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Title: Nelly Bryson Robb, Ballysallagh, to David Bryson, New York
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobb, Nelly/79
SenderRobb (n.Bryson), Nelly
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallysalagh, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientBryson, David
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1373/6: Copied by Permission of Dr.J.C.Robb, M.B.E., M.D., M.CH., 21 Cambourne Park, Belfast 9.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office,N.Ireland
Doc. No.9510169
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptLetter from Glasgow
1799-via Donaghadee!
from Samuel Bryson
a medical student son
of D.... James Bryson 1730-1796

Nov 3rd
(1800) Letter from Nelly Robb(nee Bryson) Born 1772
to her brother David in New York
(Born 26.x.1776)
(David & his father Andrew (born 1749)
had escaped to U.S.A. before being
apprehended in 1798 Rebellion.
Then Davids brother Andrew was
transported to Barbadoes

Letter from Nelly
Robb born 1772 to her brother
David Bryson 26/1/1776
New York

Ballysallagh Nov 3rd 1805
My Dear Brother I [would?] [desire?]
to thankyou for your [so?] [readily?] granting
my request with respects to Mr McFerran
But was very sorry to inform you that [it?] [is?] out of
his power at present to profit by your generosity
unless he was to go [----?] without a
Decent suit of clothes while he lived with
his Father he took care that he should
not have an over stock of necessaries and
to my own knowledge while on the [cutter?] he
was obliged to give a part of his small earning
to his mother to provide the common necessaries
of life while away one knows that his
Father was squandering away larger sums
to the worst of [purposes?] on his leaving the
cutter however [-----? was about three weeks
ago he had four [guineas?] to lift but this they
could not pay till their return from
Dublin when they were then going and
[stained] it is uncertain how long their stay
may be and the character of the capt [captain?] is
such that he is certain that in order that
he could leave would [----?] it [when?] he was
gone [----?] by going now thro the [letter?] his
all would be lost whilst he could not make
his appearance in a place when he must
[unavoidably?] meet [so?] [many?] [aquaintances?]
and as every one [assures?] us that [I?] [can?]
make no Difference to you as you will not
think of [advancing?] the money till [his?] [arrival?]
he is [determined?] to want the returns of
the [vessels?] which Mr Martin says will if
possible be with flaxseed and at any rate he says
that there is another to come from the same
owners which will answer the same purpose
I asked him if the order he had received
would admit him in any other vessel he said
it would not even in the grace on her return
unless received of this you will be kind
enough to take notice Three weeks he has been with
us three weeks and I think the character improves so again
[stained] he suggested to me to be [aware?] that [making?]
[it?] [into?] the means of selling and in life he makes
his way through it with [credit?] to himself and
acknowledge to [society?] I am sorry his learning
the Business with you would not suit you And I am sure
while you had him you would have had always had one trusty
hand think however his [-----tration?] could it have its
bent is rather [--------?] [thinking?] thing else he
must however conform to [circumstances?] [torn]
I believe I mentioned in a former letter regd [regarding?]
some one of you that he was to [a--ot?] Was he
working the Flax mill this season or this?
Business he is thoroughly Master and of
[beast?] with 2 little for [business?] [advances?] [Don?]
[Marido?] for the other hand himself
and seems contrary to my expectations to
[stained] agree very well [worth?] it we intend moving
next week if [possible?] [Cost?] in my letter [--------?]
Ireland mentioning some particulars
of our situation which you will hear from him I have divided
my [------?] into small pieces to enable me to
write a few lines to each of you [-----?] Nelly R

God grant that these letters may find you
as they leave us all well
my Grandfathers continues still in the same
state as formerly
I intend going to see him if possible
before we move

I have not [----?] [torn] so any remarks
on the understanding [torn] of your letters which are
highly [torn]

I have [not?] [room?] on the [entertaining?] [--?] highly so
[-------?] [--?] ask of your letters which are
We have the most alarming accounts of the wealth of your city but as
there is no particulars there is reason to hope they are much
Mr David Bryson
Corner No 48 frankfort street