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Title: William Paul, Portpatrick,Scotland, to W.J. McNair, Wyoming
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePaul, William/23
SenderPaul, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPortpatrick, Scotland
DestinationWyoming, USA
RecipientMcNair, W.J.
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipold friends
SourceT3491/3:Presented by Mrs M.N. Comfort
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9501228
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 23:01:1995.
Word Count595
TranscriptPortpatrick Aprail [April?] 16, 1871

Dear old comrid [comrade?] I received your very kind letter and was
very happy to hear you were well and Im [I am?] well
and very happy to no [know?] you have a son can write so well for
many a one has seen his Hand write of your old acuintens
[aquaintances?] for I give the later [letter?] to Mary Cain and it
went throu [through?] the most of Carngarouch and the [they?] all
give him grate [great?] prais [praise?], Mary Cain stays with her
father and mother and keeps a shop in the house with them. your
sister has goat [got?] very frail and wishes a later [letter?] from
yourowd [your own?] hand and she says she would die contented. and
would like you would send your likness [likeness?] and like wise my
self William has goat [got?] bad eye and near blind but he ha
[has?] goat [got?] a good peis [piece?] of land now William lay
bodys[?] peis [piece?] and his own bait [but?] he has goat [got?] it
from the land . Mary is very decent girl and takes care of her
father and mother well She was serven [serving?] in me [my?] chew?
for many years and I am very well qzuiented [aquainted?] with her
and has great cares pon [for?] her in our house and sends her kind
love to you and your wife and family John is still on the rod
[road?] and for petain [certain?] lonely H [he?] is down the
contery [country?] and the [they?] ha [have?] Not hard [heard?] from
him this twelve months Their is a rate [right?] deal o f [of?] your
old acuientons [acquiantances?] dead and goin [gone?] since you left
this Margret [Margaret?] Jackison [Jackson?] sends her respeck
[respect?] to you but Jean is dead last year. I would have wrote
before this but I have been taken [waiting?] for answer from Mary
but has goat [got?] noe [none?] I went when ever I goat [got?]
your later [letter?] and read it to her and thought I head [had?]
don [done?] well but Mate was maken [making?] grate [great?]
deffllits fro [difficulties for?]not senden [sending?] a litel
[little?] money for to forinsh [furnish?] her out She says she
would be [?] the later [letter?] _ opend [opened?] anyway but I
told her you wanted would not send one farden [farthing?] and I
think she will not gow [go?] at this time and I have told her she
was doin [doing?] wrong many times you were wanten [wanting?] to no
[know?] about William Gardner he is in a place called Kinderhook
one hundred and 50 miles up the North river from New Yourk [New
York?] and doin [doing?] well and Margret [Margaret?] and her
mother is in enbrough [Edinburgh?] and doin [doing?] well She
larned [learned?] to be a madwife [midwife?] and has plandy
[plenty?] of money I am still worken [working?] in McClers [Mc
Clearys?] yeat [yet?] but some work and poor wadges [wages?] I
have 12 shilens [schillings?] per week and veslen? [vitals?] is very
high near the mile [mill?] is half a crown a ston [stone?] and
petitous [potatoes?] is one pound per bol [bowl?] You have had
grate [great?] forten [fortune?] in the world which you should be
very thankful your brother Samuel daughter was maried [married?] to
man caled [called?] Logen and he is dead and has left him [her?]
with three children and not very well If you can let her father no
[know?] my Dear Friend no more to you write Your, Wm.
[William?] Paul