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Title: Alexander Patterson to "Dear John".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePatterson, Alexander/26
SenderPatterson, Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginFarmington, Canada?
RecipientPatterson, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mr & Mrs S. V. Thompson, 4 Grove Park, Lenzie, Glasgow, G66 5AH
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh
Doc. No.9602153
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 29:02:96.
Word Count706
TranscriptTuesday morning Sept. 1st 1896

Dear John
Yours of 19th Reached me Sunday 30th
your [passed?] came duly. One left Belfast
on Saturday was in Farmington P. office [Post office?] the
next Saturdays And then came later from
Mr. Scott so that I was able to scatter
the Report of the 12th & 13th of 1896 with
my friends from both Cavan & the
more Renowned County Derry where
the "Apprenticed boys" left a glorious
record long ago - Here let me say I went
through all of two weeks previous to
the reception of your letter, with
keen anxiety - I had written the Death acct.
[account?] by the first Mail Steamer after
receiving it myself, 22nd of July
and counted the days with accurate
exactness, taking my four mile
journey often with "pain for promised
joy" - Your remarks on the tidings
of death of old friends as they first
reach us are duly appreciated by
me. I well remember, While hold
a wedding festival, crowded in My
father's little room Nov. 25th 1840, a boy
sent as the "Cushi" bearing the
tidings of Uncle George's death
in Newtownards, cast a visible shade over
my father's brow, and you & I went
next day & had him uncle decently buried
in Movilla - That being 56 year's ago
next Nov. will fall on same day of
month & week as then, as 28 - 56
& 84 years always do except when
the century year intrudes which
having no leap year makes a day
difference - Father's thoughts, no doubt
reverted back to the days when
younger brother's, all gone, buried,
some in the family lot, some
in the far off land of America,
Father only left & yet the oldest
must have felt the admonition
that the end was near - I had
so far forgotten to say I had written
to Mr. Scott a good while before
Robt. [Robert?] death, I requested him to
show you the letter but neither have
[acredited?] or noticed that letter in my
favor tho. through him I have had
the death report of James Hall, son
of Thomas Hall - Magheragal & have
had still more particulars respecting
him through correspondents Sarah
has hunted up in that line - I have
often thought of how many anniversary
days we have as they occurs
in the yearly round, but how little
we know of the day or where it stands
in the caledar, that is to not only
close our account with this world
but open to our astonished gaze
the realities of the eternal World
Robt. [Robert?] death took me back to the 13th
July 1829 when, as the present year the
12th fell on Sunday - That was his first
time in the rank & file procession
but that it should - As you say - give
him "An orange funeral" just 67
year later was hid from his eyes -
I am scribbling this in a hurry
as there is late hay (second crop) here to
be got in today and I like to help what
little I can - Must however get this down
so it may be ready to sail to-morrow
Had made up my mind last week
to write of you to your son not being [----?]
I could write to you any more - As long as
you can use the pencil at all send a
little & if I should go first you will
hear in due time while if I remain
& am able you shall hear from me -
I may go first though (without presumption)
I may say I have no indications of
immediate death - I am far less frail
than my grandmother was at my
present age, the she lived till 92, but there
is no security - Hope to stand ready
for the word "return" - Have been putting my
case more in His hands & less in my
own glad you have friends such as
Messrs English & Scott and I may hope others
Truly I have more friends than I ever thought
reasonable to expect when leaving my
native land - Now the great hope of all
is to find the society & the House