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Title: William Porter, Pittsburgh, to S. Doake, County Down.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FilePorter, William (1)/22(2)
SenderPorter, William
Sender Gendermale
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OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientDoake, W. S.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 682/57: Presented by Mr P.Doake,"Glenlagan", Kinallen, Dromore, County Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
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TranscriptPleasure Hill Pittsburgh August 22, 1852
W.S. Doake
Dear Sir,
I take the liberty of writing to you
after a long promise of writing sooner but I hope you will
forgive me at this time the more I did not write I did not
forget you as I had a great deal to do since I came to
America I did leave you off till the last one of paying you
my det [debt?].
I also sent my father two pounds since my Brother left
I send you now two pounds five shillings and one pound ten
for you to give to my Father. Thomas Gamble sends one pound
in another draft to Hugh [Maugh?] Esqr which you will see
inclosed [enclosed?] in this letter. George Jamison will pay
them all without any discount. I want you if you please to
go to John Martin that keeps Dromore toll gate and see what
the 12 Yds [Yards?] of linen cost for this reason his
brother Robert Martin kept 6 Yds [Yards?] of it and would
not give it to me when I asked him for it he sayed [said?]
it made no difference between his brother and him. I incisted
[insisted?] for him to give to give it to me and he would
not, I want you to let John Martin know it. You will please
find out how much the whole 12 Yds [Yards?] amounted to as
I don't like to pay for what another man is wearing. If John
Martin is not satisfied I will send him the other half in
the next draft. You will please hand the other half of the
money to my Father. I got a few lines from my Father and
he felt very much dissatisfied and thought that Robert
Martin and I had some falling out, there is more that I
know of onley [only?] what I tell you and that is about
the Linen. I told him that John was married and rasing
[raising?] a familey [family?] and he was not and if he
had the principle of John he would not of Repept [repeated?]
it. James Graham my Father-in-law is living with me still and
is well, he is very ill off for want of a game cock and
he wonders if you are rasing [raising?] them still. He
sends his love to you, Mrs and familey [family?] and all
his old neighbours. I am carrying on the carpet business
in John Thompson's old stand and keeps 4 Looms going
constantly and I am kept as busy as I was in harvest
when Billey [Billy?] Skelley began to [ticker?]. Jane
wishes to know how you got along at Hillsburrow [Hillsborough?]
as we had got a little sketch of it. When you write we
would like to know how things came off at the meeting.
Alexander took the bilious fever 4 days after he
landed in Pittsburgh and lay two weeks very bad. I had
a doktor [doctor?] attending him every day till he
recovered but thank god he has got well again and is in
good health now and is busy weaving for me every day.
We all join in love to you Mrs and family,
Your true Friend
Wm [William?] Porter No Surrender
P.S. Alexander Carins sends his love to his mother and
family and says he will write home soon.

Thomas Gamble
Sends his love also to his
brothers and sisters and all his inquireing [inquiring?]
neighbours and is in good health at present.

I now finish hoping you will not forget to go to John
Martins' and find out the price of the 12 Yds [Yards?]
Linen and tell him how his brother acted.
Please write soon
Yours Wm [William?] P.[Porter?]