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Title: May Ann Blair, Shell Creek, USA to Jane Allen, Belfast
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBlair, Mary Ann/15
SenderBlair, Mary Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginShell Creek, Nebraska?, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientAllen, Jane
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD1558/1/7/7: The Papers of William John Campbell Allen Esq., Deposited by the late F.D. Campbell Allen Esq., 15 London Road, Harrow-on-the-hill, Middlesex
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.9911001
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Word Count888
TranscriptShell Creek 3d December 1844

My Dear Aunt

Some time ago I received a letter
from William John. I would have replyed [replied?]
immediately on receipt of it but Mary had an attack of
worm fever and Charles of Bilious the [they?] are now
recovered. Dear Aunt I have again and again looked for
a letter from you I often have thought of the remark you
made one evening previous to my leaving home, perhaps it
has escaped your memory, you said I need never write home
for any assistance if ever I should require it as there
was none of my relations thought much of me. I began
to think it was the case untill [until?] I received
William Johns letter of the 29th September I had
wrote again and again to those that I called near and
dear to me and never received a line from one only
William Campbell, before I left Georgia I wrote you
a long letter acquainting you of the death of my
little infant also James Blairs and the burning of
our house and all our furniture, this all
occurred in 1841 and 1840. A short time after poor
Williams death I again wrote you describing the
situation I was left in there I was without a friend
to speak one word of consolation to me my children
all taken down sick with the exception of Charles
as soon as the [they?] got well him and I was taking
[taken?] with Chills and fever and had no servant to
assist me and my little infant only three months old,
you may expect my time was pretty hard, a short time
before poor Williams death I remarked to him what
would become of me with all my little ones if it
should please God to call him away, he said the
Almighty was all sufficient and John would do all
he could for me and the children. I cannot help
giving you a little detail of Johns conversation
to me after his Fathers death the day he was
inteared [interred?] I remarked to him what would
become of me with all my little children and so much
in debt, you must write to your Uncle James for his
own part he never intended to make his money by
planting, I asked him how did he intend making it
he said that was his own business, shortly after
he was taken down sick you have some idea of what
kind of a boy he was to wait upon although Charles
and myself was the only persons to attend to him when
Charles was taken sick he would scarcely hand him
a drink of water, I am sorry to say John has neither
affection nor gratitude God knows how my own children
may act towards me I trust however the [they?] will
not show the same disposition that John and James
done (I know I always treated them as if the [they?]
had been my own children) I often look back to the
days of my girlhood when I lived with you and
experience [experienced?] so many changes of life I
cannot help drawing many sigh (sic) however I must
do all I can to raise my children respectably if
my health was as good as when I arrived in America
I could get along better I assure you Aunt it was
a gratification to me that I cannot express when
I received Williams J.C. Letter I thank him for
his present to Willy.
I will apply it to his Education as he requested it
although I required for other purposes. I have to pay
Mr McGuire fifty Dollars a Month for my Boarding I
wish Uncle would write me and let me know what to do
I want to be settled and have a little a place of my
own, Aunt I am going to make one request if you would
allow me as much as would buy me a negro I ent [aint?]
able to Cook and work as I have been in the habit
of doing. I will write to Wm. [William?] J. C. next
month and let him know how the children and me
gets a long, Charles has got a swelling in his neck
I am obliged to sit up a good part of the night with
him the Dotor [Doctor?] says it arrises [arises?]
from a tumour out of his head, make my repescts
[respects?] to your Daughter you can say to her that
shortly before Mr Blair Died he named the Baby Isabella
Allen she ent [aint?] Christend [Christened?] yet I
intend as soon as I can find an opportunity
to take her and Ann Jane Campbell up to town and
have Doctor Goulding to Christen them they are
mighty particular here we must be all Christians before
we Join the Church, do let me know if you still go
to hear Mr Belles what is they [the?] great Doctor Cook
doing and what has become of Mr Sims, make my
respests [respects?] to all may aquire [enquire?]
after me, my Children Joins with me, sending there
[their?] Love to you and there [their?]
Blessing I remain your affectionate niece
May Ann Blair

My Dear Aunt you must
excuse the blots and blunders.

I write to mother by
the same mail

*Envelope address:-

Shell Creek lsa [Louisiana?] paid 25
Decr 12th

Mrs Jane Allen
Welligton [Wellington?] place
Wm. [William?] J.C. Allen. Esqr

Cunnards line of Steamars [Steamers?]
Via Boston & Liverpool