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Title: Roland Redmond, N.Y [U.S.A.?] to William Young [Co Antrim?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRedmond, Roland/1
SenderRedmond, Roland
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientYoung, William
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipcousins, business
SourceD1364/I/64 Presented by W.L Young Esq., The Old Rectory, Drewsteignton, Devon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9407151
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count359
TranscriptJany 3rd To paid for £1000 75 dys
date. A Belmont Co on
N.M. Rothschild Sons London.
@483 1/4 $4832.50

N.Y Jany [January?] 4th 1879

My dear Willie
I have yours of
the 18th Ult [Ultimo?] and regarding your
balance here, of course now
that we have resumed specie
payments it makes no difference
about gold or cy [currency?]. At
the time I wrote there was
some question as to the law
being carried out, and as I
could have secured myself of
the expense of 1/4 % or as I wished
to fully understand the position.
No one draws 90 day bills
here so I send the longest
I can buy, 75 days, and the
best on Rothschild Sons, London.
You have had cold weather
but not all to yourselves, as
yesterday the mercury was 2o [degrees?]
below zero at eight and did
not rise above 50 [degrees?] all day.
It was so cold in our big office
that we could not write
Today is better. Thur. [Thursday?] 15o [degrees?].
I am expecting a letter
daiy from Florida.
The December balance
sheet of the Zinc Co is not
made up. In November
they made after paying $2700
for putting oxide furnaces in
order and $2400 for legal
expenses an apparent profit
of $3800 but as they received
$5000 from the Lehigh Co for
throwing up their contract
for ore, as a penalty, they
really lost $1200 on the business.
They now alone make oxide
all the other companies giving
up the business, and the $2700
were paid to put 45 furnaces
in working order. They are
selling oxide at 3 + 3/4 and claim
that they make it for 2 cents.
They keep sold up on their iron
at from $29 @ 30 per ton - Spilter
does not sell and they will
turn their stock into oxide.
On these statements they should
begin to make money.
They expect to have all the
testimony in, and both
arguments made by Feby [February?] 1st.
I think that we will
have a good spring trade
things are decidedly on the mend.
I am glad to hear that
you aree all well, notwithstanding
the severe winter.
We are all quite
well. With much love
to your Mother Annie
Cousin Jane & all of you
believe me

Afftly [Affectionately?] yours
Roland Redmond
William Young Esq