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Title: James Robb, Coleraine, to William Creighton, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobb, James/209
SenderRobb, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginColeraine, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientCreighton, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3452/1/2: Deposited by Mrs. J. Creighton.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802542
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Mr. William Creighton care of
Mr. Robert Henery [Henry?]
Hector Township Tompkins County
North West Post Office State of New York


Coleraine 28th Aoril 1832
Mr William Creighton
your letter of the 30 [torn]
[torn] August last came safe to hand a few Weeks
ago, your Letter from New York and the one from
Belfast came to hand I thank you for writing to
me and I hope you will not neglect to write to
me in future. I am very glad that you are
[torn] safe to your Place and that you are all in
good health, I am sure you had a great deal
of trouble and expences but I hope the Place you
have got will pay for you all. I am very sorry for
the death of Mary and Nancy but as it was the
[torn] God they have made a happy exchange you
[should?] not mourn as those that have no hope
[torn] a few years will take us all to the same Place.
Potatoes is 7d per Bushel and Meal 22d per score
farming is not so good a Business as it was last
year, yarn is 4 per Spengle cheaper than it was last
year and Linen Cloth cheaper in that proportion.
Mrs. Hanna got a Letter from you and her Daughter
the time I got yours the [they?] were all dated the same
[torn] Hugh. Joseph. and James Moore thank you
[torn] kindness in mentioning them. James was [married?]
a few Weeks ago to Miss Rosborrow [Rossborough?] he has
built a very fine large House in the Pullands beside
the Lime Kiln. Hugh was married in May last
to Mary Douglass [Douglas?]. they live in the old House
in the Pullands Doctor Huston and family are well Mary was
[married?] a few months ago to Mr. John Dunlop son to
[torn] [---as?] Dunlop of Waterside. Mr. William Moore of
[B----?] [torn] Mrs Moore of Bridge Street. Mrs [Corbit?]
[torn] [W--lace?] of Drumaduan. James Boyds wife of the [torn]
and Mr. McNaghten [McNaughten?] of Bairdafield are all [torn]
lately. Mr Wark. Mr Rainer Mr Hamilton and [A---ander?]
Hurley have all failed and paid part of their
Debts. Mr. Whitesides new Meeting House looks very
grand it is all Freestone in the Front it is expected
to be finished in July next: we had a very fine seeding
time and has got fine showers since the most of [torn]
Corn is sowed and look very fine. James Maxwell is
well he comes to Town sometimes. George Brooks is well
and still in the same House & his Sister Betty is well
and lives with him in the same House. Hugh Brook
and Peggy Gilmour are well they live with us [Patri--?]
[torn] had to leave Church Hill he was not able to pay
[torn] Mr Heyland sold his right of it to Andrew Ward [torn]
he farms it Mrs Dead Robert Moore's son in law lives in
the House and works the Farm Margarets Sister and Family
are well she has got another Daughter. Rebecca is well
and has done well ever since she was disappointed by
by (sic) Dan She is now Cooke [Cook?] in Mr Stewarts of
Grace-hill if she had the the (sic) mains [means?] she would
go to America next spring she would be glad if you would sell
her Goods and give the amount to Mr. Henery [Henry?] and for
him to all [torn] Doctor Boyd to pay me which I would give
her [torn] Margaret. the children. my sisters and myself
[torn] well and I am with great respect to every one [torn]
yours truly
James Robb