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Title: John [Qutle?], Saskatoon, Canada, to Alex. Taylor [Belfast?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileQutle, John/34
SenderQutle?, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationwoodcutter
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSaskatoon, North West Territories, Canada
RecipientTaylor, Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceSaskatoon, North West Territories, (Now Province of Saskatchewan, Canada) #TYPE EMG John [Qutle?], Saskatoon, Canada to Alexander Taylor, 30th October 1903.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8910017
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Log12:10:1989 LT created 10:04:1990 SB input 24:04:19
Word Count620
N.W.T. (North West Territories?)Canada
30th October 1903

My dear Alex
I have just been argueing [arguing?] with Florrie how I should
address you, as I always called you Mr Taylor when at home, but that I
understand from Florrie is not proper, so as usual I have to give
way & do what I am told.
The reason for my not writing sooner was that I was very
anxious to be able to say that I saw blue sky ahead before doing so,
& I am now more than thankful to say that I do, & feel satisfied that
with a little luck we are going to do well, at all events I think it
will be my fault if I do not succeed better than I could ever hoped
at home.
This place I feel sure, is going to be a pretty big countre
[country?] we are told that within the next year we will have two
railways if not three which you understand means a very big thing to
a growing town, anyway the value of town lots which measure 25
feet frontage & one hundred in depth have more that doubled since
the spring, the owners of them are a very big financial Stockbroking
firm in Montreal Winnipeg & they are I understand about the best
informed people in Canada.
You will have heard from Florries letters that I am working
with Acheson the leading Lawyer here, he is an Irishman from
Galway & a very nice man we are getting along tip-top & I have little
fear of the future now. I am sure you would laugh if you saw me
splitting wood, I can tell you it is great exercise & good for the arms,
but not for ones temper, when you sn(ar?)e a notty [knotty?] old gentleman
the swearing begins.
I made many examinations of the Flax crop here & from what
I can see it is thicker & stronger in the stalk than Irish Flax & would
make good yarn, but the question of labour in pulling knocks the
bottom out of any chance of sending it to Ireland I am afraid,
however I am going to see next year what can be done with the
Russian settlers who work in communities for their general
welfare, they may tackle it, but no one else.
We are both delighted to hear that Owen [O'Rorke?] is going
a head again and trust it may long continue, Joe Chamberlain seems
to be determined to give you all a chance any way. Please
congratulate Jack on his rise for me, it will buck him up a bit I
am certain.
You will have to take a couple of months holiday next
autumn & come out to pay us a visit & get an idea of the vastness
of the Territories it is really terrifying at first when you get out
on the prairies Florrie looses herself & points out Saskatoon where
probably no house comes between her & Hudson's (Hudson?) Bay, &
gets very indignant when I laugh.
We both been nearly living on Game for the past two months
Duck Teal Widgeon Wild Geese & Prairie Chicken now would I (?) enjoy
[hens?] that is the chicken they are twice as big as Grouse & bigger
eating half an [a?] one does us for meal. The Geese are fine birds
running up to 12 lbs in weight & their flesh is not strong.
I enclose a stamp for Rosie which I am sure she has
not in her album Acheson (tore?) it (out?) of some papers the other
day and I gave a grab and caught it for her Florrie joins me in love to all
at [Sunny?] [bank?]
Yours sincerely
John (Qu?)tle