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Title: R. Redmond, New York, to W. Young, County Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRedmond, Roland/4
SenderRedmond, Roland
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientYoung, William
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipcousins, business
SourceD 1364/I/39: Presented by W.L. Young Esq., The Old Rectory, Drewsteignton, Exeter, Devon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9011080
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by S.K., 21:01:1994.
Word Count593
TranscriptNew York Feby. [February?] 6th 75 [1875?]

Dear Cousin Willie,
I had your 155
shares zinc stock put in your
own name & have the certificate.
On lodging the Power of Atty [Attorney?]
with the Company, the secretary
found that you had given
me power to sell, transfer
& vote but not a word is said
about dividends - Just send
me a power to collect any dividends
I think it will arrive in
plenty of time, from present
appearances, as no dividends
are to be paid until the suit
is settled - 103 shares of the
Common stock sold at auction
on Thursday at 88.
I am offered for the $13500
City sevens, 107 and interest -
There is only one lot offering
$50 000 - & the holders ask 109/2
There is one broker who makes
these N.Y. [New York?] City Stocks a speciality
& as he seems to have a monopoly
of it he generally makes a
difference of 2 or 3% between
his buying and selling prices.
The City of Montreal is in
& I hope to have the letters in
time to answer them by this mail
I have had a lot of cy [currency?] come
in & have ordered exchange
bought, £2500, but the bills
have not come in yet. This
rise in gold of course is
disgusting, just so much
dead loss but I hope we
will get it back when the
fall comes - As you know
I am following Cousin
Rowlands advice & send forward
money as it comes in & if
not "speculating", as he calls
He said he knew it would please

you all - I hope it does -
Sidinberg wants two more
boxes of 1800s and we have none
I don't know if you will approve
but I am going to send him
a box of [allai?] 1900s, picking
out the worst from RY 19ot191 (sic).
We let an old Customer go
shopping for a case of 1800s the
other day & he tells us he bought one
from Sloan Black & Co. [Company?] @ 50 cts [cents?]
& they were better than ours -
& I am afraid to let any
good customer go in these times
If you will look at your shipment
you will find that the last 1800s
left Ballymena early in October!!!
Why have you let your shipments
run down so?
Ross Campbell & Co. [Company?] tell me they
have cabled you for 10 boxes more
B.C.'s - I saw their cheap elastic
Dress linens - They certainly are
handsome goods - Woodward again
told me that they cost more than
1/4d [quarter dollar?] less than yours. You were
all indignant with him & with
some reason, but at the same time
I wish we had a good many as
good customers, for he has bought
45 boxes of linens from you so
far this season - If the Hollands
suit them we ought to sell them
12 @ 15 boxes a year of them.
Mandell bought the [F2?] in B.C.'s
from the Bedford St. [Street?] - Mullen [Gde?]
Co's [Company's?] complaint about Hollands &
samples from a pc [piece?], I send today -
Can't you buy the Duck for 0/203 ready
made? The Bedford St. [Street?] are selling such
property cheap. We suppose they will
cost 7d [dollars?]. I am afraid Fisher Whitman & Co [Company?]
wont change there [their?] make of Hollands - they
say there is not enough difference - send them,
when you get them up, samples of it
heavy make & quote low prices - yours Roland.