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Title: William Porter, U.S.A. to Robert Porter, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, William/6
SenderPorter, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginChebanse, Illinois, N.Ireland
DestinationCo. Armagh? N.Ireland
RecipientPorter, Robert L.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1152/3/25: Presented by Mr Charles Best, Mullaghglass, Bessbrook, County Armagh, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9011027
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TranscriptTo: Robert L Porter
[Desert, County Down?]

Chebanse Feb 13 1873

Robt [Robert?] L Porter

Dear Brother
It is with feelings
of much concern I now sit down to answer your
letter of 22 Jan which I recieved along with papers
on the 10th inst now I reily [really?] do not know how to
advise you in the circumstances you are placed
in but this I know if it was my situation as
it is your's I would not hesitate one day but
would take 10£ an acre and leave him and it
there and go where I could make or sell or
Barter or do Just as I would think proper or sell
to the best advantage land or other property and
no damned landlord to hinder me nor make
me afraid now you say you are going to
try it again April to get tenant right but
I dont understand how that will be for he is
not disturbing you as long as you pay your rent
now the cases where I see the tenant can claim
is where they get notice to quit now whether that
would make any difference I do not know nor do [I?]
know how it would efect [effect?] your interest to let
the rent go unpaid until he would notice
you to quit or in that case could you
claim tenant right you might get advice
on it but the way that I understand the
law it is to sell for what it would bring or
it the landlord whants [wants?] it he shall pay same
as another for the right I may be rong [wrong?] but that
is the way I always understood it for Ulster
tenant right but even if you do get leave
to sell to the highest person he can still object
to the tenant and also it will cost you the dif-erence [difference?]
in expenses and trouble for going into law is easy
enough but coming out is a very different thing
as I know to my cost for I lost 40 acres and had
to pay down 800 dollars in cash and never speak
of other expenses and worry of mind now last Year
I lost in all 4000 dollars or about 800£ and still
it does not concern me as much as your affairs
does for still I have a competency left that will

keep myself & Wife while we live and now we
have no trouble only me health is not very good
but still it is better than for many years and
I am heavier than for 20 years we had a visit
last week from Samuel Hoans Widow & her
oldest daughter and they are well and so is her
family She lives about 100 miles from here she is
all right and has enough to keep her she says
her family is very kind to her now what would
Samuels family been if the[y?] had lived in Ireland
She has Property here and she says she has 50 acres
of land in Canada where they settled first but
they could not make anything there now that minds [reminds?]
me of your saying if you sell that you intend going
to Canada where you would get land from £5 to £10
an acre now you can do the same in this or any
other state with good improvements both Houses
fences &c &c where you will not be bothered either
with rocks nor stumps but the nicest land
you ever set ey[e?] on and here you can grow
anything that land will raise in Canada
you cannot raise corn the standard crop you
can grow wheat so can we but it costs
to [too?] much for seed and harvest work so does all
small grain one man can raise 60 acre[s?] of
corn some [80?] acres now that is the difference of
the two countrys [countries?] one grows wheat oats barley
peas &c the other does the same and many more for we
have climate from perpetual sum-er [summer?] to all winter
in the united states you can choose any place
between them you please you also say Robt [Robert?]
McDowell has a son in tiperary [Tipperary?] and that it is a
good place so it may but it gets a bad name for agrarianism
now I say never leave the fire to go into the frying pan
for there is no good place in Ireland nor
will there be in your day Canada is preferable
to that but it is not so good as the United
States or Australia for Canada is in to [too?] much
debt to England for her railroads & Canals
to be the place for Emigrants few stops there but
comes into the states now I would do so for the longer
you stay it makes matters worse you say I do not give
you much encouragement to come here now I have said
the truth so far as I know without exciting in your mind
glowing scenes which you might not realize and

then you might blame be hereafter but this I will
say confidently that you may not get things to
your mind but your Children will be better here
than ever you can make them there and that
ballances [balances?] every other consideration with me mine
is far superior to anything they could have been
there with the best sup-ort[support?] I could gave [give?] them and
they got nothing from me here the[y?] done it for themselves
so will yours if they get the chance and that makes
me contented now I will close this rambling letter
hoping you will be directed for the best for after
all I dont believe we are altogether free will agents
for we are the Creatures of Circumstances although we
think we are doeing [doing?] as we like sometimes good comes
out of evil I remain your affectionate Brother William Porter
tell Jane I did not get the books she sent with Thompson he
is a qear [queer?] one tell James Sloan that Mrs Sloan wonders
why he dont write to her an answer to her letters
tell Jane I wrote to Mrs Glenny about her Aunt wishing to
send her money but she said she did not know if the [they?] still lived in
Rathfriland or not William Glenny is dead about a month since WP
I will write soon to Jane