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Title: James Pemberton, Philadelphia, to "Dear Friends", London
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePemberton, James/2
SenderPemberton, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationLondon, England
Recipient Genderunknown
SourceD1044/922: From the Correspondence of the Greer Family of Dungannon, County Tyrone, a Quaker Family, Deposited by Captain U. McG. Greer.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.9909162
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TranscriptFrom our Yearly Meeting held in Philadelphia by adjournments
from the 24 day of the Ninth Month to the 29th of the same
Inclusive, 1781.
To the next Yearly Meeting of our Friends &
Brethren in London.
Dear Friends
It is an inestimable priviledge [privilege?] of
True Believers in Christ, however distant their outward
residence from each other, to have true Fellowship &
Communion, being this the Baptising power of the One Spirit,
made members one of another in the one Body. In a sense
whereof thro [through?] the receiving of Divine favour
measurably Witnessed in this our Annual Assembly, which is
unusually large & attended by some Friends of the
several Yearly Meetings in this Continent, we are enabled
once more tenderly to salute you.
Tho we have not received any Epistle from your
late yearly Meeting, yet that of the preceding year, which
came to hand too late for our last, has been acceptably read
in this Meeting, as were also the abstracts from your Minutes
of [-----------?] communicated by your Meeting for Sufferings
to the Monthly & Quarterly Meetings throughout Great
Britain & Ireland. The sence [sense?] thereby received
of the Prevalence of Divine Love in the Minds of Brethren
tenderly Concerned for the Health & Preservation of the
Beloved youth & to Promote a General reformation in
Life & Manners, so Conspicious [conspicuous?] on your
side, as well as ours, affording encouragment [encouragement?]
& Edification to those who, not content with a name
to live are animated with a degree of Holy Hunger, for that
Bread which is the sure reward of well doing, of which number
(thanks to the God of all Grace) there is an evident increase
of different ages & Sexes, but more especially among
the youth and by the accounts of Friends who have given up in
Obedience to the call of the Lord of the Harvest &
lately gone forth to & fro in his Service on this
Continent & been preserved thro [through?] many dangers
in this day of outward Commotion, labouring for the revival of
ancient purity & vertue [virtue?], in its primitive
brightness, as well as by Epistles received from the different
Yearly Meetings. There are not only strengthening testimonies
of Faithfulness in many Brethren but among numbers who are not
in outward Communion with us, an earnest looking towards the
Blessed peaceful Testimony of our Crucified Lord, some of whom
have born [borne?] witness to its Heavenly Excellency by
patiently suffering rather than voluntarily contribute to, or
countenance the prevailing Spirit of War & Confusion.
May this speak an awakening Language to the formal professors
amount us who having too much neglected the great blessing of
a Religious Education, in the Principles of Truth, have so
little known or so much swerved from under the Government of
the Prince of Peace, as for the sake of outward gain, or from
veiws [views?] of temporal ease & security to
contribute of their substance & give their Strength to
a Work so evidently Antichristian as that of War & may
every part of conduct both with you and us which tends to
cross or lay waste this Testimony, which is evidently
spreading & [and?] gathering strength in the minds of
in this part of the world, be discouraged with a disinterested
attention becoming our holy Profession.
The Sufferings of Friends in these parts have much
Increased & continue increasing, in a manner which to
outward prospect appears ruinous, but being for the most part
mercifully supported in patience under them, there is
comfortable grounds of hope that he who has been with his
Children hitherto will not leave them Comfortless but will
still preserve thro [through?] every tryal [trial?], making
their tribulations Instrumental to the advancement of his
cause of Truth & righteousness & peace on Earth.
Our two Brethren, who have been long Imprisoned in
Lancaster jail are still under confinement there altho
[although?] their innocence of any crime is acknowledged by
those who detain them & [and?] endeavours have been used by
frequent applications for their releasment [releasement?],
which have not been effectual.
The use of an uninterrupted Correspondence between your
meeting for sufferings & [and?] ours is so obvious that we
hope a diligent care to improve every suitable
opportunity to maintain it, will be kept in view. The Weighty
affairs which have come before this Meeting have been
transacted in a Spirit of Brotherly concord, the
overshadowings of divine regard having been manifest in
our quiet sittings together.
By accounts from our several quarters it appears that
our religious Meetings are Generally maintained which we are
also informed is remarkably the case in many parts of this
Continent love & unity subsiting [subsisting?] in a
good degree & a care lived in for the preservation of
the wholesome order of our discipline. Altho [although?] we
are generally clear of holding our fellow Men in bondage yet a
concern for the oppressed Africans & their descendants
& to promote their Spiritual and Temporal Wellbeing
weightily remains as a duty indispensably our religious
attention. These People have had a deep share in this day of
Public Calamity, being numerous in some parts, where the
ravages of War have prevailed, there is reason to believe they
have suffered much injustice & cruel treatment, so
lamentable are the effects of that Worldy carnal Spirit from
whence war & the Iniquituous [iniquitous?] traffick
[traffic?] of dealing in our fellow Men proceed.
May a due consideration of this Subject have that place
which its importance claims both with you and us, that the
want of Christian endeavours for the suppression of so crying
an evil may not lay as a charge against us. And thus beloved
Brethren, fully believing that the work of Righteousness is
peace, let us humbly wait for the quickenings of the spirit of
prayer & Supplication, that we may be favoured to know
our calling and in it to abide, so as to give evidence of the
soundness of our Faith by the Purity of the works brought
forth in us and to feel and know our standing to be on that
Foundation which remains sure & Immutable Fellowship, which
cannot be broken, under a fresh sence [sense?] whereof
measurably prevailing at this time we conclude affectionately
your Friends & Brethren.
Signed in & on behalf of the said Meeting by
James Pemberton
Clerk to the Meeting this year.