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Title: Alexander [?], St. John's to "My very Dear Sister"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRev. Alexander/22
SenderRev Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender OccupationPresbyterian minister
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt John, New Brunswick, Canada
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1792/E: Deposited By the Late Rev. J.C.K. Armour & the Rev.J.S.S. Armour
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9909300
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TranscriptSt. John NB [New Brunswick?]
Wednesday July 9. 1873

My very Dear Sister,
I was so pressed with business
after writing the enclosed note that I could not
possibly get time to finish it as I intended for the
Quebec mail last week. On Thursday mor. [morning?]
the 6th Margaret left for Higby. Through the
day the Sommervilles came down from Barnsville.
I saw them off by the Empress for
Nova Scotia on Friday morning. On Saturday
morning I myself left for Queensville on the
[Mills train?], where I finished three times on
last Sabbath. Their evening service was at the
house of our "Heacon" Mr. Grindew. He &
his wife are members of that society
and had twin children to baptize. Mrs.
G's extremely delicate state of health
rendered it altogether unpracticable for her to
attempt [coming?] out to the church through the
day. This Mr. Grindew is a most worthy man
and a very [learned?] Covenantor. His history is
rather interesting had I time to speak of it
His Father who died two or three years ago
was for 50 years Coroner of Bristol
England, and a man of high social
position. The newspapers which came out here
after his death were filled with his praise
His son Hamilton G. to whom I have
referred took to teaching shortly after his
arrival in this [province?] He was then a member of
the Church of England. Now he has a brother-in-law
a Rector in New Brunswick - a
brother a Rector in [-----?] Section, and other
Brothers distinguished lecturing men. One Leopold
is a well known author, and Lecturer on
Botany at Manchester Engd. [England?] not very long before
my last visit to Ireland I married Hamilton G.
to a daughter of one of our families at
Queensville, and he has since resided there
Having a meat farm and a little store, with
the addition of frequent remittances from the
proceeds of his fathers estate at home he lives
very comfortably. Mrs. Grindews first birth
was three boys. They were beautiful infants
but only one lived a day or two. I know that they
have had several children. Now I am
sorry to say Mrs. G. has got into a very
delicate state of health, and her recovery
from what the doctor says is a liver disease
is very doubtful. Mr. G. is a little eccentric but
wonderfully neat & orderly in all his arrangements
and a most devoted adminr. [administer?] of the Doctrine
[His?] and God! of the [Covenanter?] Church.
The twins I baptized on Sabbath evening
are named Thos. [Thomas?] Edward Hartley and
Edward Harvey Hartley. The names of
the other children are Jessie Maria -
Annie Eliza - Joseph Thos. [Thomas?] Hamilton -
Arthur William Russel - (the 8th) Octavius
John Harvey - Leopold
James [Skelso?] - When recording such long names
I am reminded that last Sabbath week I
baptized in our own church Alex. McLeod Staveley
(Morrison). So your good son will see
that some other parents give their children
quite as many letters, as he has got to
distinguish him from his fellow men.
I had a note a few days ago from Mrs. White, Halifax
saying that she would visit St. John this week
Mrs. R. Stewart I have heard from another
source is to accompany her. Mr. Houston
Mrs. H. and self went down to the Empress
Wharf and awaited their arrival last evening,
but they did not come. Our city has a good
many strangers in it at present from every part
of the Provinces and the Untied States. Our
cool fogs are liked at this season when there
is so much hot weather elsewhere. We have
heard twice from Margaret since she left.
She and Mrs. M. were to leave Higby to-day
for Beau river which is between that place and
Annapolis. They will likely call at Mr.
Stewarts, and W Sommervilles. [----?] as these
places are on the railway route to Halifax.
Doctor Millar was our family physician
and we could never forget his devoted attention
to our darling little daughter Mary Annie
Boyd. His fine residence was nearly opposite
to us. He was about my own age and got
his death by having his blood poisoned
on a surgical operation. He left no family
[faded] will feel lonely during Margarets
long absence, although it is likely
that we will be much of the time without some
visitor. I shall likely to go soon for two
Sabbaths to Littleton, Maine. W Robt. [Robert?]
Sommerville has engaged to come over and present
for me on the last Sabbath of this month
Our communion will be, [D.V.?], on the first
Sabbath of September, and Presbytery will
meet again here on the Tuesday following.
I have written this much very hurriedly, and fear
that you will be but little interested in such
a wordy epistle. However I will let it go for what it
is worth, without adding anything more that would
subject you to a fine and double postage. I think
that next time I must write one of my other dear
sisters Elizabeth or Anne. None of my relatives
however are so attentive as yourself and therefore
you get my longest letters. I expect that by this
time your Alexander is home, if so I know
that you will feel happy. [Jane A?] wish a few
lines to him enclosed in letter to Mr. Brown. Give
my love to Mrs. Woodside (Marg. [Margaret?] Moor).
I would like much to see her. I almost regret now
that I did not approve of my daughters wish to
cross the Atlantic, as she would likely have
enjoyed herself so much. I thought it a pity
to take her from school, but now she has not
returned since Mr. Harts death, and will not likely
for some weeks, if then. I will keep this note open
as the mail does not close till tomorrow, till
I see if there is anything else to write before
posting it .... Latest Wed. night 10.06
An English mail via Quebec has come today
and brought Mr. Browns note &C a paper
from him and one from you. So Alex is home
and all well on the 21d. Glad to hear it &
thanks to Mr. Brown for his valuable favour of 23d.
Inst. Had not from M. by Eleanor tonight from Higby
She does not think the Bay of Naples could be prettier
than Higby Basin &c. Intends leaving that for Beau
river tomorrow. Mrs White not come yet. Many kind
regards to you and all. Write soon your aff
Bro [brother?] Alexander