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Title: William Porter, U.S.A. to Robert Porter, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, William/31
SenderPorter, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginChebanse, Illinois, N.Ireland
DestinationCo. Armagh? N.Ireland
RecipientPorter, Robert L.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1152/3/29: Presented by Mr Charles Best, Mullaghglass, Bessbrook, County Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9011036
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo Robert L Porter
[Desert, County Down?]

Chebanse Oct 2 1872
Robt [Robert?] L Porter

Dear Brother
I now sit down with
feelings of the deepest anxiety to answer your
letter for I feel the responsibility of my situation
in advising you as to your Coming here for
let one gave [give?] another advice about anything &
the[y?] generaly [generally?]have there [their?] troubles
for there [their?] pains but as you still keep saying you
will come here one year and have your Wife & family there
I do say once and for all dont do it for it will be
throwing 30£ or so away for nothing and if I
understand you, you have none to spare
you would if you come not be any wiser and then you would
have to go back for your family and it is nonsense to come to
look at it for we have a man here that done the same thing and
went home after his wife & 3 children & now he is going back
home for the wife cant be content after spending there [their?]
means that I call foolish he had 500
when he came and is now 2 years and done nothing
either make up your mind to stay when you
come let the consequences be what the[y?] will
or dont come at all for I have not slept
this 2 nights pondeing on your situation
and I have concluded that your [you're?] the very
worst kind of a person to come to this
country now I will give you my reasons
for the same first you will have some
money not enough to place you in circumstances
that you would like and you will
have more than would place you above working
for a home and sup-ort [support?] for your family
secondly and what concerns me most in [sic] [is?] your
wife for if I remember right she is a woman
that was not used to rough it or properly speaking
do all her own work but keeping a servant
girl to do it now if she comes here that

will not be so for a girl here will get more
30£ a year and not good ones either so you
see it takes an income to stand that and neither
will you be able to keep a boy or even a Cub
as you call them down of 4£ a month and
then you cant get them for that unless it is
a dane [Dane?] that you could not speak a word
to for as soon as the[y?] are here a while the[y?] take
up places of there [their?] own and still another
thing I look at is your social life for
when you come her[e?] all ties of friendship
is broken off for all is strangers to one another
and all is running the race of life independently
you meet the same old faces & acquaintances
from day to day. Not so here for we are an
unsettled people like the Isra-lites[Israelites?] moving
to anfro [and fro?] for even the Minister is not a
fixture now as I said above you would
not be the best kind of a person to come
here but still if you could conquer your prejudices
after coming here I mean comparing things here
with what you left there you would be all right
but you would be like some I know that everything
there would look better after leaving it Just as death
hides all the faults of a person for you need
not come here thinking to see anything like
what it is there roads Houses farms fairs
or markets nor in fact anything for it is
a complete change altogether now I will tell
you that I am well satisfied with my circumstances
and if you were in the same situation I question
if you or your Wife would be Happy I an quite
independent as far as worldly affairs is concerned but
I never enter a church door nor is one day different
from another as far as attending to my concerns
about the place different now you would not like
that at first but you would have to leave all these
notions in Ireland. Now I will tell you what I
would do in your place if I could not raise my
family decently and save something for them
too [to?] start them in the world after I would leave
there if I had only so much as would bring
them Here for when the[y?] are here no matter
how young the[y?] can shift for themselves you
may be better there but they will not and
that is a great consideration there you think
if you possibly can live and pay rent you

are all right here if a man cant get rich in
a few years he is all rong [wrong?] here the poorest boy may get
equal to Q-een [Queen?Victoria viz to be president the
present one was a poor mans son and that is something
Now about this selling your place you say that
some outside parties would pay 25£ and that the
agent will only let you get 10£ Now the way that
I understand tenant right he would have to
let you dispose of it to [the?] highest bid-er [bidder?] provided he
had no lawful objection & if he or any other served
you or the person buying [?] notice to quit
he would have to pay you for the land and your
Improvements also or otherwise the Ulster right viz
to sell the Highest responsibile [responsible?] tenant but
how is it that you and him seems to be at variance or how
is it that now when you have the place fixed
up comfortably that you cannot do as well as
others round about you do you not attend to your
buisness [business?] or are you like father doeing [doing?] a
little dealing when he should been [be?] attending to his farm if
this is so quit it for one buisness [business?] is enough here or there now you complain of bad crops no one can help that but dont crop so much & raise stock for I see by the papers the[y?] are
in uncom-on[uncommon?] price both cows & Horses & then you will not
be depending or [on?] cubs of boys for work I have no one
and keeps twenty head of
stock I have only 12 acres
in crop this year you want
me to look out 40 acres for you
but less than 80 would not do
you any good and that you
can but anytime for any one
will sell here at from 6£
an acre up to 10£ ac-ording [according?]
to the improvements such as
Houses and fences &c &c
Now this is all as I can
write it to you and either
make a resolution to come
or quit thinking of it but
settle down where you are
pay every attention to your place
and do nothing else for if you

do I think you can do as well
as any one that would get
it and if you come here you
will have to do it whether you
will or no now this is a
brothers advice that feels a
great concern about you (more
than you think for if you had
come here younger if would
have been a very different case.
but now to think that you cannot
be Happy & comfortable th[?]
the boast very queer but dont
let me discourage you but in
the name of God come and
I will try to take the hard
corners of [off?] for you for what
I can do I will do cheerfully
to assist you to get settled
I now will quit, I got a letter from
sister Brown with yours which I
will answer soon we are all well
here at present my own health
is better than for many years
I sent home to Thos [Thomas?] Leslie some
likenesses that you will see the[y?]
are good ones and now with
love to your Wife and all friend [sic]
I remain your affectionate
Brother William Porter