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Title: James Boale, Hickory to David Carse, Co. Down
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBoale, James/6
SenderBoale, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions having worked as a clerk and a teacher
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHickory, N. Carolina?, USA
DestinationSaintfield, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientCarse, David
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mrs. I.J. Beattie, 120 Carsonstown Rd., Lisowen, Saintfield, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, BT24 7JN
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
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Word Count1550
TranscriptHickory to Mercer Co. March 8th 1850
March 8th 1850

Dear Friend
Although we have delayed so long in
wr [torn] [writing?] to you or to any other of
our friends in that country yo [torn] [you may?]
not deceive yourselves by coming to the decision that
we have for [torn] [forgotten?] you, a letter
from you or from any of our relations or well wishing
acquaintances in Ireland is a rich feast for us here,
we well rem [torn] [remember?] the many kindnesses we
received from and the many enjoyments we had [torn]
our old neighbours there, and so indelibly are
those things impressed [on?] our memories that we
can never forget them, nor can we ever [disreg---?]
[torn] whom when we were there we so highly
esteemed and in whose society [torn] ways were
so pleasingly gratified, with only one thing can
you upbraid us, that is neglect, neglect is not
keeping up a correspondence with our friends
[torn] [in?] that country, a high crime this is
undoubtedly, and but a few wo[torn] [words?] shall
we offer in the way of [torn] writing, and you
will acknowledge that it requires one to have more
th[torn] [than a?] little practice in diction, before
he is able to weave out a letter in an[torn]
comprehensible style, you perhaps may think that
I have not been a diligent scholar, else I would have
no room for excuse, whether I have [torn] diligent
or not I must be included with the others as above,
for in [stained] such is the father and such are
the sons, this is all the plea we [stained] offer,
and if it is not sufficient excuse, perhaps it may
extenuate the [stained] little, if not even this, we
must try to sit as easy under the accusation
[stained] can; so much for our apology, from this
forward I shall speak for myself mostly:- Your
brother John visited all his Mercer Co. friends
the [torn] I would have been much better pleased
if he had made his visit longer you may be sure
there were many questions asked him while he did
stay [torn] presence brought to my rememberance our
boyish days spent at school [torn] sides [besides?]
many a winter evening that we spent in
[cour -lity?] and [torn] thought of the [future?]
in the shape of worldly cares never broke in upon
minds to disturb us in our wanton though innocent
amusement, joyfulness, [torn] those days was depicted
in the countenances of nearly all, both old and young
[torn] farmers had all the neccessaries of life they
required, they were able to pay rents when due, and
meet any little emergency that might happen.
[torn] understood a good while ago that the failure
of the potatoe [potato?] crops made great change in the
times but I had no idea that the affairs of the [torn]tion
[nation?] had undergone such a change until told by John,
many farmers he [torn] who were flourishing in business or
otherwise were in very easy circumstance, [torn]less I left
Ireland are more literally in want, whence this change? has
[torn] failure of the potatoes brought about all this evil?
