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Title: [?], Peabody, to Audley [Brown?], [U.S.?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer?
Sender Religionunknown
Recipientprob. Audley Brown
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Margaret Graham Browne, Rathneeny*, Laghy, Co. Donegal. 073-21816. mgtgraham@tinet.ie
ArchiveMargaret Graham Browne
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Transcript$$H12 Part of the Margaret Graham Browne Catalogue$$H

Peabody June 10 77

My Dear fraind [friend?] audly [Audley?] i take
this obercunity [opportunity?] of writing you
these few lins [lines?] to let you know
that i am well at pesend [present?] hoping
to find you in the seam [same?]
dear audly [Audley?] i hop [hope?] you will
excuse me for not writting [writing?] to you
before now but time after time pssd [passed?] away
that i did not write but still i often think of you and
days gone by i sopose [suppose?] you no [know?]
that i was back from the [West?] and robert we come
in march i did not roo [rue?] my jurny [journey?] i
maid [made?] out better last winter than ever i did
a winter before i wood [would?] not hav [have?] come
back only bob [Robert?] was taken [taking?] the
eagg [ague?] again so he wanted to come back and i did
not lik [like?] to stop alone
drear [dear?] audly [Audley?] i supose [suppose?] you
wont [won't?] wright [write?] to me when i did not
write to you before now but you no [know?] how a
fellow is mocket [nocket?] around here i hop [hope?]
you will write to [me?] and i will tell you [all?] the
news off [of?] the country but i supose [suppose?] you
are to [too?] busy tossen [tossing?] diches [ditches?]
i here [hear?] you are making great farmning [farming?]
but i winder [wonder?] you are not geting [getting?]
marred [married?] but i supose [suppose?] you are
coming back for dealeny [Delaney?] She cant [can't?]
cant [can't?] marred [marry?] yet but bob [Robert?]
and hir [her?] is meking [making?] great [sparks?]
and [holning?] is alive yet
i am goan [going?] over to work for [Stocker?] this
wook [week?] he was after me to [two?] or 3 times but
we are not true [through?] yet we will be true
[through?] this week i supose [suppose?] you herd
[heard?] about him feling [failing?] he feled
[failed?] last march and he maid [made?] no
setelment [settlement?] yet the crediters [creditors?]
is runing [running?] the factury [factory?] yet and
the [they?] pay the men 8 and 9 dollars a week and i
hav [have?] 10 a week
dear audly [Audley?] tims [times?] is getting to
be first reat [rate?] the [taners?] is resed [raised?]
a d or 2 a week and i must tell you some thing about
dick [Richard?] is by the month at 80d there is none
but Sam and Suney [Sonny?] there to i go that is all
will be in it but he has 20 men in the other yard and
wants more and cant [can't?] find them
Bleekly was the first that hired men he hired Brother
Rob [Robert?] first man at 23d and sam and Suney [Sonny?]
but he did not want them for a week afeer [after?] he
hired them so [dick?] had maid [made?] no bargen
[bargain?] with [J?] [S?] before that so he was wild for
fere [fear?] he wood [would?] get the B by the
thousend [thousand?] that he wood [would?] get
no men so Stocker give [gave?] them 25 and the [they?]
left Bleekly [Bleakley?] and he cant [can't?] get a man
at any pay bob [Robert?] and big dick [Richard?] has to cery
[carry?] of [off?] all the [lime?] so he has to pay
bob [Robert?] 26 now and dick [Richard?] the [they?] struck
for it and got it i was over yesterday bleekly [Bleakley?]
offered me 27 if i wood [would?] go to day and cery [carry?] on
dick [Richard?] harris is making for newhall
he had 20 frenchmen and yesterday he had not one man in the
yard he is gone [going?] to Canada for men he wanted
to no [know?] if you were comen [coming?] back
he wanted you to strack [strike?] for him so that is all
the news i can send you about [Brickming?]
So write soon and let me no [know?] all the news
you can tell me all about the foks [folks?] in the
mountain and about the girls and boys or how you lik
[like?] home
G. Griffith is well but wors [worse?] than ever every
way he is in the uper [upper?] yard so is J. Mongmory
[Montgomery?] and tom david lynn and long Joney [Johnny?]
Stuard [Stewart?] from Brooklyn N Y [New York?]

all the [swantens?] send there [their?] loce [love?] to you
in the kindest manner
so good yo

write soon
A B E East
Saugust [Saugus?]
Mass. [Massachusetts?]

(* The owner of these documents has informed us that this
townland is spelt "Rathneeny" and that the older spellings of it
are "Roniney" or "Raneny". In the "Index To The Townlands and
Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland" the spelling is