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Title: Anne Blair, Newry to Her Brother James Blair, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlair, Anne/38
SenderBlair, Anne
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNewry, Co.Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientBlair, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD/717/1: Blair Correspondence: Presented by J.D. Radcliffe, 57Hawthornden Way, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9809285
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Mr. James Blair, to the care
of Mr. William Neilson Mercht [Merchant?]
New York

p [per?] the Ship Nedham
Capt. [Captain?] Chevers
2 : D : C

How rejoiced we were all on receiving My ever
Dear Jemmy's [Jimmy?] first letter. And how much
more so when we found you had been so well during
the passage. and had escaped the fever which we heard
was on board. But your second gave a damp to our
joy when we read of the fever you had. you say you are
perfectly recovered but that did not satisfy your
Mother till she heard that [J?] Searight had mentioned
you in his letter and that you Were well. I hope
it is so my dear jemmy [Jimmy?], But the very thought of your
being ill in a strange place and of such A distemper
was very alarming and distressing. but I trust in god
you had every thing necessary for you and proper care
takeing [taking?] of you. I entreat you may be carefull
[careful?] of your self for fear of colds. as the climate
is so much [torn] than the one you were accustomed to, you
for a while will be the more subject to catch them but
I hope your late Illness has seasoned you to the
climate - your Mother has wrote to you by the Betsy
and I pray has told you every thing meterial [material?]
the only thing remaining for me is News and that is
trifeling [trifling?] but I know every little
occurrence will be pleasing to you as you desire we
may be particular - June last I had a fever but not
a very long one when recovered I went down to
Corbett and was there for seven weeks and found great
benefit from the Water, We had Miss Woods for a
lodger for three Months her father teazed [teased?]
till he got my Mother to consent to take her. he paid
four pound for the three Months - but she is gone
home now they could not spare her longer - Poor Mr
Foubert is dead about a month ago - he is the only
one I recollect since you went away of any note - Mrs
Gamble sister to Mrs Hanna is gone of [off?] to
Dublin to be Married to One Colonel Hart from the
East Indies that they say is worth sixty thousand
pound you may judge such an affair has caused a lot
of talk every one enjoying her good luck your Mother
and I find ourselves very lonely Mr Lamby often
out, and we seldom have any one with us and as [sic]
seldom goes out John is often talking of you and
wants to Know when you will be home, we dont often
hear from Jack he is grown lazy - and my Mother is
uneasy about Him as she hears of him frequenting
the Coffee house too often Mr Ashmur is now in
Dublin and I expect will see him - Mr Thomson
and Mr Gaussan both were greatly pleased with
your letters they both say Flaxseed is the only
thing to send over to your Mother - Mr Thomson
had A letter from Mr Wallace he mentions you very
particularly In it and says he will do all in his
power to serve you I trust in god that by this time
or very soon my dear Jemmy [Jimmy?] will be fixed
to your mind - every one of your acquaintance Are
makeing [making?] enquiries after you and desire to be
remembered to you - Poor Mr Bayly [Bailey?] was
greatly alarmed about his brother he never expected
to have seen him and repented His letting him go in
that Ship - But he was greatly surprised at finding
the Nedham was arrived safely at York. And he with
her, I fear it will be long before we hear from you
again but flatters myself you will omit no opportunity
of giveing [giving?] us that satisfaction and be very
circumstantial in your account of everything that
happens to you, as the most trifeling [trifling?]
incidents will be satisfactory I fear you'll think
this has but little of that in it - and that I have
not been particular enough but there is nothing
Very matereal [material?] has happened here of late -
Your Mother once more desires her blessing Lamby and
John their love - And my fervent and sincere prayer
is. that health and all Happiness may ever attend
my ever dear Jemmy [Jimmy?] - and that he will ever
believe me his Truly and affect [affectionate?] sister
Anne [torn] [B----?] [Blair?]

Newry September 31st 1773

This goes by the Nedham I'll expect a long letter adieu