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Title: William Porter, Chicago, [U.S.A.?] to [Robert Porter?], [County Down].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, William/16
SenderPorter, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunemployed
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginChicago, Illinois, N.Ireland
DestinationCo. Armagh? N.Ireland
RecipientPorter, Robert L.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1152/3/13: Presented by Mr Charles Best, Mullaghglass, Bessbrook, Co.Armagh.
ArchiveThe Pubic Record Office of Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9505146
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TranscriptTo: [Robert Porter, Desert, County Down?]

Chicago July 1858

Dear Brother

I now sit down to write you
a few lines hoping that the [they?] will find you
all well as the [they?] leave me and all my family
at present thanks be to the god of all our
mercies and for his care of us unworthy
creatures I received your letter some
time ago and would have answered
it before now but I had wrote to
Brother Andrew about him coming out
here as I was intending myself of going
on a farm and I was wanting him to
go allong [along?] but I have not got his
answer yet although I am looking
for it every day I had a farm bought
of 80 acres of the nicest land you ever
saw for $1400 dollars to pay 700
down and 350 in one year & 350 the next
year but my wife was not willing to
go alone to it and I have given it
up for the present the reason that I
would like to go to farming is that trade
is become so bad here that the one half
of the people cannot get employment
I am not doing any thing nor did not
since last [November?] and I dont like to be
Idle although I could manage to live
with[out?] work but the time seems so
[--------?] Idel [Idle?] the Children is all
[--------?]ry Ann was living with our
Minister and family for some time
but she is now at home and Sarah jane
is with a Widow lady lerning [learning?]
Millinary [Millinery?] and dress making
and housekeeping in fact she is Just like
a mother to her she has one child of her
own a little girl of five years old she
belongs to the same church that we do
and the [they?] mostly come home with us
on sabath [sabbath?] day to diner [dinner?]
it is about 1/2 mile from Church and her
place is about a mile from my house but
I mostley [mostly?] see her 2 or 3 times [a?]
week you say that mother want [wants?] to
know of some place about Newry like where
I live but that that is something I could
not do for in the first place this city
is spread over more ground than from
Newry to Rathfriland it being more than
7 miles one way and about 4 another
and it is laid off in sqares [squares?]
of about 200 feet each way with streets
of 80 [30?] feet wide and the whole city is
as level as this sheet of paper and it has
a population of 100000 one hundred thousand
people which is more than ten times what Newry
contain well I live about half a mile from
the centre of business the houses here
is not built close together unless in the
very centre of the business and the street
mostly planted with trees [-----------?]
it looks nice in the seaso[-----------?]
there is the lot that I live on is 44 by 100 feet
a fence and I have 2 houses on the front of it
all round 18 wide and 36 long with the end of them
them and to the street although that is the front of all
in front houses here the [they?] are 2 storys [storeys?]
there is a 9 rooms apiece and I have a shop 22
flower by 36 feet on the reare [rear?] of the lot which
plot does to work in the and 9 feet of it for cows
with and Horse Carriage House I have a very good
some covered carriage that will carry 6 people and
nice not let one drop of rain at them either
flowers we have not done anything lately only go
growing round our accquaintances [acquaintances?] in it
I had almost forget to mention about Joseph
he is at school all the time but we
have now vacation for 6 weeks and
he is at home Just attending to little
things about the house he has a pet
Rabbit a young calf 3 month old and
little sheep or lamb of a little over 2 weeks
old that him and I found one day that
I was out shooting in the woods and he
is raising it as we have plenty of milk
he wants to go on a farm for he says
we have enough to begin with and he
will be nothing else but a farmer we can
keep all the cows here we have a mind to
for we pay nothing for grazing them
we have the largest and prettyest [prettiest?]
Heifer of her age you ever saw she is as
white as [--------?] and so is her mother
she never
[--------?]ing which is rare in this cold
you want to know if we have coal
in this country for the raising and that
we have in any qanties [quantity?] any where threw [through?]
Pensyilivina [Pennsylvania?] & Ohio and in this state
about 40 miles from Here there miles
and miles of coal we have almost
any thing you have and a great more
more [sic] in the vegetable way that you
never see there and fruit in all veries [varieties?]
and all kinnds [kinds?] such a [as?] belongs to warm
climates I have rambled all over and
to come to a conclusion I am going to
write a few lines to Thos [Thomas?] Brown which
I will send in this and you will send
it to him and remember me to all
enquiring friends and acquaintances.
and I hope that it will find you well
and father 7 Mother enjoying good
health the children and Sarah all
wish to send there [their?] love to you all
I dont know whether you will be able
to read this or not it is wrote with
a glass pen on very indifferent
paper with very poor ink and
not a steady hand either but you
will have to do the best you can
every thing is plenty and cheap but
money is very scarce here at present
more so than ever I saw it and it
is said that the wheat crop is not
so good as usual but no more
at present and I remain [-------?] very
Your affectionate [Brother?] [William Porter?]