if it has it ought not to have been, does Ireland not raise
grain enough to support its inhabitants? I think it does
and have some to spare, the landlords then and the government
policy must be the cause of this protracted evil, can the [torn]
the government not be brought to a sense of their duty? I
[torn] were the Yankees situated as the working millions of
Ireland now [torn] are they would soon bring the landlords,
the drones, the curse of your country to practice what they must
know to be their duty, and as [for?] the government, I do not
think that it will remain many years more a monarchy, your
government is a limited monarchy, the best kind [torn] all
monarchies,but by-the-bye it is too limited when it begins to
[torn]mit the years of its citizens. Europe now sees, though
dimly, the mights of man, she sees that all men are born with
certain inalienable rights and priveleges, and when any man or
set of men arises to deprive [torn] of those rights, it is her
duty to use all moral and physical means [torn] [in?] her power
to suppress the usurper, the ball has commenced rolling I hope
that it shall never stop until every man shall enjoy the [torn]
and [inherit?] rights which government should secure him, life,
[torn] [pursuit?] of happiness
John Carse promised to write to me soon after he [torn] to Erie
I [have?] not got a letter from him yet but I think that [torn]
will, he met [torn] accident while here, brother John and he
were riding together on horse[back?] [torn] Clarkesville, a town
three miles distant, and on the way he [torn] to alight to fix his
bridle rein; on remounting, the horse on which [he] rode kicked
him on the thigh, cutting him badly but fortunately [torn] the
bone any, it was nearly healed before he returned to Erie [torn]
in good spirits and is well pleased with America, he expects
[torn] opening of navigation, to recommence the same occupation
at which he was [engaged?] last Fall, for the same person John
will do well in this [torn] anyone indeed can do well here
who is industrious, an industrious man is esteemed by the
people, his society is courted, for [torn] American [torn] the
estimation due to a man of industrious and honest habits -
The [Americans?] are a shrewd discerning people, fond of
knowledge and [torn] the Northern, the Middle and [damaged]
to find [torn] is not able to read write and keep his own
[accounts?] as a people they are far better versed in
religious matters than the [torn] and in
their knowledge of political affairs no nation excels them;
[torn] general spread of political knowledge is to be attributed
to the [torn] [reputable?] institutions of the country: here
freedom of speech is allowed [torn] press is unfettered,
neither dare the civil powers interfere with [torn]
[ecclesiastical?] matters, there is no unhallowed connexion
between [torn] [church?] and state, for every preacher
receives his salary from his congregation [torn] so here, the
powers that be, have no sway over Christ's kingdom:
Presbyterians (American) and Methodists in this state are
more numerous, [torn] [than?] all of the other sects put
together, though the Seceders both burghers and [torn]
[non- burghers?] make up a goodly number, the Covenanters
are most numerous, the church to us is thirteen miles
distant, there are two churches of the Reformed
Presbyterians within three miles of us, [torn] church [torn]
Presbyterians [torn] besides there are others of this
denomination not far distant, A talented [torn] in this country
seldom has any difficulty in getting placed, [torn] happen to
get placed in a city his yearly salary would be probably
a thousand dollars [torn] [master?] of a [torn] congregation
seldom has more than $500 a year- I understand [torn] you will
be prepared for the ministry again Autumn; would it be
more agreeable to you [torn] in a land where the rights of men
are held sacred, where the poor man if of moral [torn] as
highly esteemed as the rich man, where there are no titles of
dignity or rank, know [torn] those that are requisite for the
keeping up of harmony and order, yet here there is no [torn]
no lords to harass the people, and where you could perform the
duties of a minister [torn] to please but your congregation
and your God; or to live in a land of tyranny and [torn] rule
where the aristocracy are the legislators, men who enact laws
to make the poor [torn] [subservient?] to the rich, where worth
is measured by wealth, and where you not only would [torn]
[have?] to please your hearers and Him who gave you being but
even that very [stained] of [torn] under which Ireland
now groans?- Father Mother and all of us are at [torn]
[present?] favoured with good health; last summer I had an
attack of intermittent fever, caught [torn] was engaged at
clerking in a store and warehouse built on the Erie Extension
of [torn] Canal, there is a dam across the Shenango river a
little below the warehouse, and [torn] [in?] the summer the
waters became very low and stagnant rendering the place very
[torn] [unhealthy?] when I thought that I had thoroughly
recovered i went back again but soon fell [torn] a relapse,
so I then left it altogether:- since I came to America I have
been [employed?] [torn] school [--ing?], I taught two years and
a half in Washington Co. near where [torn] lives, [torn], one
year and a quarter in Grant Co. Wisconsin, besides a few winter
sessions near home, I was engaged at clerking one year and a
half and the rest of the time I have been employed at home on
the farm:- I would be glad to receive a letter from you or some
of the family soon, we hope you will not rewards us according
to our demerits:- Father Mother and the rest of the family join
me in tendering to you, to your father and mother and to your
brothers our highest esteem and most affectionate regard,
James Boale

Mr. David Carse
Saintfield P.O.
County Down