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Title: John Reynell, Philadelphia, USA, to Thomas Greer, Dungannon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileReynell, John/26
SenderReynell, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1044/250: Deposited by the Late Captain U. Mc G. Greer
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9504091
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: Thomas Greer
Mercht [Merchant?]
From: Mr Brown
via Cork
Philadelphia 3d of 7 mo [month?] 1770
Esteemed Friend
Thomas Greer
Since my last of 12th Ultime [Ultimate?] have thy Acceptable
favors of 21st 3 mo [month?]; and 11th month with both parcel of
linens which are come safe to hand, and am pleas'd thou took the liberty
to ship them, tho [though?] thou had not my Orders for doing it; should have
been glad to have had my full Compliment of white Irish Sheeting and
white 7/8 dowlasses; as they were much wanted; tho [though?] I think the
Linens in general come something higher than they us'd [used?] to do.

Inclos'd [Enclosed?] have sent thee two Bills of Excha [Exchange?] for
œ250 Sterling being both Joshua Fisher and Sons draft in my favor, One
for œ131.12.0, on Abraham, Du Bois and Lucas; the other for œ118.8.0 on
Raphail Vas Da Silva Merchants in London; they are Remitted
on mine and my Kinsman Samuel Coates joint Account and
desire thou will Send the following parcel of Linens on our joint
Account, as soon as possible on the best and lowest Terms, directly
from Ireland, in case the Act of Parliament for Raising a Revenue
on Tea in America, be not Repealed, or like to be soon, but if the
Act be Repealed or like to be soon; please to forward em [them?] with all
Expedition (via Liverpool) that we may have the bounty, which
I doubt not thou will take Care and give us Credit for.

10 Pieces 9/8 brown Irish Sheeting
15 Pieces white Irish Sheeting at about 12d per yard
20 Half Pieces 7/8 white dowlasses
6 Pieces 7/8 Irish Linen at 11d
6 Pieces 7/8 Irish Linen at 12d
6 Pieces 7/8 Irish Linen at 13d
6 Pieces 7/8 Irish Linen at 16d
6 Pieces 7/8 Irish Linen at 18d
15 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 13d
15 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 14d
10 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 15d
10 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 16 1/2d
10 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 18d
10 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 19d & 19 1/2d
3 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 22d
3 Pieces yard Irish Linens @ 2/

If the ballance [balance?] of my account be not remitted, please to Send
it in white Irish Sheeting - Shall be pleas'd to Render thee
any Acceptable Service here, & I hope the recommending thee
to our Friend Israel Pemberton wont prove otherways.

Our dear and worthy Friend Daniel Stanton departed this
Life the 28th last Month, which is a great loss to us, tho [though?] we
fully believe he is Remov'd from Works to Rewards, he having
been a faithful and Constant Labourer amongst us above
forty years in great Plainess & Sincerity, & tho [though?] at times his
doctrine was very Sharp against back Sliders, Libertines & formal
Professors, yet it was generally Well received and he greatly beloved
I remain with dear love
Thy Affectionate Friend
John Reynell

Copy. & In: Bills

9 1457 25
1372 25
1268 25
1348 25 24 7/8
1455 25 51 yards
---- ----
5 75
10 1343 25
1370 25
1344 25
1455 25
1346 26
1267 25
1552 25
1341 25
1266 25
1547 24
11 1449 25
1451 25
1363 25
1334 25
1550 25
12 1545 26
1441 25
1442 25
13 1432 24
1332 25
1421 21