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Title: R. Porter, Chebanse to Relatives, County Down, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, Robert L/24
SenderPorter, Robert L.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginChebanse, Illinois, USA
DestinationMullaghglas, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientBest, Charles
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipwrites to brother and nephew
SourceD 1152/3/29: Presented by Mr Charles Best, Mullaghglass, Bessbrook, County Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9011012
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by B.W. 06:12:1993
Word Count850
TranscriptSome better them [than?] I do for there is two [too?] much
disemmulation [dissimulation?] got in to it owing To So much
different Nationalitys amalgemated [amalgamated?] with each
other and for who Can be Smartest at taking other
in- I have not much room to Complain I have
done pretty well all things Considering we are
well fixed with a good House and Barns and
all kinds of Fruit and a good Rock well of
the very best of water and a 60 feet Steel Tower wind
Mill to pump all the water we can use for
both our Selves and Stock with in 10 _ods [?] of
63 now I will Try and Tell you all I Can
of how we all are and how we are getting on
to begin My wife Mary Ann is now quite
well but had a severe atack [attack?] of Beelious [Bilious?]
feaver [fever?] in the month of September last but
is now quite well and is got qute [quite?] fliskey [?]
and fat and has good health generly [generally?] -
Sarah J [?] is now in South Dacota in the indian
Roseluid [?] reservation teaching young Indians
likes hir [her?] Situation and Vocation well has
over six hundred dollars per year of Salery [salary?]
She was quite well when herd [heard?] from last 2
weeks ago - William [?] I sopose [suppose?] you herd [heard?]
we this went from here a year ago to North Neserin [Western?]
Canada where he is now is and is going to
make it his home as he Sayes [Says?] in his last
letter he has taken up his home on the finest
land and richest Soil he ever Set eyes on and
he has been through a good many States and
places in the U N S [United States?] but he Sayes [Says?]
where he is now Suits him well he is going into the Ranching
business rising [raising?] Cattle and Hoarses [Horses?] and growing
all he can in mixed farming he is 40 miles from
a post offiec [office?] now but I thinkes [think?] there will
Soon be a town near by he is about 15 hundred miles
from Chicag [Chicago?]- we had a letter from Lillie or
Mrs Hall a few days ago She was well and So was
hi_ [?] Three little daugthers [daughters?] when She wrote
She Says that the [they?] had Sold out there [their?] farm of 120
acres and bought a half Saction [Section?] of 320 acres
and was going into the Stock business more

on a Count of hired help been So Scarce and high
Can hire none for less than from one to one and
a half dollar a day So you See it takes mony [money?]
to pay for farm help here- Thomas A is all the
help we have got and Since I got on well he
has to much to attend to by night but he dos [does?] not
make any Complants [Complaints?] he is not as big or hevy
[heavy?] as the other bys [boys?] were but is very Tugh [Tough?] and wirey and smart to get around Emma is not So Tall as the
other two but is Stouler [Stouter?] build and quite healthy
I beleive [believe?] by the way things lookes [looks?] now we
will Soon have To loose her about 3 weeks ago Mrs goodnow
was giving us a Short visit She was Showing us a letter
She had got from Martkau- was glad to here it - we also
had a visit from J Y Porter his brother a few days before
Xmas [Christmas?] he was quite well and is a perfect
gentleman in every Sence [sense?] of the word is quite an invent[?]
[inventor?] and has made lots of mony [money?] by his patient
rights on many things all your freands [friends?] here are all pretty
well off and like the Country well
6 school Houses and Six Minutes drive of Chebanse
and 2 miles from Otto Junction where we Can
deliver our grain at any Time the Same
distance from Chebanse - and Six miles from
the Cotty of K K Kee the County Seat where we
generly [generally?] deal - all things Consedred
[Considered?] we Should be quite happy but if it was not for my break
down in health I beleive [believe?] I would Sold out here and gone
out to where Will is N [North?] Weslesin [Western?] Canada as
beleive [believe?] it will before long be better for the Farmer
then [than?] the U N [United?] States the [they?] have a
purer goverment [government?]
and a better Class of Citezens [Citizens?] Will likes it very
much now I must Close for the present hoping
this will find you and all my Dear Kinfolks
quite well - with the enjoyment of every other
blissing [blessing?] to be bestowed on us in this world is
the wish and prayer of your affectinate [affectionate?]
and Uncle Robert L Porter

PS please write Soon and give you [your?] Post office
adress [address?] as I have forgoten [forgotten?] it