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Title: [?], Farmington, USA, to John Patterson, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePatterson, Alexander/5
SenderPatterson, Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginFarmington, Canada?
RecipientPatterson, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceMr & Mrs S.V. Thompson, 4 Grove Park, Lenzie, Glasgow, G66 5AH
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh
Doc. No.9507032
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 29:06:1995.
Word Count644
TranscriptFarmington Jan. [January?] 21st 1897

Dear John
So long a space of time has
passed since I heard from, or of you
that I am insdentl [incidental?]] whether I am
writing to a resident of this earth
or of the unknown land whither no
communication by letter, telegraph
or telephone has as yet found its
way _ I cannot indeed date the
last I heard from you but am
certain I wrote twice since and
had nearly decided to write this time to
Thomas K. _ I thought I might
count on three correspondents
from your side in the trio of
yourself Mr Scott & Mr English
but all the holidays have passed
with an empty box in the post
office so far as you all are concern
I may tell the reader of this
whoever he may be that I am
still enjoying the great blessing
of health of body & soundness of
mind, that my appetite is good
and my sleep refreshing & pleasant
and am more than ever the wonder
of my neighbors [neighbours?], in the
performance of a journey on foot _
All these blessings extended
so long render life much happier
than I could have expected.
Still I feel old age not forgetting
me entirely _ My hearing is greatly
failed & I am very forgetful.
I frequently go to the barn or up
stairs and forget what I went
for till I stop & consider _ Allucting [electing?]
to sleep I go early to bed & generally
awake about two to three oclock
sometimes sooner, when memory
reverts (as Robinson Crusoe, by the
aid of Wm. [William?] Cowper puts it )" I think
of my own native land & in his own
words, in in a moment I wish to
be there" _ I cannot say the wish
applies to me _ Still the spot of
the home of one's childhood often
brings tender recollections _ to quote
another poet _ "The never failing
brook, the busy mill, the decent
church that topt [topped?] the neighbouring hill
are all presented so vividly that one
would accuse Goldsmith of having
taken the picture while standing on
the unknown ship of Antony Maguckion
in the two arches still spanning the
stream still do honor [honour?] to
the builder as I pressure they do _
In those waking hours the church
of date 1668 occupies more than
its share of my thoughts _ Robt. [Robert?] once
wrote me of his short stay in N. York [New York?]
said he went into Trinity Church
Broadway, but that with all its
show of fine Architecture the old
homely building at the pound
left it for behind in the ivy clasping
in its arms the form of an open bible in the
Eastern Window _ But there are thoughts
of a still more personal character to me
springing from the green turf carpeting
the grates of forefathers & relations
outsides and within the railing [aside?]
the table where (at least some of them)
knelt down to revere the emblems
of that "love which loves unto the end
& there same spots the water ([emblems?]
also) dropt on my own brow" in the
name of the Father & of the Son & of
the Holy Ghost" - There I sway here
and the first sermon, or if not
there in the one little room of my
Grandmother where sermons, not very
literary in style were common there.
Last but not least the psalms
given out & sung by our old friend
Mr John Russel who, it strikes
me had a peculiar fondness for
the 5th a verse from which comes
pleasantly _ I trust profitably to
mind in those waking hours
already alluded to "Thou in the Morn _
My voice shalt hear _ And with the day dawning
To thee devoutly I'll look up _ To thee devoutly prays

Words : 644