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Title: H.Riddle, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., to Wm.Anderson, Co.Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRiddle, H/9
SenderRiddle, H
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationgrocer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientAnderson, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1859/17: Presented by Dr. J.T. Anderson, Banbridge, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9408094
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptPittsburgh February 23, 1857.
Mr Wm [William?] Anderson

My Dear freind [friend?]
I feel much
disapointed [dissapointed?] in learning from John Best who has
latly [lately?] arrived in this City, there you had not
received any letter from me before he left.
This, I regret exceedingly, because wuld [would?]
naturaly [naturally?] impute it to unmerited negligence of the
Family, _ this however is not the case as the following
will explain.
I wrote in all their letters, one immedially [immediately?]
after Father deaths, _ and one to Sister Martha & when
I understand she received and two more to you some
months after. Now, it is due to you from the
high sence [sense?] of Fathers appraciation [appreciation?] of your
untyring [undying?] freindship [friendship?] and kindness to him
and all the family and also from my own former and agreable [agreeable?]
personal acquaintences [acquaintances?] to write you again hoping it may
be more fortunate in reaching you.
Having learned
the particulars of Fathers death I deam [deem?] it unnecary [unnecessary?]
now, sufice [suffice?] it to say that he died in peace "like
Jacob of Old having seen all his family"?
The balance of the family are all enjoying good health.
Robert is employed, in the same business, the tea
Factory. Margaret attends to the domestic part, and
Mary Ann follows Irving [sic], has plenty of work and is well
paid for it. Brother William and family are well
he follows the Old business of Gardening and seems to
prefere [prefer?] it to any other. My own family is in good
health, having one Son and Daughter yet.
Now you will be supoessing [supposing?] that I am not just
man to raise a family,_ but let me hear say in reply, that
I am not a just man? nor do I belong to that class of man
"that are commonly called just."? I am in the
same Business, viz [sic] the Grociers [Grocers?] & Produce and am
doing well _ for this and all other Blessing I am
indebted to Gods kind Providence towards me. I have done
nothing at Farming since I came into this county
But still retains my practical ideas of agriculture
and may put it into practice yet. Farming
in this part of the west pays exceedingly well, and is
becoming better every year, the county being thickly
settled all around and still increasing, It makes
the consumption great and hence, there is good
prices obtained by the farmer for all the production
of his Labour. Land in Pennsylvania and Ohio
have advanced beyond the reach of the new emigrant
at least thoes [those?] fertile and good farming districts.
There is however an alternative oppen [open?] the hardy
enterprising emigrant. For he can wind his
way into a new Terrotery [Territory?], when he can buy
land at One Dollar to one twenty five per acre which
for richness of soile [soil?], a fertile climat [climate?] and more
beutifull [beautiful?] senary [scenery?],_ far surpassing anything of
the Old States.
These new counturys [countrys?] or new Terroteryes
[Territories?] offers great in documents to the hardy
enterprising man, but there is a great deal of privations and
hardships to endure in all such places _ untill [until?] the
becomes settled. The Yankees thinks
nothing of it,_ but "shoulders their Gun, ax [axe?] &cree [ect?]
and dashies [dashes?] right strat [straight?] into it"?
You are no dubt [doubt?]
perfectly familiar with the great contest, in
"that ever memorable terrotery [territory?] called Kansas",_ which
had almost convulsed the whole country on the subject
of Slavery. The north wishing to make it a free state, while
the south wanted slavery carried into it, the s[?]
has ceased but the result is not yet decided. It
is said to be one of the most beautifull [beautiful?] counties
in America. It is truly astonishing to witness
the rappid [rapid?] march of improvement in this county.
In commercial facilities and trade, it excells any other
in the world? In science, literature and art, it is
equaly [equally?] ahead,_ [leaving?] even Old England far in the
shade? And yet I regret to say, that immorality
vice and wickedness is equaly [equally?] as progressive daily claims
of the most wicked and revolting nature, we pay
enough that the morals of the youth are the purists [sic]
of bad teaching farming [sic]. Pittsburgh on
the whole will compere [compare?] favourable, with any other
City in the county, for good morrals [morals?] society. The
citizens are where is learned here "a church going
people", and we have plenty of fine church fitted out
in the grandest style, and able and eloquent Ministers
of all denominations,_ so that Preaching and perils are not
wanting to guide and direct the people. I have always
continued in the Presbyterian body _ or that Branch of
it which comes as near our Old Aughadowy [Aghadowey?] style as possible.
The Minister of the church to which I belong is originally
Scotch having attained his Education in Edinburgh, he is a
please honourable and sincere man. Speaking of churches
and ministers, but reminds me that I would like to here
[hear?] from the Rev. Dr. Brown pleas [please?] give my
kindest regards, and say say to him that I would be me,
much delighted to have a letter from him. It is with pain
that I have to record the death of one of his old and most
esteemed Freinds [Friends?],_ Aunt Elizabeth Riddle, who died
on the 24 December last very suddenly and unexpected, living
in her usual health, till wither [sic] two or three minuts [minutes?]
of her departure. The cause or dicese [decease?] could only be
traced too are over flow or rush of Blood to the heart.
Her death was indeed unexpected, both to herself and family
& [and?] so much so, that she was busily engaged_ during the day
Making preperations [preparations?] for us all at her house
to partaker of a christmas dinner,_
But alas? how sudenly [suddenly?] the
Messenger of death changed the Calculation,_ We assembled
it is true but only to witness the lifeless remains of her
whom we all loved and respected dearly. She is buried
in the New Alleghiny [sic] Cemetury [Cemetery?], and lies along
side of Father. She was a kind faithfull [faithful?] and
christian Mother to her. The fruits [stained] of her teaching
leaving fully developed on all her Family. The balance of the
family is nill [nil?]. Matilda William and Samuel being
married. Mary, Jane & Robert single. Robert is indeed
one of the smartest and most accomplished Business young
men to be found in this part of the county_, they are all in
Business for themselves. I send you a [number?] of a newes
[news?] Paper of which they are the Publishers _ [being?]
also engaged in the whip Manufacturing business. Dear
sir having nearly filled my sheet I will close by making
the following requests. First, that you over look any
errors and blunders (having written this in a hury [hurry?]
and dont take time to examine. Second, that you will wish
to [___?] giving all the particulars of my old native
neighbourhood - [Bally_____?] Lisnamuck Meath [sic] Park &
[and?] co [company?]. Third, that you will convey to sister
and family all our kindest [sic] love,_ and say to her there
I will write immediatelly [immediately?] to them _ I have not
received _ (nor any of the family) any letter for two years?
And finaly [finally?] present my warmest respects to your
Family Individually and respectivly [respectively?] _ and all
enquiring neighbours
Your Friend ever Respectfully
H. Riddle