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Title: Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationclergyman?
Sender ReligionEpiscopalian
OriginProtestant Episcopal Church in the USA
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientEditor of The Dublin Record
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipwrites letter to newspaper about religion
SourceD 1391/2/19: The Dublin Record, Monday, May 7, 1838, Presented by Mr. Niall Heron, Harmony Hill, Lisburn, Co. Antrim
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
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SIR - You have herewith an extract from a letter written
in July last, by a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal
Church in the United States. At this season, when
many of our congregations are emigrating to that country,
it may be advantageous for the clergy here to be informed
of the names, character, and address of their brethren
in those places to which the members of their flock are
going. It is obviously desirable to have it in our power
to commend those who leave our care, to the ministerial
charge of ministers of our own communion in a distant
land. It tends to make them feel that they are still
under the same salutary oversight; it secures for them
that acquaintance with a clergyman, which, through diffidence
or inadvertence, they might not otherwise seek;
and is likely to preserve them from embracing other
communions, as several have done, I have reason to believe,
from want of some such introduction to an Episcopal
You will feel a desire to promote whatever tends to
draw closer the bonds of fellowship between the Church
here and in America. In this persuasion, therefore, I
request you to give the accompanying information a
place in your columns.
I am, yours, &c.,
R. H.
April 27, 1838.

"I give you the names of one or two of our clergymen from
each of the large towns in the several States, together with the

name and residence of each bishop. In Massachussets -
Right Rev. Alexander V. Greswold, D.D., Boston; Rev.
James Morss, Newburyport. In Vermont - Right Rev.
John Henry Hopkins, D.D., Burlington. In Connecticut -
Right Rev. Thomas C. Brownell, D.D., Hartford. In New
York - Right Rev. Benjamin T. Onderdonk, D.D., Rev.
James Milner, D.D., and Rev. Manton Eastburn, D.D.,;
Rev. Benjamin C. Cutter, D.D., Brooklin. In New Jersey
- Right Rev. George W. Doane, D.D., Burlington. In
Pennsylvania - Right Rev. Henry U. Onderdonk, D.D.,;
Rev. John A. Clarke, and Rev. S. H. Tyng, D.D., Philadelphia.
In Maryland - Right Rev. William M. Stone, D.D.,
Salisbury; Rev. John Johns, D.D., and Rev. John P. R.
Henshaw, Baltimore. In District of Columbia - Rev. Wm.
Hawley, Washington. In Virginia - Right Rev. Richard
C. Moore, D.D., and Rev. George Woodbridge, Richmond;
Right Rev. Wm. Meade, Assistant-bishop, Millwood; Rev.
Wm. Norvell Ward, Livingstone. In North Carolina -
Right Rev. Levi S. Ives, Raleigh, and Rev. George Wm.
Freeman. In South Carolina - Right Rev. Nathaniel
Bowen, D.D., and Rev. Stephen Elliott, Prof. Evid. Chr.,
S. C. Coll., Charlestown. In Georgia - Rev. Edward
Newfville [sic], Savannah. In Ohio - Right Rev. Charles P.
M'Ilvaine, D.D., Kenyon College, Gambier; Rev. John T.
Brooke, Cincinnati. In Kentucky - Right Rev. Benjamin
B. Smith, D.D., Lexington; Rev. Wm. Jackson, Louisville.
In Tennesee [Tennessee?] - Right Rev. James H. Otey, D.D.,
Franklin; Rev. Leonidas Polk, Columbia. In Missouri - Right
Rev. Jackson Kemper, D.D., St. Louis.
"The above are the bishops, and most prominent clergy,
in the United Staes. I am personally acquainted with
most of them; and feel assured that any of them will give
you any information you may ask of them, and will serve
you in any way they can, with much pleasure."