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Title: Francis Reynolds, Lurgan, to Patrick Laverty, Pennsylvania.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileReynolds, Francis/143
SenderReynolds, Francis and Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLurgan, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationCarlisle, Penn., USA
RecipientLaverty, Patrick
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbrothers / nephew-uncle
SourceCopyright retained by E. Michael Laverty, 630 Union St., #2f Brooklyn, New York 11215, U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park.
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TranscriptTo Patrick laverty Carlisle
Cumberland County

Dated May 4th 1817
Lurgan (Ireland)May
Dear Brother,

On the 15th of March last,I received your very kind (though very
unexpected) letter, dated January 26th,1817, which gave me great
pleasure to hear from you and family. Being in good
health, as, these few but affectionate lines,leave [----?] God for
it,and we are happy to hear that you are in such a comfortable
situation. Dear Brother we all thought it very strange that you
did not receive our letter sooner it being so carefully posted
in New York by Mr.Bell. It made us more uneasy as we were
expecting a letter from you daily and letters were answered from
America long since ours was written. We had almost lost hopes of
you being alive until we got word in Moses Bullock's letter of
your being alive. Your Brother Arthur had to resign his farm in
Hilwarland and come to live in Moira on account of [---?] and the
same set that he had 15D all for weaving when you went to America he
has now only 4D and no appearance of it mending and has 8 of a
family to support. He came the knight [night?] before this was wrote to
get it carried by hand to New York by a Moira man of the name of
Dargan. Both himself and us all wish that he was convenient to
you for you may easily imagine his present situation.
Also Alexander Lawson and family are all well and send their
love to you and your family and are happy to hear of your being
and doing well.
He has 5 Daughters and 2 Sons Thomas and Alexander. Also Roderick
and family are well and are in Dublin at present. Also your neice
[niece?] Maria Richardardson Slept in our house the night before this
letter was wrote. She is married to a Captain McMahon and has 3
children and lives in Belfast. She was rejoiced at reading of
your letter that she brought it home in order to write to
you, she told us that Roderick and family were going to America
but was not certain. Also your nephew William and James
Richardson are Wine merchants in Dublin, and are in Co. and
William is married to a lady of Fortune. Dear brother your old
acquaintance John Corner is dead. Sampson Moor and his Wife send
their love to you in the kindest manner and he intends writing
to you when your letter comes from Belfast.
Arthur Kelly and family send their love to you and are glad to
hear of your being well. And their eldest son, Henry is going to
America and hopes to see you. Likewise Nancy Abram sends her love
to you and all your Friends and old Acquaintances are very glad
to hear from you and are daily Enquiring about you. Dear Brother
as for the times at present they are very dear and trade bad. The
prices of provisions are as follows...
Oat Meal 4S 4D per Stone,Wheat Meal 3S 6D Potatoes 8D American
Flower 7S 7D per Stone Beef 6D per lb Butter 1S per lb. As for
the affairs of the country England is at present at peace with
all other Nations but there are daily disturbances arising in
these three Kingdoms for the poor rates the cannot support in
the Capital Towns throughout these three Kingdoms.the trade is
so bad that the tradesmen can't support themselves or
families. and as for last summer it was as much the same as you
had there. for there was neither heat to ripen the crops nor dry
weather to reap them. So that there was great quantities of
Grain, Potatoes and Turf lost in low ground.
Dear Brother I am glad to inform you of our own family. There are
8 Children living 6 Daughters & 2 boys. Francis and Patrick. And
this letter was written by my youngest son Patrick Laverty
Reynolds called after yourself. and is giving him education at
his fortune. He is learning Latin, French and English and is
giving to Greek. at these two years at 13 years of age. Dear
Brother your Sister Alice has been very poorly all winter and
Spring but is getting better thank God for it.
Dear Brother this letter was intended to be carried by hand to
New York by Mr Dargen as we mentioned before. but, Mrs McMahon
wrote a few lines and sent them by hand to see if we would send
her the letter. the Captain her husband would get safely carried
to Baltimore a port within 60 miles of Carlisle and we sent it
to her by the bearer of her letter. Dear Brother I was rejoiced
when I heard the name you had given your dear little daughter
and it would give us great pleasure that we could once more see
you as we have Long Expected and Long and earnestly wished
it. the reading of your letter so affected me as I was only
recovering out of a long illness that I relapsed and was
despaired of but it now recovering. Thank God for it. Dear Uncle
my mother sends her kind love and affectionate blessing to your
dear Wife and child. so no more at present but remains your
affectionate and loving Brother and Sister Michael and Alice
Reynolds Farewell:
Dear Uncle and Aunt it was your Nephews Francis and Patrick
Laverty Reynolds wrote this letter and must excuse a bad pen and
want of opportunity Dear Uncle Boyd Bullock is indebted to you
for letting him know about the death of His Grandchild. he was a
little surprised the last letter his son wrote that he never
mentioned in his last letter the 10 Guineas he promised 6 years
ago in his letter the present he was to send to his mother. he
has this last year 10L in debt by reason of the bad trade also
15D that he run in debt in sickness which is both carrying
interest and the peoples that he dealt with told him last
Christmas the could could credit him no farther I would fain
that Moses would remember the difficulty I had in hearing him
and there is 16L Behind of Mr.Ferness Timber by law made 34L it
was he was the cause of throwing me into that debt Boyd Bullock
was present when this was wrote no more but

Remain your Affectionate Nephew Francis Reynolds