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Title: William Porter, U.S.A. to Robert Porter, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, William/21
SenderPorter, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginChebanse, Illinois, N.Ireland
DestinationCo. Armagh? N.Ireland
RecipientPorter, Robert L.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1152/3/29: Presented by Mr Charles Best, Mullaghglass, Bessbrook, County Armagh, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9011004
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by C.R., 10:12:1993.
Word Count1658
Transcript Chebanse August 12 1870

Dear Brother Robert
Yours of the 16 July came duly
to hand on the 5 of Aug but not any Papers as yet do
you not get any papers from me for you dont say you
do I got 4 or 5 that Thos [Thomas?] Ledlie sent belfast
papers Joseph got one the same day I got your letter a Newry
Telegraph but we got all the news of any importance here at
12 o'clock the day after [--?] papers in London I can tell the
different phases of your land bill here before you get it
there but not the Speeches for or against it. And I wrote
you long ago that it would do you no good in Ireland nor
will the Church bills do the People of Ireland any good.
So far as reducing the burden of paying goes for if it is
not tith [tithe?] it will be rent you will have to pay all
you can anyhow but that makes me think of what you say in
your letter about Presbyterians lossing the County a thing
the [they?] never should have had for why any man or no
man should be paid for for praying to God for [-----?]
or others is more than I can see but you will say
that they should be paid for Preaching now some of the
best preachers we have here gets no pay but works all
week at some calling same as Paul done we have
one in Chebanse a cabinetmaker when the pay stops you
get rid of a great many drones in the Church
and taking another view of it the religion is not worth
much if it is not worth a support but I honestly
believe you in Ireland have too much what is called religion
for sects & parties is its ruin an [----?]
will I believe why cannot they be as here where you
will hear of no man called in question about his religion.
That is another Priest riden [ridden?] scheme I mean the
comsitation (sic) scheme to fill the pockets of a few
by collecting the hearts blood of the million I am not of
the opinion of preachers I was 16 or 17 years ago and I will
tell you why I sat one day in chicago listening to what
you call a Covenanter in Ireland they are called scotch
Presbyterians here he was an Irish man at that and
not long placed in our Church well he was lecturing
on the [G?] of Romans for sometime this day he was on
election & predestination and he said it was an
impossibility for us to change the purpose of God
as to his Creatures which I believe, but now for the
sequal [sequel?] a few days after I was taking sick and I did
not expect to live and I sent my son and buggy for
him to come and see me well he done so and the

first word he asked was had I sent for a doctor I said
no nor would I for if I would believe in his doctrine
there was no use Well he began then to tell me
that the second means was to be used and when I said
what means did Christ use when he said arise take up
your bed and walk with others that I turned (sic) him and
then he got up in no good temper when I presumed not
to swallow all his gospel and left saying to the wife that
I was out of my head but any way I quit going to
hear him well now I quit since I came down here
going to any Church first I cannot hear a preacher &
then there is not anything but comers & goers of preachers &
not any presbyterians so I think I am more edified reading at
home on Sunday but anyhow if there was no other obstacle
I must generaly [generally?] stay at home for no boy will
stay on Sunday so I must mind the place that day the wife
goes sometime to the Babtert (sic) Church now I will quit the
church and commence something else
You mention about a man by the name of Gorgy [Georgie?]
coming out here to look at land in Canada where you & wife
could get 100 acres a piece if it is so I never heard of it
here but even if so what would you do with it you could not
raise a goat on it untill [until?] it would be cleared of
timber and that is a job let me tell you never engage for you
had better go into an Irish Poor House for the thing is you
could [--ty?] but even if it is land for nothing you want you
can get land in the states if you can find 160 or 80 of
government land that is not taken up you will get it for a
homestead and no one can take it off you for any debt by
paying 10 Dollars for making out writings from government you
can get plenty of such land that you can go and plow at once
but it will be where there is no settlements but let me tell
you if you ever should come to America not to be be looking
for the Cheapest land nor never come because the land is
Cheap you think for that is not the Consideration for the man
without a dollar in his pocket succeeds 9 times out of ten
better than such men as that Jorgy [Georgie?] would with his
£2000 them is the kind that should never come here for the
reason the [they?] want to put on too much stile [style?]
thinking the [they?] will have nothing to do but oversee
the work done but the [they?] will be miserably mistaken
If I had room and time I could give you a history of a few
such in this neighbourhood now in contrast with such men I
will tell you of one American with who I have 6 4 year old
steers at grass on one farm he has 1700 head of cattle grazing
it is over 7 miles square and he has a dozen such and
him and I and 14 servants dined all at one table and

when I met him where the [they?] were branding the cattle
I did not know him from any other of the men he does not farm
any himself although he has thousands of acres under
cultivation the way he does is this he will fence off say a
mile square 640 acres & build a house a grand
one and break up the land and then rent it to any one that
can farm he will find you everything that is needed and pay
all the bills until you can get a crop and then he gets so
much less or more according as it is a good year he began 20
years ago with 80 acre now he owns over 20 thousand acres
for by city property made it all so but how farms is rented
in general is for 1/3 of the crop, but to return to the
Canada speculation toronto is about 1000
miles from here and the State of Michigan is 400 miles away
and over 1000 miles long and the nearest place from here to it
is over 100 miles Canada is a cold country which you would
not like and where you could not raise any corn our principal
crop nothing but wheat barley & oats and they cost too much
work to Harvest with labourers at 2 dollars a day corn is
best for you can harvest it at any time that suits you
through fall or winter you talk of coming over to see us I
would be glad to see you but as to your coming to see the
country what would you know about it you would see good and
bad land same as if you were to go from one end of Ireland to
another Rich and poor people same as there but from one end
of America to another you would not see so raged [ragged?]
a crowd as in Newry Market all wear good clothes
but if you were to see the outside of some Homes you would
say there was poverty there enter the same and you would find
plenty so I think you would only be spending your money
for nothing and loosing [losing?] your time either Make up
your mind to come or stay for if you come you do not need
to be reflecting for you can put your self in any kind
of land and there is as good in this country as in the world
and you can raise anything here in some parts of these united
States that you can think of and a great many you dont think
of but then again I dont see how you could leave while my
Mother was alive, but do what you think is best &
take no bodys advice for when I do I generaly [generally?] go
wrong I have written you the truth as near as I know how &
it is for you to decide if you were to pass by my place
and look at it you would not think very much of it but
if you and Jane & Thos [Thomas?] Brown was to say that I could
have all and go there and live for it I would not do it but
my paper is full and I must Stop I will be writing to Martha
Ann and will say somethings I cannot in this I remain your

love to all
Brother William Porter

I heard from my [poor?] Joseph he is about 1000 mile
[miles?] away