 each, but James preferred giving Bail in
Carrickfergus & was taken in Custody there, & gave bail in
500 himself & 250, each two Securities Wray was anxious also
to go to Cfergus [Carrickfergus?] but I dissuaded him from
it,. in Consequence of some disrepectful terms used by
McNaughton to Henry Wray, young Jackson Wray challenged him a
few days ago. Young Ezekial Boyd delivered the Messages, but
the Wretch denied the words, and gave fair warning to Boyd,
that finding there was a run made at him on James's business,
he was determined not to fight anybody but to take the Law of
every one who challenged him - had it not been for this
business James w'd [would?] have seen you all in York this
winter, but he obliged to attend the next ass's [assizes?] to
be prosecuted for Libel & Challenge he will there have to
fight thro' some difficulty but I trust will in the end keep
his wretched Enemy in that dirt into which publick [public?]
Opinion has flung him Every Body almost is now in favor of
the Union, or totally indifferent about it, even the City of
Dublin is beginning to retreat__ Upon the whole the Country
seems come to it's (sic) Senses, and to see in the Union their
refuge from their Tyrants & their feuds__ next to Reform, it
is all they have for it, Some change is neccessary, and you
know what the present system is__ Great changes in the Antrim
affairs, Hunter has lost the Seneschalship, which is
conferred on by Hutchinson. My Uncles have lost Sir Harry
Vane's half of the Law Agency, but have continued by Lord
Mark Ker as to his half, & Hunter is Immedy [immediately?] to
lose the Receivership, which is to be given to Mr. James
Stuart, your worthy friend - and there is going to be the
devil to agt [against?] Lady Antrim for mismanagement__ Your
old friend James Given was one of the bidders for the Quarter
land, and was very much disappointed he did not get it for
£3300, he offered me a bribe to sell it to him for that, &
after it was sold he say'd [said?] if he had known, he
w'd [would?] have given 100 1, but yr [your?] Trustees were
afraid of him, they did not wish yr [your?] title to be
involved in the Intrigues of Mr. Robert McNaughton &
Mr.G. Hutchinson, & were pleased to close with those they did,
- had Given got it, he w'd [would?] have been seeking ways to
get off in 24 hours. Kyle they say is very much disappointed
that any man in his Senses thought it worth more than £3200,
one Ramsey of Tyrone offered £3300, & Moore the Tobacconist
ABndrew is keeping perfect acc't [account?] of all outgoings
& incomings, works done, etc., the Magazines were included in
the Sale to Bryan & Caldwell, the turf were not, but to given
at first Cost__ Poor George Campbell yr [your?] old [-----?]
has got home. After his return, Stewart Imprisoned him, but
Campbell having a discharge from Gen'l [General?] Fox, the
Military people in Colerain [Coleraine?]
[interred?][interned?] him ---
In one of John's last letters he mentioned regarding the
Calender [calenda?], that he thought one w'd [would?] do in
New York, and bids you to take out a Model & perhaps the
Cylinder. I beg yr [your?] attention to this. I believe
Bryan & Caldwell w'd [would?] part with it, and I think I
c'd [could?] get a model of the machinery easily out,. John
Ross & family positively go with us in Spring. (in the
evening) this moment I have got a letter from worthy Mrs.
Boyd, that Daniel Boyd of Ballybrack had offered £105, the
input for yr [your?] part of Ballymoney mill, & strenuously
urging, a sale to him - so probably tomorrow will end that
concern ---
Some people are offering at the rate of 4 yr [years?] purchase
for particular fields in Ballybrack, w'd [would?] you let them
go at that you know there is no difficulty in ascertaining the
yearly value ---
My Little James thank God continues perfectly well, he
eats like a little Cormorant, we propose again inoculating
him next month, it will be a severe thing on his poor Uncle
to part with him, he is at present his Chief Companion. The
harvest in this Kingdom looks badly, very little barley yet
cut, & the principle part of the Earliest Oats will not be
ready till the middle of next month, & some of the mountain
crop will not ripen at all. Great fears are entertained of a
Scarcity, Meal is from 3/s to 3/3d a scow [score?] & in
Belfast 19/6d [P cues?], little or no demand for Store Cattle,
& Fodder has the prospect of being dear.
I wrote John fully by the Bellona relative to myself. I
am sure I need not entreat my dear friends will turn in their
minds, relative to my future plans of life, in the Country
which I propose making my own ---- various Circumstances have
tended to moderate my wishes, all I seek is by my industry,
to put my wife in possession of Substantial comfort, and my
family in a situation to be Useful members of Society. I
carry out a great horror of this Country, & great love and
admiration for the Country I am going to --- but above all an
Enthusiastic desire for the attainment of an Independance
resulting from the Exercise of Industry, and if on
Consultation with you all - I could find it prudent, to
settle in some Town on the Hudson's River where I could buy
and sell, and act as Notary Scrivener I think on my present
view of the Subject, it is what would meet my own inclination
- With my knowledge of Business, & the World, a very short
experience w'd [would?] enable me to Buy Country produce,
sent[ send?] it down the River, get up European goods in
return - and also draw deeds, Instruments etc. I might begin
with Some of the Simpler Operations of Traffick [Traffic?], &
so on to the more complex --- but I again apply myself to all
yr [your?] frienships [friendships?] to have me in yr [your?]
Eye's that I may have the advantage of all yr [your?]
Informations - I cannot hear [bear?] the Idea of being a
moment Idle after my arrival, even tho' [though?] I
sh'd [should?] be obliged to drive a pack horse for my
Livelyhood [Livelihood?] I will again begin the world with
great advantages ---
20th September - Moore on the Interference of his Uncle
George has this day aquiesced in a Refference [Reference?],
Mr. Birnie & Mr. Allen strenuously advise us to settle this
way, as the trail [trial?] before the Board,or on a special
action, w'd [would?] you --- know be attended with
expence [expense?] & trouble - this of all yr [your?] affairs,
has given yr [your?] trustees the greatest vexation - they are
so fearful of not doing, as you yourself would if on the spot
- the Refferes [Referees?] etc. is to be settled tomorrow ---
22nd September I am not able yet, to write anything decisive
abt [about?] the Refference [Reference?], I understand Moore
has proposed to lose on the Linens 21 guineas, & yr [your?]
Trustees to take them at first cost, in London. What Mr.
Allen & Mr. Boyd will determine as yet I know not --- but as
I write Immed'y [Immediately?] on getting the opinion on t
[the?] title, I will also state the end of this ill fated
transaction. --- As to the Mill, John Calderwood owes
Judg'ts [Judgements?] debts, so that even tho' [though?] any
person was willing to buy all in consequence of the
advertisement, his Judg'ts [Judgements?] has a sale of the
whole - I fear Boyd must get it at the Input --- this is
vexatious ---
Give my love to all my dear friends around you, particularly
my friend Richard -
And believe me my Dr [Dear?] Sir
Ever yrs [yours?]
John Parks

desperate fighting on the Continent -
& poor Lippo Saife killed & his
Country overrun by the British---