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Title: Alexander Patterson, Farmington, to John Patterson, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePatterson, Alexander/32
SenderPatterson, Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginFarmington, Canada?
RecipientPatterson, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceMr & Mrs S.V. Thompson, 4 Grove Park, Lenzie, Glasgow, G66 5AH
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh
Doc. No.9507033
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1138
TranscriptFarmington Oct. [October?] 13th 1896

Dear John
Letter (30 Sept [September?]) arrived Oct. [October?] 10th
Had looked for one sooner as I supposed
my last would reach you about Sept. [September?] 12th
Am trying to get this to the office so as to
insure its passage by tomorrow's Mail ship
but a cold rain [----?] [-----?] may [defeat?] me _ If so
it must be laid over till Saturday _
Health perfect as when you & I turned over
the soil in Loghrelish [Loughrelisk?] or drove down Moss
lane & loaded peats together That however
is no lease of earn a day in future Have
had the impression for some time that
your vigor [vigour?] was fast yielding your letters
less regular & more limited in the range
they cover _ your hint that I may soon be
the only remaining one of the trio seems reasonable
yet you may out live me _ " Deaths thousand
doors stand fair" And this 9th decad [decade?] of life
that we are both in can promise nothing
but" labor [labour?] and sorrow soon to pass away"
your remark respecting the brevity of life
& the ever increasing obligations of it as
the end draws near has been the experience
of all ages and is still best understood
near life's close In a letter of yours years
ago you could not account how we seem
to have passed [then?] so much life in the
brief space between our school days & our
final separation _ Well such thoughts often
strike my mind respecting ourselves &
others _ Take Joseph & Robin Patterson _ James Patterson
Long John Patterson _ All of those once seemed
old settler's but my son James has seen
three years more than the oldest of them
which was his namesake of Magheragal [Magheragall?]
who left Ireland at the age of 46 yet if I did
not know that, it would be hard to convince
me that my farms was more than half
as old among the early reminiscences of
life a period stands out as long and
memorable yet 15 yr's [year's?] cover it all I allude
to the time when Nancy Green used to
employ that most gentlemanly of
all men of my acquaintance Mr Howe
Higgison to write letters to Jemmy Hill
who left Ireland in 1822 & Nancy
died in 1837 the remark about Mr H. H.
I make being constrained so to do as I have
often thought of his pleasant address
which the depth of poverty could never
obliterate _ Standing by the grave of father
at his burial Uncle Kennedy told me of
Mr H. thirty years before when Mother's remains
were lowered into the same spot whispering
to him "That's the first breach in yom [yon?] family"
Time and my own experience in it convinced
me that a [----------?] age will in the
coming World dwindle into a mere
speck hardly descernable _ Every period
in my varied life tells me so _ I may put
down the period of a little over 37 yr's [year's?] spent
with my late wife as the longest unbroken
period i have passed through yet it every day
assumes more likeness to a dream than
a reality, yet it was a period equal
to Mother's whole life and more than equal
to my whole stay in Ireland _ There we
lived in our own house for nearly 31 y'rs [year's]
had an acre of land and there we lived
peacefully & happily during that period just
equal to the whole of my life at the bridges
I have said peacefully & happily for no creditor
disturbed us for we had none _ As I look back
to those 37 y'rs [year's?] & still farther to the [-----?]
I had gone through in over two years as a
lone widower duty constrains me to pay a [treble?]
of respect to the memory of her who so
well & so wisely made me a home
again such as I had never expected to
see _ Every neighber [neighbour?] remembers her gratefully
but I the most _ Surely no one will account
me of forgetfulness of her whose hand
clasped mine in Moira in 1848 God
called her home leaving me in a bereaved state
taking all things into account, but seldom
equalled _ Hope to meet departed friends
& relations in that "World which is Eternal"
when this which "is temporal" shall appear
in the past _ Have just had a letter
from my son John which he closes with an
expressed determination to renew his
efforts to use all possible means to "save
some" closing with the hope that I enjoy [lest?]
only the blessings common to the just I
request, but that I am also able to say
with the Psalmist "O Lord, blessed is the
man that trusteth in thee" _ John's Mother
was sometimes told _ "You may well
be proud of your son", her answer was
invariably _ "Not proud but thankful"
Had a visit from Sarah about middle of last
month & a letter since she left _ All well
so far with the families in my connexion [connection?]
Have had but one letter from Milwaukie [Milwaukee?]
since the one that announced the death
the last was written just same
time I was writing to him _ you have
often alluded to James' business as
a troublesome life _ Perhaps you think
he is a milk peddler _ that is not so
but he wholesales the milk to the peddlers
Still he might have done better had
he taken the $10 a week offered by me
leaving Hartford _ That with board & lodging
is far ahead of farming _ But why did
not his employer offer him that before he
bought land? Have had no letter from
Mr Scott lately but will be glad to hear from
him any time _ I had resolved to send
by first mail after an arrival from you
I would have done so but the drenching
rain of tuesday prevented me _ I feel
a fresh gap in life by Robt.s [Robert's?] death & miss
his occasional letters but thus it must
be _ The old letter of 3 years ago was somehow
never mailed & has turned up so often that
at the risk of double postage I send it
as a reminder of the past so that when
the Postman's knock comes you may have
enough to muse over for several days
If you send a paper or receipt of this I will
write again that is if spared _ Make me
acquainted with Thomas K. & wife
and now good by for the present
Ever After Brother A.P. [Alexander Patterson?]

P.S. Just had a letter from Milwaukie [Milwaukee?]
all well there