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Title: Rowland Redmond, Charleston, to "My Dear Willie", Ballymena
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRedmond, Roland/9
SenderRedmond, Roland
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientYoung, William
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipcousins, business
SourceD 1364/1/39: Presented by W.L.Young Esq., The Old Rectory, Drewsteighton, Exeter, Devon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9504113
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1046
TranscriptCharleston 6th March 1875.

My Dear Willy
Since my last 30th Jany [January?]
I have had yours of the 16th Same and
8th Ulto: I see that you and Roly [Roland?]
have fixed upon a basis for the "R a/c" [Rolland Account?]
subject to amendments in case of need, by which
with fair dealing in boston House matters
on the part of your competitors enables
the linens to be sold as low as any one
can sell them without loss. I have my
doubts if any house in Ireland has their
goods as cheaply managed as you have -
I regret to find that Roly' sales of webs has
fallen off about 1/4th this I think is
almost entirely owing to the change in
fashion for I see everyone wearing
plain [brents?]. When will this mode change?
and besides even the diminished sales leave
little or no profit gold is so high 15/8, but
I have written to Roly and not "holding
the bag" Trade in every branch is very
dull without any spirit and this state of
things is likely to continue all year, yet
it is fair to suppose that the restless energetic
Americans will hardly continue or rather
be forced to continue to doze much longer.
I wish those dress linens which you have in stock
which, it seems, you must send to N York were
already there, nothing like having such
property [only?] on sale I sold -I fancy I
know what you are thinking of as to "the old
linen business," I think you ought to study it
for a year or two longer under the new system
of changes and then if it be unprofitable,
give it up and employ your greens and machinery
for others which I suppose you could do -
meantime why not take bleaching business
if the narrow mindedness of your competitors
would give it to you - I hope you are all right
in Havana but it would be more comfortable to
be receiving the remittances than to be thinking
that the fall in gold will land them forward
Your letters dont announce the receipt of a œ !-
as to those Memphis City Bonds they are simply
disgusting any way one can look at them,the Rail
Road is bound for them principle and interest and
so far by watching we have collected 4 [upt?] the
Jany[January?] interest & we intend to watch that
---- but this is most wearysome and if I could
make a sale I would sell but not at 40- Those
mobile other bonds are very uncertain property
and there is no saying when the bond will default
in the interest. Damian [Clermenof?] told me last
October that they owed the money to meet the Novbr
[November?] Interest and dont think they do this
again,I know nothing reliable about the situation
of the Road, besides I dont like the look of any
property in the Southern Estates-
I suppose they must "come up" one day or other
but when? I fear the time is very far off and will
be very slow -The people are demoralized and have
but little honour left - I see with pleasure that
the first half year of the Belfast House have
been very satisfactory and I fully believe with
you that if it be not a very successful house
it will be the fault of the Resident Partner.
[Wing?] & [E?] Security in New York is "sky high"
I have $10,000 there and dont know where to put it,
Since I came out I have bought $ 12,000 R R [Mgr?]
7% at 100 1/4. Now worth 106 - $ 15,000 New York
Central R [Rail?] Road Stock at 101 1/2 worth same
now Dividend 8%,quarterly $ 7,000 of a new mgr
[Merger?] on the Central R [Rail?] Road of N [New?]
Jersey at 92-now worth 104 -I dont care much about
the N York Central Stock but I did not know what
else to do -Southern Security ? are dirt cheap
paying 10 to 15% but I dont want any of them -
So often all the way business in the eye of Mr
[Natney?]it certainly looked last fall very [likely?]
he is a lucky fellow and I sincerely hope that
every hope and anticipation of each of
them will be fully realized I am glad
to have such good accounts of your mother and
Annie tell the latter that I am injecting
medicine in the form of spray into my throat
I use a steam engine very simple and effective
When I began first a month ago each of the
Boarders came to my room and honored my
performance with his presence and laughter-
Then each of the servants "Niggers"-each said
gravely "He funny Sa Hope he do you "Good Sa"
a nig is about as undemonstrative
as a Mohawk Indian- I dont know
if it has done me any benefit,but it seems
that it is now the fashionable way of giving
physic to Bronchity folk - for Mr Stott my
Md [Medical?] London friend has written me
that he has been doing the same thing for
six weeks and that he has derived great benefit
The last week has been quite mild Therm
from 60 to 70 which has kept me in a big
[brough?] all the time and I am thankful to be
able to write that I think my cough is at last
"broken" but the breathing still keeps bad
and I greatly fear will continue to be so
I attribute the improvement to the mild weather
and not to either the Doctor or the apothecary-
I am glad to find that Jane and the young
folks are first rate long may things continue
so Give my love to each of them.
Always very faithfully yours
Rowland Redmond

I hope young George's [sai-n-dus?]has not made
another outbreak
I see that Disraeli will not "harass"the country
with legislation quite right I think and
Gladstone has retired and no doubt in a
"towering" passion
Lon [London?] & York 6 1/2 only Lon.M.Wes [London
Mid Wesern?] 7 1/4 only
What a disgrace to have gold at 15 gramm
Where is the pride of the Yankees ? in
their breeches pocket ,I suppose -
Thanks for the information about McElleran