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Title: W. [William?] Paton, Armagh, to George Dunbar, [Ireland?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePaton, William/30
SenderPaton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationaccountant? Solicitor?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginArmagh, N.Ireland
RecipientDunbar, George
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.664/D/222D: Presented by Arthur Pack-Beresford, Esq., Woburn, Millisle, County Down, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9601148
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count346
TranscriptArmagh 6th April 1863

My dear Sir

I have now arranged
for the payment of the œ300 to McReynolds
and his Creditors. There will be
about œ60 to send Mrs McReynolds
and her children to America but
I shall not pay it to her but have
arranged with a person to see her
on board, pay their Passages, and
hand her the residue, otherwise
if she got it in her own hands she
would make a bad use of it.
The husband is to live with his
mother & that he has no call to
get any portion of the money.
As I shall not receive any
of the Artrea Rents on your account
until November, and having already
paid for you the half years head
Rent of the Estate due at last Nov.
to the present Primate, about œ120,
and will have a years Tithe Rent
Charge to pay next month about œ55
more beside other little matters,
you had better send me a cheque
for œ400 or œ500 to meet these payments.
The Primate has gone to England
for 3 months, so that I shall not
be able to settle with him for
the articles of furniture which he got
until he returns. You are probably
aware that Mr Jones has been ill for
some time so that I could not see him
about the price of the coach.
He is now much better.
I fear the Delapidations will
amount to considerably more than you
expected. The Commissioners have
not yet met on the subject, but I
shall take care to see them when
they meet. I was talking to Cherry
the other day about it, and from
what he says I am led to think
that the sum will not be much under
œ5000 and I understand the
Primate expects that it will be as
much as that.
Cherry says the Roof of the
Chapel is in a very bad state and
that the woodwork of the Vineries is
in a very bad condition also.
However it may perhaps not turn
out as badly as they say
[Yours Truly?]
W [William?] Paton

G [George?] Dunbar Esq