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Title: Mrs Elizabeth Blair, Newry to Her Son James, Eustatia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlair, Elizabeth/39
SenderBlair, Elizabeth
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNewry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationEustatia (Eustatia Island, Caribbean?)
RecipientBlair, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD/717/3: Blair Correspondence. Presented by J.D. Radcliffe, 57Hawthornden Way, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9809284
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Transcriptnewry the 5th of may 1774

I once more sit down to write to my Dear Jimmey by
captain chivers which is the last oppertuineity
[opportunity?] I fear I shall have this long time
again I told you in a former leter [letter?] I
had sold the seed at 3 L [œ?] 10 s 3 d it rose
after to 4 L [œ?] 9 s and then fell again to
3 L [œ?] 3 s the retailers were all losing by it
at that price so they met and agreed to keep it up
at 11 [-?] pr [per?] Bushel but the season is
almost over and they will not get it kept up Long,
I have sent you two Dozen of Shirts one Dz
[Dozen?] of Stoks [stockings?] a pair of thread
Stokings [stockings?] 6 pair I bought from Luke
a 4 s 6 d a pair the Bleu [blue?] ones I knit myself
and 3 pair worsted but is advised not to send them
as you cant wear them in that warm climate & I shall
keep them till I hear from you which I long greatly
for your sister and I wrote by John Simple the Letters
was put in Jos [Joseph?] Searights box so that I have
not much to say now Baven people has not paid me the
Last rent yet that country is grown very poor Mr
Hutcheson says he will give up the [Resaveing?] when Mr
Nickols comes over, the cloth and yearn [yarn?] keep
very low and the fishing did no good last season
so that most of them is in a poor way, I proposed
Burbge [Burbage?] the Butcher in this town and took
[decree?] for him thinking as he had a vote at the
Election that some of the candites [candidates?]
would relive [relieve?] him but did not do it was
thought there would be another pole [poll?] but
its all over. Mr Correy [Isaac Corry?] has got
the seat at Last, McClernan [at?] [Caraban?]
never paid me a farthing since and I sent often
to him & could not saize [seize?] any of his
cattle off other peoples ground and there was no
getting them on our spot, and I am told the ogles
[Ogles?] has sazed [seized?] all he has in the
world for their rent so I come behind, but I
think it is my Luck with every one that is in
my Debt, but I must be content, I will give you
all the little news has happened since nancy
wrote James carlisles little son is Dead and
Left his wife but fifty pounds and one hundred
to miss hair all the rest to his Brother
David and Bob carlisles Little son, he and Jack
Dickson has used their poor wives very Badly they
are the talk of the town at present master David
Gausan is come home from Dublin to stay with his
father as Mr Vance is not Like to get his affairs
made up he tells me Jack will write to you by some
Ship thats going to york from Dublin Jack Bayly
[Bailey?] goes on the old way sometimes Drunk and
sometimes sober he is gone Down Street to live last
november for Jemmey Templeton would not let him
stay here for less then 12 L [œ?] a year, and he took
a little house from ma cross for 5 L [œ?]
10 s a year but he is not satisfied he has not the
same busness [business?] nor so good neighbours as
here, Jimmy templeton had been confined this three
months and is likely to loss [lose?] the power of his
Limbs, his cousin over the way and Jack Bayly [Bailey?]
is not sorry for him, I never got a peny [penny?] from
our friend sam corbit [Corbett?] since, I wrote to him
twice he says he cant get it from the country and I
believe his Busness [business?] is very small, I got your
old [corse?] [coarse?] hat you were missing when here
my maid molly had it hid behind the old cuberd
[cupboard?] in the kitchin [kitchen?] I have parted
with her and taken Betty Bayly [Bailey?] from omeath
[Omeath?], She is not good at doing everything yet we
must Learn her, I have Captain chivers only twice here
to Dinner nancy was so busy with your shirts that she
could not get time to dress meat for she is cook now
since molly went off, the captain speaks of you with
great affection which makes me very fond of him,
Tom Hillam is going with him now I was greatly
Disappointed when he heard you were Left york, I am
glad you have Searight to be company for you and I
hope you have got fixed to your satisfaction But I
have maney [many?] hopes and fears, I will trust in
the Lord that he will Bless you and Direct you in all
your ways and spair [spare?] you to be a comfort to me
and all your friends, I cannot get Lambert persuaded to
answer your kind Letter he says he Dont know how to
write Letters and now is his time to Learn. He would
correspond with you and Jack, but he will not be advised,
and will repent when too Late I now conclude may god
Bless you and grant you health which is the greatest
Blessing you can enjoy your affectionate
mother Eliz [Elizabeth?] Blair

Newry May 4th 1774 Newry May 5th 1774
Mr Blair My Mother
Recd [Received?] Septr 9th 1774 Recd [Received?]
Septr 9th 1774
Ansd [Answered?] Ansd [Answered?]

For James Blair