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Title: John Patterson, County Donegal, to James Cochran, Canada.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePatterson, John/45
SenderPatterson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Donegal, Ireland
RecipientCochran, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2692: Presented by F. Gerard Thompson, Esq., P.O. Box 127, Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9507037
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptD [Dear?] Cosen [Cousin?] James
/ Galdenach August the 2d 1770
Your letter I recd [received?] bearing date the fourteenth of
July which am verry [very?] Glad to hear of you being alive and
in health yett [yet?] I reflect greatly uppon [upon?] that you
did give me any satisfection [satisfaction?] according to
your promise when last Together for you promised me to give
me a full acct [account?] of al [all?] the afairs [affairs?]
of that country which you aught [ought?] to write to me what
[------?] or way [torn] you had and what circumstances, if it
was [torn] or [-----?] or the which all the country made use to
live by so when you write to me mis [miss?] nothing of all the afairs
[affairs?] of the Country or which they live and what circumstance
and Stock but you will give me a full acct [account?] of in your
next Letter, as for my part [cousin?] James
Jane liveing [living?] in the former place I have ariseing [arising?]
small family yet I thank god food and rayment as for
this country it tis [it is?] greatly poverlzed [pulverised?]
for we have these three half years I may say all winter &< 00 virtually all this year is risin [rising?] so high that the Major
part of the country is almost broak [broke?] for Meal is
2 shillings a pak [pack?] all other commodities likewise Dear
Except Green Cloath [Cloth?] and yearn [yarn?] is verry [very?] Low,
this last spring being so bad that their was a Great Death of Cattle
in this place for after they had given them their grain they Died which
[caused?] a great scarcity of Bread over the [torn] is that you will
write to me what kind of salesmen or what stock you, or what kind of
Labour you follow for I
need not let you know which way we Labour for yw [you?] it already, but
I am not so with you I woud [would?] [feign?] know the way you Labour
and what kind of produce you have, for indeed for all the hardships that
we had these times past I woud [would?] wish with all my hart [heart?]
if you were in ability [
to transport your self back again there woud [would?] be no
fear of aplace [a place?] of Settlement for you, for
it was a great trouble to me that you did not take my advice
when you might done it, as for Robert Wilson he is married to
one armstrong out of fermanagh a prudent mannerly well accomplished
women much regarded in our parish and behaves most prudently over her
[----?] children
William his [eldest?] son is gone to America
You write to me concerning a man that went over in the ship
with you that you say gave you a great Dale [Deal?] of trouble
pray let me know the Nature of it in yr [your?] next Letter, my
Desire is of you that you will not write to many in these parts Except
it be to those that has a great relation to you, Dr [Dear?] Cosen
[Cousin?] James I am to let you know
of your friends your father is alive and is well enough [stained]
greatly spent as concerning your [torn]ers they are alive and James
is Better in the world then when you went away, but as for Jno [John?]
he much [one way?], Margret Neilly
and her Children is alive and well, and your uncle Saml. [Samuel?]
Henderson and family is well, their is no death amongst us since
except Children but my Mother and Smith William
is Dead, your Cosen [Cousin?] Robert Corlnan sold his right
and title of the [Malm?] to Smith Jack Patterson and got 130
pound strs [sterling?] I have no more to write at this present
but Desires you to mis [miss?] no oppertunity [opportunity?]
but to write and gave me acargo [a cargo?] acct [account?]
of all my Demands for I recd [received?] no letter since Jno.
[John?] Mordach [Murdoch?] went over but one cm [come?] and write
as soon as [possible?] I belive [believe?] 2 mils [miles?]
is scarce with yw [you?] for I [believe?] you save your pen or
else you woud [would?] write more larger, when you write
direct to the care of Mr. Thomas Greegg [Gregg?] [Mar---?] œ
ferry requested Londonderry me and my Wife and family Joyns
[Joins?] our Love to you and all friends in the all from your
Loving Cozn [Cousin?] till Death
Jno [John?] Patterson